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Saturday, 10 September 2016

On web or App- turn of your notifications and add another 30% extra live

if you have used Facebook app in browsing and chating on Facebook before you should have known about how it works in term of notification ...I recently wrote about am how you can turn off your notifications if you prefer using the Facebook app... READ HERE

Blogging gist and discussion
Apart from draining my battery I even get fed up at times especially when I don't need any disturb my phone won't stop beeping with the alert of Facebook notifications.

I was using Facebook lite before now but since I installed the app I no longer secure a lasting battery so if you are still having Facebook lite app on your phone and you are wandering what's wrong I think you now get an answer to that...and it will be nice you delete yours just like I did this morning thought I love the app with its cool interface yet I can't cope with the battery drainage level cause of low power supply.

What chop of your battery so fast about the Facebook app is not because you chat with it but the notification alert is the problem so am going to show you how you can turn off notifications via web to save your battery life with about another 30%

√To get started Login your Facebook from any browser be it opera , chrome , Firefox etc and from any internet enabled device. and select the main menu option right at the top page.

√ Select account settings from the options displayed

√ Select Notifications

Select Mobiles from the listed options since you are turning it off for your mobile device

Now see behold your battery suckers all are on killing your battery slowly so what have you gat to do about it leave then on? or turn them off for me I will turn off every single notification .

mobile and Tablets
shout out you are now done with that now hopefully you will have a lasting battery ....no more disturb from Facebook again.

thank me on Facebook

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Starting-A new blog? which host is the best for beginners

When you are new to blogging era there are too many questions which will be left unanswered even at your blogging door step and amidst them is one must answer and crucial question which tends to affect your blogging journey if not properly attended to. The question of Which Host is the best and which host should I start from.

Am not a jack of all trade which is a master to none to answer these questions simply because I can only write on what I have tested or know about but the greatest mistake you will ever do in choosing a host as a beginner is choosing the wrong host.

==>Protect your eyes while blogging

Some say blogger is the best other say WordPress but to me I vote for blogger even though it might or may not be the best and it is the recommended host for every beginner.

I started blogging with many host which I don't think I can list here cus the list can cover this whole page lol.but when I started with wapka I felt it was great just like many of you still thing today .

Am a wapka geeks even till date and I don't think I can forget anything about wapka unless for new developed features in my absence .With my experience with wapka I was able to draw the conclusion that it is a bad host especially for forum sites. I won't give reasons for that because no time to bundle all my write ups in one article that will be enough for me to write another blog post .....

WordPress is a wonderful host for many reasons which we are going to list bellow but the only reason why I don't recommend it for beginners is because it is expensive host unlike blogger.

Reasons You should start Blogging with WordPress

Easy To customize"-everything about WordPress is mainly based on the use of Plugins and other tools which merely needs simple settings and installations

Optimised For Seo"-almost every theme you choose to use both pro and free themes are customised for Seo optimisation and this will only be supported with the installations of some WP plugins which is a very easy work to do.

Mobile Responsive"- WordPress themes are already made to fit your mobile or PC in that case you don't need additional settings again to make your website look responsive when viewed in any type of device.

This is really a great feature because one of the thing that will affect your SEO is when you don't have a responsive template or theme for your website

Support Forum (solution)"-WordPress has a very responsive Support forum were you can lay your problem and get instant solution apart from using the contact area.

It is a matured Platform"- This is the main reason I don't recommend it for beginners… it is a matured platform in the sence that only those with money can use WP if you are the type that can't afford hosting plan then you gat to make a better choice for other free but reliable web hosting such as blogger.

WordPress is a matured host because it has spend over 10years of existence on the internet and even tend to have the lowest Alexa rank globally among other web hosting services.

√There might be too many reasons why you should use WP but if you are a beginer I still leave a sound message of ""don't venture " Let assume you are a new blogger and you just go on and started using WP because you were able to afford 3 thousand naira or less for the lowest hosting plan over the year and now the year has just runs out and no money to renew your plan lol I guess you know what that means.

Many successful WordPress users you see today are men who are earning better income from there blog and with the same site income they can pay there blogging bills and live normal but if you should compare yourself to such individuals when you know you don't earn a thine from your blog...sorry becomes the order of your day CU's very soon your traffic will increase and you will start receiving notification like "exceeding bandwidths and so on .

If you want to create a file manager website I think you should locate Wapka cause it will be OK for you.but apart from that am afraid wapka can cause headache

In conclusion to the above write up' You can be successful in any web hosting you are using be it free or paid and that is why you see Emete Daniel of 9jabaze still moving on despite the criticism on wapka host. The host you are using only have 10% role to play on your blogging success. Even if you buy the highest bandwidth in WordPress without applying any additional blogging success strategies your money will be waste.Many new blogger think as soon as you pay for hosting you are a big boy in blogging but I tell you that is not a guarantee to success and it only a partway deed.

==>Five years of blogging without earning"Why"?

My final advice for you is Start with blogger it has a very nice feature and it is absolutely free..no monthly or yearly subscription no exceeding of bandwidth space is unlimited. the only investment you have is buying a domain name which you will equally do in other hosts. Bloggers deal with template and that is the only tool that can give your website a nice design ....don't forget people love go visit a nice looking site this I why I have come to help you set up your blogger website with a wonderful template of this blog for freee.

thank me on Facebook .

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Graphical Solution-how to identify fake USB chord

Many friends and families who use USB cable complain in bunch of having the wrong charger some even go on changing the chargers head wither that will solve their problem but the USB lies still while the problem remains unsolved.

Using a wrong USB cable to charging your mobile phone will only cause slow charge or transfer when connected with the computer and in most cases computer won't read the cable when it is fake.

Getting the right cable has always become a problem today because even The marketers seems not to know it and the buyers who don't know it will keep falling victim.

there are two possible ways to which a fake cable or original one can be physically identified.

==The five (5) pins

== The copper or Aluminium Holes

The copper or Aluminium Holes

Looking at every USB charger there are two holes at the bigger end were you plug to your charger. Inside the two wholes there are Two tiny iron like rods.. when critically observed and this rods can either be copper or aluminum

The copper is Gold in color while the aluminium take colors like white. check bellow images to see how it looks identify fake USB chargers

If you check the holes and you see the rod in gold color that means it is original because copper are good electricity conductivity but if otherwise be your case then it is absolutely fake.

The Five (5)_Pins

The second method is The end pins were were you plug to your mobile phone should be 5 in number if the charger is original but fake chargers carries four (4)pins. Check images bellow.

Original USB Charger

Fake USB charger

you can now identify fake and original charger with the above characters ...I know you are checking on your USB right away but am sorry if it is fake you just have to get a better one . Ooooo Yours is original I must say congrats but as for me I know you would like to know my charger status ((((Pending))). .

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Friday, 9 September 2016

What is the difference Between Opera Max and Opera Vpn.

Right in my android phone I have both opera Max and opera VPN and if you have this two apps you will notice that when you are on one the other one seize to open....


The Opera max have a differ function to opera VPN the opera max I specially designed to manage your data. it shows you data used for every running apps on your mobile device and it also alert you on excessive background data. it has always been a great app I use in managing my data over the year and I enjoy using this app because it shrinks my videos and photos to saves 50% of my data for free.


The opera VPN which is the most lovely opera apps of it kind is only designed to blocking of ads and also it allows you to change your location as anonymous browser. As soon as you turn on your opera VPN no more tracking you around the web you become the web_man

although The available locations are few but I still love it CU's on each location you turn to you have a different IP and location .

In summary of all my inscriptions above you should be able to understand now that opera max is for data while opera VPN is for location

I am a good opera fan and I have almost all the version of opera running steady on my phone I would love opera if they can do goods fans like me a favour by merging this two apps to be one. The reason is because you can be browsing as anonymous and may also at the same time want to manage your data since your data can't be anonymous too lol.

so pls carry this message to opera tell them I sent you!! perhaps they may heed to you!!.

NOTE:-The opera max and opera vpn only works for you when you have runing opera browsers on your phone. so dont go and switch them on and be opening your chrome or mozilla firefox they won't work exccept you use opera mini browser. .

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How to generate and place NAIRAPP Ads codes on your website

Since I started writing about Nairapp I have received whole lot of requests on how to create Nairapp Ads I never want to write about this officially simply because I taught it's too simple to write about.

but as time goes on the request kept coming bountifully , so I have decided to solve the problem here once and for all since o don't want to keep stressing myself daily answering the same question over and over again


With my observation from the request received one thing that brings about the difficulties in creating Nairapp Ads for your website is wrong registration .In Nairapp there are two dashboards available which are.The publishers Dashboard and the Advertisers Dashboard. If you register as an advertiser you will only have access to the advertisers dashboard but if otherwise be the case you will have access to the publishers dashboard.

Bellow is an advertiser dashboard.

Bellow is a Publisher's Dashboard

So what you see on your dashboard is not the same with the publiahers dashboard that means you registered as an advertiser..

To create ads to place on your website you register as a publisher and from your publishers Dashboard click on Numbers of places and a new window will appear as bellow

Select the option Create New ads and a new window will appear as bellow here just write your ads name ...you can name it whatever you feel like on bellow image my ad name is kingsweb how to create ads on Nairapp

After writing your ads Name scroll bellow and select your ads type I.e the size of your ads if it is banner ads you can also create text ads if you wish

After filling out the above options continue to the next page which will appear as bellow

this is just a preview of the ads you want to create if you are OK with the price per click and impression you can scroll down and Click on save Button

On the next page your ads code will Pop out now copy the code and paste it any were on your blog to start earning Note there is no limit to which you can generate I.e you can generate as many ad code as possible

But if you want to place the ads on wapka site you will notice that it will show you error message so in this case Remove the end_tag noscriptand replace it with div and the error we be cleared but only that the ad will display double.

Hope the above tutorial answered your question on how to create ads on Nairapp ??? it will be a pleasure seeing Nairapp ads on your blog *-thanks me on Facebook

If this tutorial worth more than 10naira to you pls click on my Ads bellow to increase my earning.


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iv dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
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I protect my eyes While blogging Using the blogging tool-NIGHT SCREEN

All through my blogging days I have been using Tecno Mobiles phones and looking at this mobile it has a very high penetrating light even when the brightness is reduced to the lowest order Unlike mobile phones such as Nokia Lumia and Infinix Mobiles were you can easily reduce the brightness to your taste.

==>Identify and remove stolen contents from your Blog

So if you are the type that spend almost half of the day on internet like me , I think it will be wise you protect your eyes against the light effect

Bloggers are more liable to fall this victim in this occasion because we stay online always doing one research or the other.

If your phone at default is still having a very high brightness just like my Tecno_D7 then you have to follow this steps to get a very cool and eye fitting brightness for your mobile phone.

Download and Install Night Screen.apk(1.98mb) from apkpure after installing lunch the app you will see something as bellow......

You can just drag left or right to reduce or increase brightness. like you can see above I have reduced my to the lowest order and bellow is how it now looks.

initially it was looking like bellow even when I have reduced it to the lowest reduce phone brightness

If you are using Mobile phones that support a very low and balanced Castra this tutorial might not be helpful but for those who use mobile phones that still exhibit high penetrating screen lights even when default brightness settings has be reduced then you will probably find this tutorial very helpful.

In other ways you can also maintain a better Screen brightness during blogging if you are using the new version opera mini you can just navigate to settings from your opera and Click on Night Mode,the brightness will reduce but this will only affect your opera and not other parts of the phone i.e as soon as you exit the opera phone continues with normal brightness...... .

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How to redirect Gmail inbox to -Inbox.Google. com

You just visited gmail in most cases instead of taking you to your inbox you are redirected to gmail website.....you have to go about typing the address like mail.gmail.com again in order to make it specific but this gmail setting will allow you redirect both Gmail.com and Mail.gmail.com to your Google inbox @ inbox.Google.com.

All you have to do is Login your Gmail from your Computer select the main menu at the top Locate and click on settings. But if you don't have a computer you can read my tutorial on How to view Gmail PC version on mobile phones here

Check the box direct gmail to inbox.Google.com

You can also undo the setting from redirecting by simply Unchecking the same check box .....goodluck. .

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

How to Bypass twitter number verification - (USA)

Twitter security is somehow tightened that you can't use one mobile number to verifying two twitter account just like other social medias that requires mobile number verification..

In one of my previous posts I wrote about how you can use one gmail in creating multiple accounts on the same website but when it comes to the use of phone number it is absolutely impossible. But the use of Gmail voice number has to act as the alternative for cresting twitter apps and accounts without mobile number verification but unfortunately it is restricted from other countries " Only people in US can use this method." So if you are outside US am afraid this may not work for you.

This trick is great because sometimes mobile number failure is inevitable due to some errors from the network providers .follow bellow steps to get it done.

==>Login the Gmail account you want to use for your twitter account and Visit this page https://www.google.com/voice and Create account - note the use of opera might not be supported so it is highly recommended you Use high browsers Such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

==>Select the option that "you want a new number"

==>Input the mobile number you want Google voice to call you with

==>Now Google voice will call you to verify your mobile number after reviewing and verifying the call you will be prompted to select local number from a given option

==> After selecting your local number you can now go back to twitter and in the number feed simply input the local number from Google voice

==>Now the verification message will be redirected to your email you can now verify your account with the verification code.

The above tutorial can be repeated as many times as you can and you can create unlimited twitter account using the above tip repeatedly. it will be better you create at least 2-3 accounts in a day to avoid some error messages. .

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How to make at least 5,000 Naira Monthly Online without a Website

Other affiliate programs normally deals with having a website and placing ads and because not every one have a website many has been deprived the privilege of online earning.

Even many referral programs e.g kaymu also needs websites for smooth job done, but there is a referral program which allows you to share your links on social medias even without having a blog.

one of the things you must know is that the traffic you receive to your Facebook/twitter profiles, pages and group daily should be able to cover that of a newly created or less trafficked websites.

I have a website like you can see but my Facebook group and page has been my greatest area of my advert.... Now you don't have to be worried about the fact that you don't have a website and as such you shouldn't be counted among those who can earn income online

Cool-Naira like the name implies is the way you can earn cool naira just sharing of links. I know reading the above line of sentences you are confronted with the thought of online scamming. (you shouldn't be)

If you visit a referral program that do scam you should know from their services. just imagine fast2earn promising its members 25$ for sign up bonus is that not obvious for you to know they are scammm......it never ends there they also go ahead to giving you about 10$ for every referral sign up. at least you should ask yourself questions "What is the job am offering ? what is there gain and what is my gain?

answering the above questions will make you know the legit or scam referral programs and it will also make you know that coolnaira have a gain while you also have your gain that's business for you!-the equation must be balanced.

If I visit a referral program promising to make me rich overnight without rendering any service I won't carry out their offers cus it is a sign of online scammers who promise everything fast and easy just to charm you to register .

Cool-Naira is an innovation for just referring and earning...here is how it works.

When you register with coolnaira you will get your referral link by clicking on promotion tab in your users logged dashboard.

Now after getting your referral link , you can now start work by creating awareness to those who don't know about coolnaira(invite)

For each person that register through your affiliate link the person will be recorded among your referrals because they registered through you .

When ever any one of your referral upgrades his or her account you will be given 500-Naira.

When your payment reaches 3000 Naira you can withdraw it if you want or leave it to yield more before withdrawing. I.e you have to immediately upgrade your account after tegisteration.

Note you can't withdraw until you upgrade your account with 1000 naira and it is done only once for life.

here is how they make there money-- . the 1000 naira you used in upgrading goes to there account and now they open up your account for you and any refer you make enters therein ....both parties gains the job. that's how a good referral program should be like.

You may be thinking of using other methods to earn online but it will interest you to know that coolNaira is the easiest way you can make money am telling you this because am a member of CoolNaira and I have been referring people to cool naira for over a month now on social media so today I just have to throw more light on it so as to make it clear to those who don't understand how coolnaira works.

Before exit my quick memo(writing tools) let me answer a question asked by a friend on Facebook.

==>How will I receive the Money.?

When doing online business you shouldn't bother about the payment method provided it is a Nigerian based online business.

last time I wrote about Nairapp people asked this same question and it was clearly explained .Organisation like this make out a very easy payment method were you just have to fill in your bank details (bank name and account nunber) and it is done. when you request your payment the money in your CoolNaira account will be transfered to the bank your filled in the payment method.

So when filling your payment details fill it correctly so that there won't be error during the transaction...you will receive alert just like when someone transfered money into your account..bellow screenshot is how it appears from Nairapp with there organisation name the same thing applied to coolNaira. as bellow

==>READ:My Nairapp 7-days earning report

Now having know about how coolNaira works you can register now copy your referral link and turn your online presence on Facebook ,whatsapp, 2g0, twitter etc to money making machine.

Note I didn't mention any amount in this above post reason is because there is no fixed amount you can earn. what determine the amount you earn is your seriousness and that's why you see me spoil Facebook with posts and referral links because I want to increase my earning very fast.

The set back to many people reading this post is the 1000Naira requirement lol you should have known that any online business that requires nothing before you can earn is absolutely fake.

that amount is too small to say you won't join CooLNaira because it is paid only for once and with it you can earn as much as you desires.

I was afraid of loss when my friend told me about cool naira on Facebook but after upgrading my account----I have smiles allover my faces not only because I upgraded but because I was dedicated to sharing coolnaira links every were I go (mtn)

though I haven't earned much from coolNaira but am targeting 10k this month by Gods grace last month was only 5k-plus because of some busy activities surrounding me which keeps me too busy from staying online.

other payment proof from my friends are bellow because they work through the month anyway

For those who have a website like me you can also write reviews about Nairapp and put your affiliate link just like am doing here!. or you can also copy there banner ads codes like what you can see it the top of my website.

And for those who don't have a website just compose a very cool and convincing message attaching your affiliate link then target your Facebook audience and share.

as for me my target is around 8-9pm because that's when I normally have many friends online and I share on groups, pages,and friends timelines +twitter .

You can make cool money without even leaving your work ...I do. my sharing in less than 10munites that's too small to get you stressed .

Hopefully you will start earning from school or wherever you are...it will be nice to surprise your friends at times they keep wandering were the money you are withdrawing every month is coming from when they know you don't work that's why my friends call me online criminal but it is just act of ignorance they don't know how online business works . You can also join coolnaira on Facebook group to follow there discussions and testimonies .

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

wapka login form and registration link CODE

The wapka registration and login form code gives access to site users the option to register or login

this code should be set visible to only non logged users so that as soon as they are logged they won't see it again

bellow is the wapka registration and login form code which will display as bellow screen shot.

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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Opera-Mini for bloggers (works like chrome and mozilla)

After about 3years of blogging today is the happiest day I could ever imagine.We all know that opera mini browser have a common problem when it comes to blogging and this problem is " it don't work on some hight coded websites such as Google search console , Google AdSense website, Blogger or blogspot , Google analytics and other must visit websites by webmasters.

35% of my friends whom I introduced to blogging after some while quite web mastering simply because they can't afford subscription for Other browsers such as Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

I have been using the normal browsers recommended for blogging all this years but just of recent an Airtel trick was introduced were you get 20gb for 200naira which will last for 25days but this mb don't work on chrome and other browsers it only work on social networks such as Facebook, whatsapp, 2go and Opera mini browser so how will I go about it to make it work so as to enjoy the fullness of blogging with opera here lies my problem.

I scheduled my blogging and I subscribed this plan I was using it in the day to rock on opera but at night I will use the night plan to run other browsers.and also use the medium to update my blog.

==>Know the domain age of any website

This morning I woke up and pick up my phone so I started my research by downloading all the available opera on net I downloaded about 8-10 different opera with different version and names so after installing and lunching all non seem to work on Blogger and other above listed websites not until i downloaded Opera Beta.

I lunched opera Beta and the first website I visited was blogger.com behold it was like woooo all the features displayed perfect just like when I was using chrome and other high browsers.

I went ahead and visited Google AdSense website it was also awesome all the features displayed perfect I was so happy and I started roaming the web with opera beta and all sounds cool and nice I felt I was using chrome.

Having Known how it works i know you won't leave without downloading this wonderful opera to see things yourself

Download opera Beta from the same link I downloaded it from lunch it and start enjoying the fullness of blogging with nice and cool interfaced opera mini browsers.

For those who has quite blogging because of too much subscription you can download the opera beta and start flexing the 20gb for 200naira on Airtel the subscription code is *688*2# you will be given 20gb for 25days you can check the mb my dialing *140# note it works on all airtel sim.

hope you are fully back for blogging it will be nice seeing you online again rocking with opera beta . if you want to thank me you can do it on facebook.................. OPERA BETA -makes blogging easiers -- This post is posted via opera beta from blogger.com hmmm feeling happy (mood)

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Check and Know the age of any website-Using the online domain age checker

It will please you to know the age of some certain websites at times. maybe you just stumbled upon the website from some angel of the internet and you aren't sure of there ages claims you can check yourself to see if they are worthy of their claims. know domain age

How to get promotional codes to buy cheap stuffs online

Zenith Mobile banking without internet connection

This is helpful especially for online e-commerce websites were you will need to provide your credit card details in order to make purchase and you Know disclosing your card details to untrusted organisations can lead to your Bank account being exposed to scam. Age of websites like this needs to be considered to know how long they have been existing on the internet.

Just like an affiliate program (thetaskspay.com) which I stumbled upon on the internet via a friend and after reviews and my brows through the website I discovered a page were they claimed to have been existing since 2010 so I decided to check their domain age lol to my greatest surprise it was created this same year 2016 .....I just know that they are scam faking to be what they are not.

probably this same tool has helped me and this is why I have decided to list out few tools for checking domain age in case you encounter some fraudulent and scam suspected website you can check out their age.

Here are some Online domain age checking tools I cherish and use on daily basis



SEOchat domain age checker

Apart from knowing the age of some websites for self defence they are also good tools when purchasing already used domain names or websites .One of the factor that determine effective Google ranking is a domain age...A domain registered today even with a whole seo strategy can not do better than a domain which has been existing on the internet for ages even without any single Seo application.

Online app Building tools paid and free

Note some domain age checker like webconfs may not bring out certain results of some domain age in such case try other tools listed above you will definitely get it.

In addition""" apart from using the above tools to know the actual year and month a domain is created you can also used the achiev of any website to knoq how long the domain has been existing..but this is not highly recommeded because not all websites leave out the achieve section of their websites for public view..

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