How to create Online stores like Jumia and Konga using WordPress

It is not so easy building solid online reputation on niche websites like online stores where people can come and buy stuffs like and Jumia but once you are able to build it you are all done.

Building online stores to offer your products for sale is not must that you will be like jumia and other big stores even sales organisations do need online stores to promotes sales.

We are in a modern word where people save the stress of going to the supermarket or somewhere else instead they prefer buying at the comfort of there homes using online stores ans that makes online store as a websites a lucrative niche.

If you are the type that have a stores you can build online store to reach wide range of buyers online to fasten your sales or you can start it by marketing other people's product for profit.(let me explain that)

Did you think the products online store like konga offers for sale are theirs? no it is not they can go to the company selling this product and make inquiries about product price and specs after which the will place it on there store ad when buyers order for the goods before the days they give you for delivery completes they will go and collect the goods from the wholesalers they have access to many stores were they can collect and market products. let say in the company they product is 10naira they can post it in their store at the rate of 25 naira the gain goes to them while the wholesalers also get theirs.

What did you need to build online stores

You don't have to be a good codder or HTML guru but with WordPress platform you just have to select a host and pick a them for your store that's all and your store is all set after installing your store theme on your WordPress host.

How can I get a better online store theme

I have already figured out one most beautiful online store theme for you

Multipurpose shop theme The theme is seo and mobile friendly optimised with cool CSS and design for your store.. After Paying for the premium theme you can get a Cheap web hosting here to install WordPress and your purchase theme and your online shop will look like the preview

How can i make money from online stores?

Online stores are lucrative just like other niches .

you can place ads on your websites e.g Google AdSense ads or you can offer advertising space for users , you can also Get money from your sales

There are too many monetisation methods online I only mentioned but few figure the monetising method that works for you and stick to it… note your effort determine your earning.

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Follow this Tips to get google search traffic to your website

Search engine optimisation has turn many bloggers to be naughty, they can do anything possible to get search ranking results and rankings such as buying fucking back links and practicing other black hat SEO tricks just because they need seo thereby harming the little original seo they managed to struggle for.

Save your money while Nairapp get you traffic

Yes it is a good thing getting your site at the top search of search engines especially Google but that is not enough to be illegal and harm your site. every forum talking about Seo here and there people even pay for seo daily but i don't think that is necessary .while must you pay for it when you know there are things to do to get the result this same things are what the people are doing to your blog that's making you pay huge money

There is no magic for organic traffic the only thing that seem magical is black hat and it is illegal and unrecommended. The main reason you go about purchasing seo packs is simply because you are lazy type who don't want to work. most of them even fall for hungry scammers online who promised to give them traffic with one fake idea or the other (think twice Google is not foolish )

If the best sites in the world that's doing best in Google should be listed I think top 1million and above will be self practiced seo not buying whatever .in all my stories above am just trying to give you the awareness that only you can set a better SEO for your websites and blogs without paying for back links or anybody so how can you do this ?

How to write a long tail post for better optimisation

Write for human not Search Engines

Like I have stated above search engines has turn many bloggers to be crazy to the extent it affects there writings .

I have visited many webpages were some even hide some texts with quotes inside there pages you can. only see them when critically observed and these words contain some lucrative keywords embedded bit this is not good CU's it gives your reader unreadable fonts (to them who cares)

If you write for search engines then you are not a blogger. because you need a keyword in your write up you have to start framing unnecessary sentences even when it is not a niche related that's bullshit

I don't say keywords practising is bad but use it wisely as recommended by Google and other searches instead of writing for search results.

As for me I don't do keywords research because am naturally talented in writing for humans and search at the same time I don't have to crack my brain or use some Packs to get keyword I just pick my writing tools and start writing. even with that people love my articles and Google cherish it. I don't write to please search but to appeal my readers. I don't fucking care about search when writing but i get search results in abundance so stay real and write like you are talking and let your audience have a better reading experience never mind the search is comming

optimisation for every post you publish

I don't write for Seo don't mean I don't do optimisation ..I must tell you o don't play with it. you have to use your H1 -H6 properly , name your images and use the Alt tags on the images because even Google crawl images like ordinary posts.

Let your title be search friendly. not just anyhow. optimize your URLs instead of leaving them raw.

even with the rumors about optimisation all over the internet i still visit some website especially bloggers sites without optimising URLs and you see them complain I don't get search traffic how will you when you can't spend a whole day fixing your Blog SEo , how will you when you don't have time to do what other competitors are doing, how will you when you hardly write original posts you are only narrowed about copy paste, how could you when you copy others images without renaming them and uploading them to fit your posts. so be wise in optimising your blog posts do anything to come first but be real

Graphics of six blog writing rules

Build backlinks but don't build fakelinks

Few year back Google search polices was made to consider back links very much that people start building fake backlinks . some even buy back links because of Google ranking , they move from site to site commenting trash with there site links because they wanted backlinks.

Google been the wise man having noticed this act decides to withdraw concentration on backlinks. you will no longer be ranked for because you have many linking -google is wise.

I don't mean to say back links are not of use anymore but Google now consider only quality back links . the best way to building this quality back links is by writing guest posts on niche related sites on top rank.comment or write what will give your readers value even if you want to link them let it be valuable once not for backlinking sakes

Social Media sharing

Don't be surprise Google now consider social buttons just like human do. if you visit a website you are likely to click on posts with 1milliom pace views and 1000 shares instead of others with zero shares so do Google likewise.

Share your posts on social medias and allow the share button to make your readers share as well.

Above all don't forget that content is a king , no matter the amount of optimisation without better and unique content am afraid you still reduce your search organic traffic by extra 65%

Don't cram your post with keywords but let your audience read through your voice

Optimise your sites templates by making it load faster, adding all seo necessary tags e.g the meta , description tags etc

No matter the optimisation you do don't expect quick result because google is not a quick action issue. it takes time to get the result

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Differences between WordPress and blogger hosting

Is there a differences between WordPress and blogger hosting? this becomes a daily question of every new blogger because they seem somehow difficult to recognise especially when you just venture into blogging as a beginner and because many don't seem to get answers at the initial stage of blogging it makes them later choose the host they don't suppose to choose

Many say blogger is best while other say it is WordPress but am not here to discuss that simple because i believe beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so which ever you see as best let it be best for only you not other.

I won't write about the best and recommended host to use among bloggers and WordPress but let the difference with my image description speak for me

Don't forget when it comes to security blogger is standing taller than WordPress so am off because by now your should know the reason you should make a choice or not.

where is the money located blogger or WordPress?

Blogging money is not affected by the host you blog on so forget that because what determine your earning is not the host but the man behind the host.

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Wapka complete messages in forum codes and settings of NaijaLoaded

In case you don't know or you are not aware popular naijaloaded now have a new theme but if you have been visiting the old naijaloaded designyou will know how it looks in the forum discussions section.

Building wapka forum categories

How to add items to your wapka header

This wapka code is the old Naijaloaded messages in forum code design you use it on your wapka site to get your readers a better reading experience with clear and clean background view.

Building wapka forum and set up part-2

always remember that a wapka site without a nice forum set up will annoy or possible chase away your readers since the forum section is the main area the dwell especially when you run a forum not going to discuss further but follow bellow tutorial carefully to set your wapka forum messages great.

Naijaloaded wapka site messages in forum set up and codes

Login your wapka admin mode and click on edit Site

Click on WAP2 and select style for contents in forum/chat

After that from the new window select the first option Set global setting style for contents in messages forum/chat

Now from the new window ignore the first three links and click on the forth link titled Messages in forum

a new page will open with three boxes to put in new codes just clear all the codes in the boxes

After that in the first box put bellow code.

Leave the second tiny box empty and in the third box paste bellow code and save settings

You can add naijaloaded CSS code to your your wapka headtag to make your site carry the exact css style but I will advice you don't add it just leave your site without CSS that will give a better clear plus neat design but if you want to add the CSS then click on edit site Navigate to global setting and paste bellow code under Meta tags/CSS

Now your messages in forum is all set when you create new post just open the post you will see it is nice set up you have made.

if you have just started your website and you have set this hoping to see the result reflect never mind if you don't see anything yet you will see what you have just done only when you have started creating forum posts… just be happy you are done with messages in forum design for your wapka site

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