How to install WordPress On hostGator Via quick install

HostGator hosting is just like other web hosting services which allows you to install WordPress and start blogging right away

Almost all the most popular websites or blog niches in the world can be done with WordPress that's why it has become the most popular host in the world and yet it is very easy to blog on with nice interface

Featured webhosting tutorials There is no difficult issues in running a WordPress blog than installing WordPress from your web_hosting services and also installing your desired theme and after that you have a running blog accessible by users

Every Host have a method through which WordPress is installed but in this post am going to show you step by step procedures to install WordPress on HostGator

How to install WordPress on HostGator

HostGator Offers the two methods of installing WordPress which are the manual installation and the quick installation but the quickest way is the quick install as the name implies and thats what we are looking into .How to install WordPress using quick install on Hostgator.

Login Your HostGator Cpanel and click on Quick Install Under softwares and services how to install WordPress on hostgator

After click in quick install a new window will pop out from this page click on WordPress at the left hand side

On the next page a drop menu will appear here you can choose your domain name to install your blog or you can also choose a sub directory to install WordPress e.g

After that make sure you put your email address and a new password and Username instead of using the default one (admin) which is at security risk been very easy to guess Now after all the required details you can now click on the Install button and Host gator will direct you to a new page where you can get theme

You can skip this page and get your blog installed. Now your WordPress blog is successfully installed on Hostgator via quick install and you now have a running blog . your details will be sent to the email you used to installing WordPress I.e your password and username

You can access your admin panel which replace with your real domain name and you will be directed to login to your blogs admin mode . Note you will need to login with the details your chose while installing WordPress.

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How to check Your Countries internet LIVE stats Online

How far is your country doing in the internet. There is no need arguing about the fact that your country is doing better than mine in the Internet when you can easily check your countries internet stats online using any internet enabled gadget.

internetlivestats is a medium or an online tools through which you can check your. countries stats. both present and past years. They also give starts of other websites such as the twitter, Facebook,YouTube, intstagram and other popular and most visited websites in the world.

Internetlivestats displays the percentage by countries and the population of yearly visits of each country

According to internetlivestat Nigeria is the Number 7 most internet used country in the world while china is the number 1. Nigerian internetlive stats reaches 86million plus as of 2016

free online tools to build apps without codding"
check country internet stats online

The internet users are rapidly increasing daily. And the internet business is becoming more lucrative especially in Nigeria where our Internet stats is climbing higher every day…

As the number of internet users increase daily so the number of internet sales increase and the competitions also increase and now it is becoming the survival of the fittest doing a successful online business

Having read through all of the above you can check your countries stats directly using bellow link if you want to access it straight ahead.

From the above replace Nigeria with your countries name e.g ghana,india,us, etc and your stats will be displayed

Free online tools to check the age of your domain

You can also check the Internet Users By countries to see the position your country lies on the table.

Hope you are not disappointed by your countries stats? don't worry you can be visiting the web daily to increase your stats hahahaha . Note that the stats is getting refreshed every seconds as more people join the net

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Understanding Wapka class and Class codes application

I was thinking of writing about wapka background colors and set up this morning when a Facebook friend obstructed my thoughts with another proposing tutorial called wapka Class and class codes

Am not going to talk much on this but with my little light on the headline you will get it all.

When you visit wapka sites you see all the background the same link and texts the same but at a point you see differ arrangement and colors based on the class style .you begin to wander why the section of the site is different from other parts of the site. that is the work of class code

wapka Class code in a simple language is a per content CSS code and styles .

I called it per content css styles because class code does not affect the whole body of your site but only the content or code line through which it is applied.

Damn it, ** I think am speaking too much grammars here. What am trying to drive out is shown bellow.

Looking at the above code the different section with yellow color is as a result of class code

Class code is of different colors , designs and styles some even go with borders and other fancy items.

How to Set and apply Wapka Class Code

To set wapka class code Login your admin mode and click on Edit site and select WAP2.

After that a new Windows will open from here click on Classes Settings and you will see some items (links)

Click on ADD new class and a new page will open

Just write your Class Name and tick on Own element Then Continue to the next page

In this page put your class code andclick on Add class note you can also preview the class before Adding it and the class can be edited at any time also.

Bellow are some of the class codes I used at

Now you have successfully set your wapka class code now it is time apply it to your wapka site.

There are two methods of applying class codes to your wapka site but am only going to show you one methods .using the div class. don't forget we have taken our class name as kennedy

here is the format <div class="Kennedy">Your code here</div> now any code or item you put inside the class will be affected by the class according to the name you put.

you can search for many other class codes on Google after getting class codes create class with any name and use the above format to binding your classes with any code you want to apply the class

Hope you can now apply class codes for your wapka items either directly or indirect application. wishing you nice design with the use of wapka class codes.

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail-

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