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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Understanding Syntax rules and how to edit codes to avoid errors

I have once written about syntax error which normally occurs in wapka host but to be sincere i felt my explanations were not clear enough not because I don't know what am writing but because explaining the syntax error online without face to face tutor is somehow difficult to understand but in this post am going to use very easy codes to explain it to your understanding so please and please pay attention to every new line you are going to read.

wapka syntax rules Before you go on editing Any Code there are rules you Must adhere to and this rules are what we called syntax rules of HTML and XML.

Syntax Rules You Must Obey

Every Begin Tag must have End Tag

One of the syntax rules you must put in consideration when editing any HTML or XML documents is the end tag and begin tag

Example of begin tag is <> and end tag is </> Can you see that ?

inside the tags they might contain anything such as the bold, italic, strong, h1-h6 etc failure to end any begin tag in XML documents will lead to syntax error.

See example bellow

<b>I am Kennedy Prosper</b>

the above will appear bold as show bellow simply because you used the begin and end tag Bold .

I am Kennedy Prosper

Can you see that !! now look again this is an underlined text <u>I am Kennedy Prosper</u> which will appear as I am Kennedy prosper what am trying to explain is that in XML documents everything that starts with begin tags must have end tags to avoid syntax error

XML/ HTMl documents are case sensitive

When using this tags you shouldn't use capital letters and small letters in your begin tags and end tags e.g <u>I am Kennedy Prosper</U>

that's will give you syntax error because the first tag is small letter therefore the end tag is also expected to end with small letter not capital letter .I.e Both must have the same characters. if it is upper case let both have capitals letters and if it is lower case let both have lower case lest if you mix it together that will result syntax error.

Must be properly Nested

These documents can contain other documents in one body.E.g See example bellow

<i><u><b>Kennedy prosper is the teacher </b></u></i>

That is a combination of italic, underline and bold which will appear as bellow

Kennedy prosper is the teacher

Can you see how it was nested ? you can't just use the tags any how when combining them if you started with bold , the same bold must end it if you followed it with italic the same italic must follow it.

Must be Properly Quoted

In HTML documents there are always quotes and when these quotes are wrongly used it will result syntax error

" is different from ' now see bellow example <font color="red">Am Kennedy</font>

<font color='red'>Am Kennedy</font>

They will both appear as the same but you must not use " and ' in the same code like e.g

<font color="red'>Am Kennedy </font> that code will show error

Having known the above basics how can you use the above in relationship to source code viewing. let say you just visited a website and you love some code lines which you love to extract using the source code viewer see example of how you can do that bellow.

<p></p> <p align="center"><div class="new"><br/><font color="red"><b>WARNING:-</b></font> Note any code copied from other sites to merge with our <b>tutorials </b>rather than using the <u>provided codes </u>is at you own <b>Risk</b> </div></p> <p align="center"> <script>document.getElementById('had_1').appendChild(document.getElementById('had'));</script> <p><p><style> .bottom_ads{background: #333; margin-right: -1px; border-bottom: 1px solid #222} .dds{display: none} .mtb{border-top: 1px solid #111} .mtt{border-bottom: 1px solid #666;padding: 0px 5px 2px 5px} .mtt img{width: 30px}.mfooter li{white-space: nowrap; text-overflow: ellipsis; overflow: hidden} </style><div style="margin-top: 4px;" class="mfooter"><div class="mtt"> <a href="https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/440884309432869?refid=27"><img title="Facebook" alt="Facebook - Hmtsoft.com" src="http://hmtamim.xtgem.com/css/56.png"/> </a><a href="https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/440884309432869?refid=27"><img title="Twitter" alt="Twitter - Hmtsoft.com" style="width:31px" src="http://hmtamim.xtgem.com/css/53.png"/> </a><a href="https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/440884309432869?refid=27"> <img title="Google Plus" alt="Google plus - Hmtsoft.com" src="http://hmtamim.xtgem.com/css/52.png"/> </a><a href="https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/440884309432869?refid=27"><img title="Youtube" alt="Youtube - Hmtsoft.com" src="http://hmtamim.xtgem.com/css/55.png"/></a> <a href="#top"> <span style="float: right"> <img alt="Back to top" src="http://hmtamim.xtgem.com/css/57.png"/></span></a></div> <div class="mtb"></div> <ul class="mleft"><li> <a href="/site_index.xhtml">Home</a></li><li> <a href="/site_disclaimer.xhtml">Disclaimer</a></li><li> <a href="http://wealthyhome.wapka.mobi/site_privacy-policy.xhtml">Privacy policy </a> </li><li> </li> </ul><ul class="mright"> <li><a href="/site_about.xhtml">About us</a></li> <li> <a href="/site_contact.xhtml"> Contact us</a></li> <li> <a href="/site_copyright_issues.xhtml">Copyright issue </a> </li> </ul> <div style="clear: both; display: block"></div></div>

From the above code , I cut out a code line and looking at the code line you can see I don't just cut it out but I respected the syntax rules by starting from

and i ended with

which is the end of the code I wanted

<p align="center"><div class="new"><br/><font color="red"><b>WARNING:-</b></font> Note any code copied from other sites to merge with our <b>tutorials </b>rather than using the <u>provided codes </u>is at you own <b>Risk</b> </div></p>

You can cut out any code from the above respecting the syntax rules as explained above .

When you want to cut out any code from plenty codes in your source viewer first of all locate the code by checking some keywords e.g of you have Olamide inside the code you want to copy use that keyword to find the code inside your plenty code as soon as you see olamide you should know you are around the code .

Trace the code to the starting point and copy from the starting point of that particular code to its end point leaving other codes behind just focus on the code lines you Want to cut out.

There is nothing i can explain more than i have done above go and practice with the above. keep trying even when when you get error messages as time goes on you will become perfect.

When editing syntax errors in your wapka site each time you see something like incorrect place of div bold is expected that simply means inside your code there is somewhere the div is present and instead of it you should replace it with bold

read your errors , understand them and you will be able to fix them id=""

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Friday, 14 October 2016

How to become a successful Business Woman

Many woman are getting stuck daily without answers on the questions of how to become a successful entrepreneur. Some years back women has been restricted from lots of jobs and over this years jobs and working opportunities has been fixed for men and women .They say hair making is for women and mechanic and other engineering works is for the men just like that how to become successful business woman-man in Nigeria

Civilization is up and the women are breaking out of the shells daily saying no to sex and gender criticisms when it comes to been an entrepreneur . I learnt that most online entrepreneurs five years ago where mainly the men not until now when the women has realise what they are made for.

Irrespective of gender Everybody is destined to be creative in one way or the other and these creative ways where never made to respect genders I.e a man can do any job same also the women pending on what you are destined for.

As a Woman Who has broken From the shell of gender criticism and has gotten the strong believe of " I can do it" how can you really become a successful entrepreneur ? . There are tones of strategies to becoming a successful entrepreneur but on my list are few but crucial ones you must work with.

Believe You can Do it

There is no amount of business idea you can venture to see success without believing you can do it

the believe of " I can do it" will make you break from the shell of women can not be tech gurus , online entrepreneurs, mechanical engineers , name them .therefore believing you can do it as a woman will furbish the false doctrine about gender discrimination of entrepreneurship

How to start online advertising business

Tips to become a successful freelancer in Nigeria

What is your mission

As a business minded woman before you go on starting any business or executing business ideas , you should first of all ask yourself the reason you are to start the business , where do you think the business tends to be more successful , How will you manage the business so it won't affect your marital life and so other many questions which need real answers from only you .

Failure is Inevitable

in every business you are going to do , you should always remember that failure is inevitable no matter the level of management you give your business. But even with the failure it should only be a ladder to your business success not a ticket to quite the business.

Failure are challenges you meet in every business venture irrespective of the man behind the business. so if you must be a successful business woman you must be willing to accept failure as your business challenges .

Start a business

Yes you can't be an entrepreneur if you don't start up something. Many business aspiring women keep dreaming how to become a big in one business or the other but dreaming alone is not enough to meet your goals you need to work out your dreams to make them come true only with this will you be called entrepreneur

in most cases you are too afraid starting a business but been afraid is not an attribute of a successful business woman. so start up a business only with that will you be called an entrepreneur .work on the business to achieve success and only with that will you be called a successful entrepreneur.

Understand your Business

Six breast Plates of blogging as a business

Having started a business , there is a need to understand your business to avoid unnecessary business mistakes. Understanding your business will make you not only avoid mistakes but also emerge quick business success .Never rush into any business because of the sweet stories and testimonies about the business

Manage your time effectively

As a business woman you don't need to spoil your marriage life simply because you do a business . a better time management is enough to keep your marital life OK while you run a successful business.

Stick to what works for you

Every business with various strategies that work best. so figure out the best strategy that works for your business and stick to it. don't say because your business partner do it and become successful therefore your too can become successful doing likewise never it might not work for your business as it works for your partner

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Get the script to build your own online free grammar checker website

Have you ever go online to check your grammars without using softwares and you keep wandering how the websites were built? perhaps you wanted to build yours but don't know how to go about it this post is for you.

How to build free apps online no Codding skills

Building a grammes checker websites is very easy because you will be given the script to install on your host but you will have to buy the already made scripts to get your site running that's just the expensive thing about building grammar checker websites

One thing about this websites is that it is less competitive and because of this you are liable to come out successful having this website because of low competition.

Example of such grammar checking website currently running online are grammarcheckforsentence.com|polishmywriting.com|spellcheckplus.com and many more .

To get the script for creating online grammar checker Click Here

You can also Get more scripts Here such as the SEO article writing or Content writing website,essay writing or academic website scrip Freelancer clone script and many more!

Can you make money from such website

Yes you can. Looking at many of the websites you see Google AdSense ads display all over the website that means even Google accept such websites .it is never against Google's policies so you can make money by placing ads and also selling advertising spaces to people who cares to place ads on your site.

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Wapka awesome download page header code and how to set it on your site

In my previous tutorial I wrote about how you can design a download page header and footer (autocontent) and even without asking those who red my post many are still wandering what type of code they should be using on their wapka download page header section

though I explained the code type and the reasons you needed those codes but i never gave you any wapka code to put in your header.so today i am writing this post again to help the newbies who still know very little about HTML coding in wapka because many just see my post so scary and confused when i say put download categories in your download page header to drive more page views and users engagement .They are like asking "how will I get the download page category"?

perhaps you weren't an entrant in my previous post where I wrote about how you can create various categories/navigations in your wapka site you can Read here.

Now having learnt how to design your wapka download page header just copy bellow code and put in your download page header section(I mean you should paste the code in the page you have chosen as your download page header)

I know you will be wandering what the above code will look like . bellow is the shot of how it looks after I have modified it to look more nice. wapka download page header code

That code contain a correct time and date code and categories as listed above. Note my background and CSS gives it the white background you see there so if you use other CSS (cascading style sheets)on your wapka site yours might not appear as shown above (I mean the link and background colors might change based on your CSS but the code will always remain the same).

In the above code Don't come and tell me "it is not taking you to the pages as specified when you click on it on your site " There is no way it will take you to those pages unless you have to edit the links and point them to the pages you want them to take you to. from the above code bellow is the link for music

<a href=":url-site-225:">Music</a>

that simply shows that when you click on music it will take you to site number 225 so if that is not your music page you can change it to your music page e.g 2,5,10 etc

But in case you don't have music page you will have to go to your site and create new page for music. If you don't know how to create pages in wapka just login your admin mode and click on edit site and select new page from the building tools just write your page name in the next page e.g naija music and and submit just open the new page you just created scroll down the page you will see the page id number

Replace it with the one in the above code for music link which is page 225 and now when users click on music instead of taking them to page 225 it will take them to your music page you just created because you have already changed the I'd number .Do the same to all the above categories in the above code to take your users to the right page of your site when they click… read more here about wapka header, pagging etc

If you want to change the time color I. the above code just check the beginning of the code you will see "brown" kindly change it to any color of your choice e.g red, green, white, yellow, black etc but when changing it consider your site background color if you are using green background don't change it to green it might be hard to notice if the site background bears the same color with you time and date color.

Don't go too soon "In my next tutorial i will teach you how you can create wapka search box where users can search for any file in your site for download so always check back for updates

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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how submit your blogger site and sitemap to google search engine

No matter the type of blogging platform you use be it wapka ,Xtgem,mywapblog, WordPress, blogger, or any other blogging platform as soon as you lunch your new site don't start blogging(writing new articles) until you have submitted your site and sitemap to Google

How to submit your blogger sitemap to Google

Submitting your site to Google means creating awareness on Google that you have got a new site and submitting your sitemap is like installing a tracker on your site through which Google will monitor or your site deeds .

The same sitemap for helping your site grow can be of adverse effect to your site if you are the type that violate googles policies because that same sitemap you submitted for good will be used to penalising your site but I know you are a legit and policies sticker who hardly go against host policies so don't be afraid when i say penalise because clear conscience fears no accusation.

Yes if you submit only your site without submitting sitemap. Google will still crawl your site , but it's like a secondary school drop out and a graduate . you both goes to school if asked ,but you won't have the same level of understanding simply because of the difference in the schools your attended even though they are all called by the name "school" Google won't crawl your site effectively if you don't submit your sitemap so it is recommended you do both for effective crawl

Search console mistakes you must not do

Don't tell me you want to get organic traffic if you haven't submitted your site and sitemap to Google because that's the beginning of organic traffic not even optimisation can help you without it.

Yes you will need to do other seo settings to back up your submitted site so don't ever think "once I submit my site am done with search engine " never it is only the beginning .When you go to school you started from kg, later to primary then to secondary and just like that. so also applied here you must start from submitting your site and sitemap before thinking of doing the rest.

How to submit Your site to Google Search console

Sign in to search console And at the console homepage you will see A link "ADD PROPERTY" just click on it

Now put your site e.g kingsweb.com.ng and submit after that you will be prompted to a new page for verification . choose the META TAG as your verification method and you will be given the meta code juts copy the code and close your tab now open your blogger site admin mode and click on template select edit template and find just under it paste your meta code and save

If you are using mobile phone it seems difficult at times expanding your template so in that case you will have to download your template and use this method to edit your blogger template on mobile and paste your meta code just after after that re-upload the template again having added your meta verification code

Go back to your search console and click on Verify and you will get a congratulating message that your site has been successfully submitted

How to submit Your blogger sitemap to Google

Unlike wapka where you will have to Generate a sitemap before submitting to Google it in blogger it is just like a default process and already made sitemap for every blogger site.

Now go back to your search console having submitted and verified your site you will see it on the list . just click on it and you will be taken to another page

select Crawls sitemap

Click on Add/text sitemap

Now a space to submit your sitemap will appear just copy any of the bellow sitemap codes and paste it in the required area then submit.

Use this code if your blog posts is bellow 500 in number (I mean the topic you have created so far in your site)

But if your posts ranges above 500-1000 then use bellow sitemap

After Submitting your sitemap you are now done with the basics of your blogspot site search engine optimisation

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Freelancing Is also a successfull online business Get started with your writing skills

Freelancing has not only being an Online job over the years but also it has emerge one among the best online jobs you can think of.

It is true everybody wants to become a boss of his own nobody needs a superior anyway when it comes to getting employment and this is the reason many entrepreneurs has made it big online and today they are the boss to themselves.

Solution when all my writing inspirations are gone

how to write long tail articles for better optimisation

You can also work as a successful entrepreneur choosing any online business you cherish most but to those who are good writers,graphic designers,web designing etc I will suggest freelancing website which will definitely fit your online career venture.

There are millions of individuals online finding someone to help them design graphics, websites,write articles ,painting , logo making etc.With freelancing you can get hired by people who need you at a fixed amount and you get paid when for job done.

Freelancing as a method of earning online has grown wide in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana ,US,India and other countries round the world today

The freelancing is among the best online business you could think of as many writers are been needed daily to complete one task or the other. Becoming a freelance writer there are certain thing you must put into consideration such as listed bellow.

Check Your Writing Skills

Did you have an excellent writing skills , or have you been complemented by your pals for nice write ups? did you write and everybody love reading your articles ? if you have such writing skills then freelancing job might work out best for you .

Many people rush into freelancing not because they are passionate or they knows how to write better but simply because they need some money. And in most cases they even loss money instead of gaining money

Before you go on choosing a freelance job ,you should be a good and passionate writer. You can learn writing here

Find trusted freelancing websites

Now you can write well even to newbies understanding but even with that you can't complete your freelancing task without joining the freelancing websites were you can place your good work to earn.

There are many freelancing websites on the internet bellow are some trusted sites you can join

  1. Upwork.com
  2. Freelancer.com
  3. Fiverr.com
  4. PeoplePerHour.com
  5. Kuhustle.com
  6. Guru.com
  7. Solutioninn.com

  8. Do your research

    Having joined any of the above websites , don't start your work immediately instead go and do proper research about what you have got to offer. Yes you heared me right .no mater the level of your understanding in the area of your expertise there's always need for research to gain more understanding and knowledge about the field from other pros.

    You can now write what you have got and sell to those who are in need but mind you offering the best will increase your market force and drive more sales , retain long term buyers ...

    Remember nothing good comes easy so you have to put extra effort to be ahead your competitors , if burning the candle all night is the solution then do it till success is achieved.

    One thing about freelancing is that the payment is not instant it might take some weeks before it is cleared so it is not a place to get urgent cash

    You must be a good writer does not mean you must be a grammarian. provided the passed information is comprehensive and helpful to those in need that's makes you are good writer or any other work you offer

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how to set Vote and like your wapka forum with vote counts

People just visit your wapka site, read your forum and leave without dropping any appreciation it sucks pal.

I always feel fulfilled when I check my forums updates at times and see 100 votes or more even without comment i will be OK because I felt someone out there red my write ups and he love them.

Wapka forum design of formal naijaloaded

How to display your wapka music with image previews

Many of our site visitors are too lazy to comment especially when your site is a closed forum but with the wapka forum voting system they can still be forum active without commenting.

The voting system of wapka have no diminishing effect search engine but is is just a wayof increasing users experience and views on your site. it simply means a way of appreciating your good job

I think you now know what the voting means (so that you won't be getting ready your voters card thinking it is time for election hahahaha)

How To set wapka voting system

Go to your site admin mode and click on edit site now select WAP2 from the building tools and a new page will open

Select Style for messages in forum/chat and click on global settings for style in messages in forum and chat which is the first link.

After that a new window will open from here select messages in forum

Now your code boxes will open check inside the first code box you will see ::msg:: just paste the bellow code under it if you want the voting to be under your posts or untop it if you want the vote appear at the top of your post

Wapka Forum vote code

wapka sitemap and how to create a better sitemap

Now you have successfully added the voting for your forum and now when ever users vote it will be counted on the vote counter .

Note the above code cannot work else where apart from forum area as explained above so don't post it on pages hoping for results it may likely display error or site pages.

The image source in the above code is http://www.ecreativeim.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/facebook-like-icon.png that's the large facebook image you can change it to any image you want. you can make nice images for more fancy design or leave it as default if you are contented with the design

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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Download current webincomeplus.com WordPress theme for free

Have you visited webincomeplus.com just of recent and how is the theme.? did you like it but don't know how to get it? maybe because he is a pro blogger I know you will be thinking he is using a paid host. I must unveil to you he is using a free theme I.e you also can build a WordPress blog just like webincomeplus.com using the same theme.

Featured webhosting tutorials I have been a fan of that site for over two years now and ever since then all his themes are awesome and he is a killer content writer , and inspiration to every blogger but anyway am not here to write reviews o but to tell you his theme and how to get the same theme for your blog

Many WordPress users are using the same theme since it is free but awesome including naijaquest.com but he customised his own to show thumbnail preview while Abass Torilola (webincomeplus)use his own as default

Download Naijaloaded current WordPress premium theme

The name of this theme is Called Frontier _ it is a free WordPress theme very search friendly with nice and friendly interface on both mobile and PC version.


After downloading you can install it directly on your WordPress blog it will give you same design eve without any customisation .You can learn how to customise the theme in there forum area where all post and question about the theme is dropped.

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How to create a free WordPress blog Using Byethost (complete tutorial)

Maybe you have been looking for a way to create your own WordPress bog but because you haven't seen a better tutorial to guide you it becomes a set back to your plans achievement

But today am going to show you clear tutorial on how you can set up your WordPress free hosted blog with your mobile phone. WordPress is expensive yet they offer a gateway through which you can also create free sites. only tat you will have a limited space .

Creating personal blogs with this WordPress free host is fine because you are going to have limited visitors but when thinking about making a site that you want to go viral , The free WordPress platform might not favour your because of the limited space available.

One good thing about creating this free WordPress blog is that you can later migrate if you see that your site is growing successful. I.e you can start with the free host after smelling success you can now migrate to paid host for a better space to harbour your your files.

Creating a WordPress blog you need a host through which your site will be installed. There are many web hosting services that offers WordPress installation but many don't render free services I.e you will have to Install with paid host alone while others give chances of starting with free host and later migrating if you feel your website is growing out of the given space or bandwidth

Every web hosting have a differ price but before you choose and use any of them there are things you must consider keeping aside the pricing aspect ""''read bellow"""

This tutorial is about how you can install WordPress using BYETHOST please follow every step and then instruction on this tutorial and you will be able to build a running free blog on WordPress.

REGISTER with Byethost

After successful registration you will be taken to a new page. where all the policies will be written with a message concerning your email confirmation message

Now you can read through the policies and all other text on the page if you want or leave them alone . just login your email you will see the confirmation message as bellow.

Please note that you might not see the message directly on your inbox, in that case you will have to check your Gmail spam messages after opening the message just click on the confirmation link attached to the message and your site will be successfully installed. At this junction if you are using opera you might not get the direct message that you site is installed but as soon as you click on the confirmation link and the next page stop loading go back and check your Gmail spam messages again you will see another email address containing your login details

Now visit and login cpanel link that was sent to your email using your detail as sent to you in your email http://panel.byethost.com/

Behold your account Cpanel where you can now manage your site . though there are many other features but because am using Mobile phone to write this tutorial I have to snapshot only the required area of WordPress installation but when you login don't be confused you will see many other features along with this.

Click on Softaculous and you will see many platforms through which you can install your web but ignore them all and select the first option which is WordPress After that a new page will appear just click on the Install button

Fill in the require details such as your email address by replacing the defaul email with your real email address .change your user name and password from admin for security reasons

  • Clear Wp and leave the space empty.
  • Write your blogs title but don't worry even if you leave it you can change it later
  • Leave Enable multisite (WPMU) unchecked
  • After filling all the required fields just scroll down and hit on install

Note that the password and username you filled in the above form will be used to login your site management admin section so don't forget them.

Featured webhosting tutorials Now you have successfully installed WordPress on your blog and when you visit your site link now e.g www.kingsweb.byethost14.com you will see it is a WordPress blog and your site is now running on WordPress script.

How to manage your Newly set up WordPress blog?

let assume your website falls to be kingsweb.byethost14

to login your admin mode you can just use the link as bellow make sure you don't use my site name change it your own site name kingsweb.byethost14.com/wp-admin

And you will see a page to login . just insert your username and password which you used initially when installing WordPress on your blog and hit the login button now you will be taken to your site management section

here you can create new post , add new theme , edit your posts, manage comments,, add plugins, customize site and theme , do all required site settings and every other thing a needed on your WordPress blog.

Now you have a running WordPress blog but I know you don't like that theme that is default on your blog you can download more good looking themes such as ViralBlog lite | Frontier etc to give your site a good design.

After downloading the then just login as shown above then click on Appearance select Theme and click on Add new theme you can now upload the theme you have downloaded after successful upload activate it to get it working on your blog.You can change your theme as many times as you want.

You can install any plugin of your choice and do other needed settings in the settings section

Ooo Am tired of typing as a lazy boy that i am , I don't think i can continue any longer let call it a day maybe in my next tutorial I will teach you how you can register and park free or paid domain name to your Byethost free blog which you have just created. Now you have a WordPress blog start creating posts and let the blogging begin on WordPress yeeeeeeeeeeeee


As you blog don't be carried away thereby forgeting your login details. always remember there are two logins the first one for the cpane section and the second logins for the admin section of your site even if you forget you can always retrieve password but prevention is better than cure.!!

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Monday, 10 October 2016

How to set wapka download page Autocontents_header and footer

When i newly started using wapka far back 2013, I was like going crazy with my wapka download page setupbecause i couldn't fix the issue of autocontent for wapka download section.

the worst of it all is that "it's not set the way other autocontents such as header and footer , for forum, for chat etc all other autocontents can be done in a very simple way but that of download looks far different from the rest.

in case you don't know what wapka auto content means i have explained it in details here but throwing more light on it here, Auto content in wapka could be for your header or footer

When it is header I.e You are talking of The items that will display at the top section of your site but for footers I.e you are talking of items that will display all over the bottom of your site

How to redirect and undo a redirected wapka site

You can select auto content for all most all the sections of your sites such as profile , download , Blog, comment, and many more auto contents as shown bellow

but in this tutorial we are only going to set footer and header auto contents of your wapka download page I.e the things that will appear at the top and at the bottom of your download page if users select any file for download

How to set wapka download page Autocontents

At default your autocontent for every page of your wapka site is -1 (for header) and -2 (for footer) that's why you see that if you haven't set it from default when you visit your download page you will still see the same thing that generally appear in your footer and header even still on the download page.

Login Your wapka admin mode Click on edit site and Select Content manager from the building tools after that all the categories of download will appear as bellow.

Wapka class codes and how to set wapka class

You can select any category and you will get it done but for the reason of this tutorial kindly select music. The next page will show you created categories if now select any category and you will see all the music you have uploaded under the selected categories.

Select any of the music you have uploaded and a new page will open don't mind the page just scroll down to the end of the page and click the link as shown bellow set undified display page

The next page will display as bellow

now select from the categories any one you want to set header and footer for and the next page will display as bellow

Like you can see I have set my top auto content for music download page as -1 which is the default one. and i then set my footer download page as 24

Now anything i put in Site 24 of my wapka site will automatically appear under all my music download page and anything in -1 will appear in my music download page header (top)

You can put any site as your own header and footer ....like for me in my site 24 I put recent forum posts and categories so that people who click on downloading music can see more navigable categories under my download pages .

How to change wapka default page titles for search optimisation

You can do likewise to both games, softwares,videos , images

Note don't bombard your download page auto contents with too many stuffs and don't add recent forum posts on your download page auto contents it might not work out well the best stuffs to add is placing your ads if you have any, Adding some download navigation's so that they can see more files via the download page. try make it simple it will also enhance easy loading speed unlike when you park all your site stuffs to fill the download page auto content pages.

You can add recent files to the bottom auto content

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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How to buy airtime with Your UBA bank account using simple USD code

Going to the bank becomes a difficult task pending on the nature of our transactions. You want to transfer 1000 naira from your account to a friends bank account and perhaps the bank is too far to go on feet because the transaction is too little you will consider the transport fare and the time to be wasted

Because of the little transactions of such nature, almost all the banks have made available USD codes through which you can make transactions on your mobile device such as paying of bills , buying airtime, sending money , with your mobile phone with or without the internet connection using the Bank SMS USD code

With the use of this USD code you can recharge your phone, transfer money and do many other transactions at the comfort of your home without having to pay some transport fare or waste your precious hours standing on queue especially when the customers are many to be attended to.

Every bank have a different transaction Code. In my previous posts , i wrote about Union Bank account balance USD code. but in this post i will show you simple UBA transaction USD code just like the union bank.

How to recharge and transfer money UBA bank USD code

To recharge your phone simply dial *919*amount# and make sure the number you are having on your phone through which the code is dialed must be the same number you used to register for alert in your UBA bank.

To recharge another persons phone *919*phone number*amount# Put the persons number and the person will be credited.

Always remember that any recharge you make the money will be deducted from your account that means transaction will be unsuccessful if your account is empty.

You can also use the UBA Mobile Banking app for more advance features in managing your UBA account but in this case data connection will be required

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