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Friday, 21 October 2016

How to remove description from blogger template to show only post headline

Many of you hate the description aspect of your blog in the homepage preview. maybe you want your site to load more faster or perhaps the blogger template description count is too lengthy and you want to get rid the description to remain only the images (thumbnails )and the post title then this post is for you.

Adding about me, contact me, and the privacy policy to blogger site

How to remove post description from blogger homepage


Login your Blogger dashboard and Click On Templates then select edit template to expand your template use your keyboard Control+F and find


now paste bellow code just before the </head> and save your template you are done.

You can customize the above code by changing the font colors

Note that will not remove the picture if you have any picture in the post but only the description will vanish

If you don't want it to display the thumbnail then don't use pictures in your post that will make make it display only heading without images

The above is suitable when you want to display many posts in your homepage knowing that with the thumbnails it may cause slow loading speed, so removing the description will help the issue of slow loading and help your pages load faster even with plenty posts on your homepage.

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How to add About me,contact me and privacy policy page to blogger site

They keep saying add the about me , the contact me and the privacy policy to your blogspot or blogger site but to be sincere many people don't know how to add this feature they only know it's important because of Google AdSense and the rest .

creating these pages will also make your website more professional and it will also make your site adhere to Google policies.

Adding these pages to your blogger site will lead you to creating the pages from your admin mode I.e if you don't have the pages ready in your blog and apart from creating pages there are other methods I will show you but let's go gradually from creating pages

How to Create new pages in blogger

Login your blogger dashboard and click on Pages

Select the option Create new page

A new page will pop out just write the content you want to add to the page e.g if it is about us page you just have to write about you and your contact details.

You can preview to see how it looks on your blog before publishing

Having published your pages just go back to your dashboard and click on Layout and select add gadget Now click on pages from the available options

And select the pages you want to make appear in your blog and save your settings

Another way through which you can create this pages is by creating new post you can give the title about me , contact us, privacy policy etc depending on the page you want to create Just add the content of the page as your post content and publish .

After that go to your Blog and collect the URL of the post you just published and use it to form a link in your footer or header sidebar where you want the page to appear in your blog

You can just login your blogger dashboard and click on Layout select add gadget from the area you want the page to appear and click on HTML/JavaScript Inside the box you can just form hyper link with the URL you copied but to make it look more nice you can use bellow code

All you have to so is replace the links with the one you have copied from your site and you are done.

You can also use the above code for wapka , xtegem, WordPress and other web building platforms to create the about me contact me or the privacy policy page.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

How To change default Wapka music,video,games and apps thumbnails

each time i open my wapka site, it annoyed me when I see some fucking thumbnails in replacement of the music ,video, app,or games thumbnails. so because I hate them i just have to find some good lucking attractive pictures to replace those thumbnails to give them a nice look.

how to allow your wapka site users upload their profile pictures

Just imagine when you upload a music from 9jabaze to your site only for you to be seeing their logo in place of your music thumbnail. to me it looks very unprofessional and it discourages your users with the thought of "you have nothing unique in your site"

I know you hate it and bellow is how you can put any image as your wapka music thumbnail . like I stated above you can also use this same method to do that of games thumbnail, apps thumbnails etc

How to Change default wapka Music Thumbnail

After uploading Your Music via your content manager, I believe you will see something similar to bellow form.

Now you have filled the form as required by the music by putting the music title , date , and so on and you will scroll down to submit after submitting the form you will receive a new successful page.

From That page you get to after submitting your music form check the address bar your URL will look like bellow. for those who don't know address bar it's the area your link is located you can see that on the above image. If you check your address bar your link looks like bellow


Inside the link You will see the word View that's what you can see above in green color. now just clear only the view and replace it with the word uploadthumbs after that your URL will now look like bellow


Just reload the URL and after loading a new page will open as bellow showing you a space to select the picture you want to upload as your thumbail

Just pick the picture from your SD card or phone and click on the upload button. You have successfully added a new picture and the old scary and boring one is gone

But in case you don't ave the picture on your drive and you wanted to upload it via URL just change the word view in the url to uploadthumbsbyurl and your address (url) will look like bellow


Just reload the URL and you will see a new page like bellow prompting you to put the URL of the image you want to upload , just add the URL in the required field and click on upload button

Now you are done. You have successfully added a new thumbnail to your music via thumbnail uploading system.

Uploading Thumbnail in your wapka files is Good Especially for those running wapka file manager (wapka download site) the thumbnail has not though been proven SEO factor in wapka but it will increase users experience in the sense that users love to pay attention to files with thumbnails than the ones without thumbnail

Apart form the above advantage it also make your site look more appealing when you list out your files in your homepage with previews.

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Top10 Online stores in kenya to buy wears, phones,mobilities etc

Just like other countries , Kenya have many online stores where you can buy online and get quick delivery.

Many internet users in Kenya today no longer prefer going to the supper markets and using other complicated means of buying.They prefer using their smart cards , Mpesa accounts, master card, PayPal accounts and other payment methods in making transaction and buying online for more conveniences and stress free.

online stores in kenya Bellow are online stores where you can buy anything online and get quick delivery all round Kenya some of the bellow services deliver goods outside Kenya I.e you can stay somewhere outside Kenya to order goods and you get delivery but delivery round Kenya may be free for some of the online stores while outside Kenya may cause you some fees but more favourable if you want to buy in bulk


Are you looking for the best place to buy smart phones, Computers & Tablets, Electronics & Appliances, Home & Living, Clothes, Shoes, Bags & Fashion, Sports & Outdoor, Beauty & Hair, Kids, Baby, Toys , Office Products ,Automotive ,Books & Music with many other categories


Here you can find and buy mobile tables , used cars and motorcycles with other categories such as Agriculture & Food, Construction & Industrial, Pets, Electronics & Video, Fashion & Beauty, Home, Furniture & Garden, Real Estate, Jobs & Services, Vehicles, Hobbies, Art & Sport.


This is the best way place in Kenya to get old and new vehicles , vans , bikes, trucks and all types of cars. Cheki also offer ads space that allow you to sell your car in kenya

Transfer money from your PayPal to M-pesa account Kenya


It is just like other shopping sites in Kenya where you can get all kind of cloths, footwears ,laptop, desktops,Mobile phones , and other accessories


This is the widest online store in Kenya where you can buy stuffs such as cloths , books,accessries a with many other categories.


The is the best place you can buy electronic devices such as the headphone, earphone, Handset, wireless earphone, sport headphone, and other electronic accessories are all available in various categories at Electrohub


This is a Nairobi online shop that was founded since 2001 and ever since it has been delivering all kitchen utensils , the spoons in bunch, the blenders all kind, The gass cooker , the Electric stove , and many more you could ever think of. mamamikes is there to help furnish your kitchen with a new look. You can Get in touch Mamamikes on Facebook

how to buy stuffs online using your ATM card


are you a woman looking for modern designs and fashion ? you can get all dresses of various clothing categories at Mimi. They also allow you to pay online using your mater card or even the Mpesa. delivering outside and inside kenya . i.e you can buy from countries surrounding Kenya and you will get successful delivery . you can get in touch with Mimi on Facebook for updates


Jumia is a popular online store present in Kenya and other countries e.g Nigeria. With Jumia you can buy gadgets such as phones,computers , books and many more . jumia is the store to buy anything buyable


Food and drink I.e all kinds of wines available for sale at rupu. other categories are home, travels and beauty

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Legit online Business Ideas in Kenya that can fetch you money

With the observation i was able to gather from my site traffic stats even though my domain is pointing to Nigeria I still notice that almost all my traffic is coming from Kenya. That means Kenya also have very large numbers of internet users.

Kenya legit online  business ideas 2016
According to internet live stat Kenya is the 29th country in the world with the highest internet users of about 21million plus as of now and number increase daily as many people join the internet on daily basics.

With the above stats it shows that online Business is liable to come out successful just like as it's doing here in Nigeria since there will be lots of sales and users engagement with the large numbers of internet users but the problem is what online business ideas did you really think can work out for you in Kenya.?

Online Business To Earn In Kenya

freelancing Work

This is when you perform some skillful task for people in need of your service and you get paid for every complete task e.g writing articles for people, Designing Logos, Building websites, Setting Seo, Analytics work, and many other creative Works which you think you can do but people don't know how to do it and they are in need of it.

There are many websites in Kenya which will need people to write for them but the question is how will you know the people in need of you service like writing? since that question becomes a problem to answer directly because there is no specific place to get people who need your writing services in Kenya You can easily create your Works on freelancing Websites perhaps not only People from Kenya might need your services. or you can create a website to offer your writing services in Kenya e.g you can name it like thewriter.co.ke,Wewrite.com,articles.co.ke or whatever and on the website you can write some confusing headlines that can convince your readers you are a good writer after which you will be offered writing jobs from them.

As Time goes on You will begin to get more customers if only you can do a good job and you will also get long term customers who will consistently be in need of your services.

You can go ahead to Optimise your website to make it search engine friendly with this you will get customers from the search engines who are looking for writers online. if you are the type that is creative in many other ways such as logo designs, web design, Seo , analytics works , you can add other pages on your websites to create awareness that you also do other works which you will specify on those pages.

You can spend some bulks to advertise your website to get more customers. also create Facebook pages and groups only time will tell sooner you will become popular and all over Kenya people will be looking upto your services provided you are the type that render nice services in an affordable prices.

Build Online Stores

Online stores is a place where you can display either your own products or other people products for sales and get commission for every successful sales e.g konga and jumia are the most popular websites that offers such services and other Kenya based online stores are KillMall|Rupu|Dakikaonline and many others that exist in Kenya .

You can create such websites in Kenya with just few steps Here if you have a bit knowledge of WordPress installation but if not you can hire a web designer to help you complete the task while you pay some fee.

Online stores don't means you must sell you own products. you can affiliate any of the websites in Kenya that you trust most among the online stores Sell their products on your store and get the commission applied . When you website grows you can also give spaces for people to display their products for sale on your store while they pay.

E-Books selling .

This is one method through which you can package any work you can do better in a digital form and sell it to the audience in this case you may not need a website but it will be more easier if you have a website of your own

What you know how to do will depend on what you will sell e.g how to reduce breast size, how to make Bathing soap, etc just on How to Do anything you think can sell packed them in digital format (e-books) people will always buy depending on your marketing strategies. Turn your skills to momey in Kenya

Social Media

The Facebook , twitter , instagram you use everyday for fun people still use them in making money. Taking Facebook as a case study , it is an a very popular social network where you can meet your targeted audience. You can make money from Facebook by selling advertising spaces via your Facebook pages and groups

All you have to do is create your own pages , or groups drive more traffic to your groups and pages using any strategy you can , after which you have gotten thousands of likes (tempting in number) you can now allow people to post on your group at a fixed price.

I'have come across many Facebook groups and pages offering same services at a very cheap and affordable price and people pay to advertise their products on the pages and groups since they know they will get more traffic with the huge numbers of group and page users.

If you ask me how you can get likes and add more people to your group, I will say I don't know any magical way than what you already knew.

Online Coaching

if you think creating a website will be too difficult for you to too stressful because you like talking like me you can simply go by creating a YouTube channel to do your coaching on whatever you are specialised on.

You can Monetise Your YouTube channel with Google AdSense. Note it is not only coaching that you can do online , if you are the funny type you can shoot some short funny videos and upload them online just to drive traffic to your YouTube channel and if you really mean business you can place ads on other people's websites to tell them you have a lesson on so so and so or tell them about your new funny videos this Is just to create awareness and let people know about your channel knowing that you don't have a website.

You can also Share your channel on Facebook and other social medias

√ Online business in any country is unlimited. there are tones of unlisted business ideas still existing in Kenya today. You can only find the best online business from whatever you can do better. Learn how to monetise your skills and turn them into income stream

Guides for starting freelancing in Kenya

Like in one of my quotes where I wrote that "our ideas needed by others and they are worth selling" don't forget that but implement it on any acquired skill

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