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Saturday, 29 October 2016

How to change OgbongeBlog black footer background colors

It is better you use a better background color even if you will leave the white colors for the links. Because the white colors for the link are OK only the background color sucks.

Perhaps you don't know how to change you footer background color of your ogbongeblog template follow the bellow simple steps to get it done and give your site a better look

How to change OgbongeBlog footer Background Color.

Login to your blogger site admin dashboard and select template then click on the Edit template button… change ogbongeblog footer color

How to edit your blogger template on mobile phone

How to submit your website to airtel free Basics

After expanding the template , find .footer-fauxborder-left now you will see the footer background code shown along with the above code as bellow

.footer-fauxborder-left { border-top: 1px solid #eeeeee; background: #222222 none repeat scroll 0 0; -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba (0, 0, 0, .2); -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, .2); -goog-ms-box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, .2); box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, .2); margin: 0 -20px; }

From the code just change the #222222to any color code of your choice and you are done.

You can change it to any color e.g I will recommend #444444 which is a light black background color. it is fitting to the link colors instead of the pure black. Note if you want to change the background to other colors of your choice also consider the link colors

Hopefully this tutorial have helped you to change your ogbongeBlogs background color template. if you encounter any difficulties you can tell us here In our comment section

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iv dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
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How to submit your website to airtel free basics

Submitting your website to Airtel free basics is something you must put into consideration as a new or pro blogger aspiring the climax of traffic. submit website to Airtel free basics
Airtel doing great job to make the internet accessible to many online users free of charge has over some years now partner with Facebook to render free browsing on Facebook and other websites without spending a token to Nigerian and many other Africa countries that uses Airtel network.

Many website such as the naij.com , nairaland.com, jobberman.com, jiji.com and many others has been already added to Airtel free basics in Nigeria. that simply means you can brows these websites free of charge from your internet enabled gadgets using the Airtel network hmm isn't that going awesome adding your website to the Airtel free basics to enable you also get more visitors knowing that Nigerians love awoof.

But before adding your site to the Airtel free basics you must consider the disadvantage which is all your ads will no longer appear when viewed on the free basics and any other JavaScript may be affected in displaying. what I mean here is that let assume you have Google AdSense ads running on your blog and if i view it using this Airtel free program I won't see the ads .

I know that won't stop you from adding your site since that's just a minor disadvantage so to add your site to the Airtel free basics simply login with your Facebook account and click on bellow link to get started with the provided instructions and procedures() for better experience


Note after adding your site. it will be reviewed and when your application is accepted you site will start running life and rocking with the Airtel free basics. so before submitting make sure you have a nice looking site with better contents that can make them approve your site.

How to brows the websites under Airtel free basics

If you want to browse all the websites under Airtel free basic you can download the app here or simply access the official site. http://www.freebasics.com/

The sites will be openly listed with click through links. don't use other sim apart from airtel network it might not work

With the above you can now add your site to the Airtel free basics and also brows all the site under this program for free using your artel line.

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Adding the Up and down fast scroll navigation button to your blogger site

Adding the Up an down fast scroll navigation button to your blogger site will enhance users engagement and make them navigate up and down your site with just a click.  Adding the Up an down fast scroll navigation button to your blogger

This simple up and down navigation button is mostly good to those who like to put almost all their posts on homepage of their blog. Users scroll and scroll until they are tired especially when they don't use android where they can just fasten the navigation to the bottom or the top of the blog.

How to add multiple social subscription button to your blogger site

When the get to some segment of your blog with the help of these blogger navigation code they can easily scroll very fast without time waste. Let me teach you how you can embed it to your blogger template.

Adding Scrolling Back To Top Button To Blogger Site

Login Blogger.com and edit your template

enlarging the first letter of your blogger posts and comments

From your template find </head> and just above it paste the bellow code and save your template.

Scrolling back to top button Blogspot Code

Now you are done with the settings. users can now scroll with ease from any segment of your site using the already set Scrolling back to top button navigation

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Friday, 28 October 2016

How to fix the issue of a redirected wapka site

Many wapka users have lost their wapka sites because of the issues of redirection as a result of wrong codes on your headtag.

In many online forums where wapka codes are shared they give you some fucking codes to put in your headtag framing the code in the name of Seo or other bla bla bla and you as a newbie who don't know how to read codes but can only copy will just fall victim by copying and placing the code on your head tag only for you to refresh your site and land in another mans site. lol all your traffic has been stollen by the wise man and now see you crying for help but no help.

Thank God you met my blog where we make the un impossible to be possible that's why we are the king among all web so ****smile****

I know am a good story teller but in this post am not going to play that role of mine because am serious today than ever having found a solution to your problem

How to undo recover a redirected wapka site

Login your wapka admin Mode and select the site you want to undo from redirecting.

and a new page will appear, from the page scroll down and click on Debug Tools

Now after selecting the debug tools a new page will open as bellow how to undo a redirected wapka site

Just check on the first box as shown above to disable contents in headtag now you have successfully set the issue. just login and go to your head tag to remove the redirection code .

After that come back to the same page again and uncheck the box again to enable your headtag so that your CSS and your seo will not be affected.

With the above you can now fix the issue of redirected wapka sites hope it helped you !!!

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wapka update your profile notification code and settings (facebook style)

If you have been visiting top wapka sites like 9jabaze , after registering and having logged in you will be notified that your profile need to be updated. Even Facebook also have the same feature where you will be notified to complete your profile and the percentage of the already completed profile.

This will help your site visitors always remember to complete their profile settings and update.

How to add kingsweb stylish Alexa to your wapka site

You can add this wapka code to your header section of your wapka site but set the visibility only for logged users so that only logged users can see it. the non logged users of your site don't need it because they aren't registered yet.

Wapka Profile settings Notification Code

The above code after setting it will show the users names e.g Kennedy you haven't completed your profile 70%You don't need to change anything from the above code it's already well customised to fit any CSS style but the notification text can be customised you can make it more attractive so that users will heed to the command you can go like please update your profile, lest our sever may block your account in the next 2days!

Where will I paste the wapka profile settings notification code?

just login your wapka site admin mode click on the edit site button Now scroll and click on Add autocontent from the given options

Select header because we want the code to appear in our header or top section of our site where users can easily see the notification

After that a new page will open which is the header .just scroll down the page and click on edit site select HTML/WLM from the options and put the above code set the visibility for only logged usees then save your settings. you are done. Now you have successfully set the profile update notification system for your wapka site

Hope you understand if not you can comment bellow and if you still get it we love your comment tell us it works for you it will empowers to give more codes and wapka tutorials here!!!!

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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Five reasons users won't visit your site for the second time

People dread your site ,the little that increase your pageviews are those who incidentally hit on your shared link but as soon as they landed on your site, they bounce back immediately that's the reason you see your bounce rate increase everyday .

why people won't visit your site again
How to become a successful business woman

There are various reasons why various individuals hate your site ,perhaps you have good contents but your design sucks or maybe you don't have anything unique about your site or other reasons let me quickly highlight the main reasons why visitors dread your site

Why Your site visitors Won't return

how to preview your blog post offline before punishing

Woeful site Design

Some websites from my own view are specially designed for those on glasses and not with normal eyes because you might get blind if you dare open such sites on your browser lol.

They will have all the seven colors of rainbow on their site. No proper layout everything is just scattered round the site , blink blink like Christmas light every where. Though you may have some folks to love your Christmas light designs and others but that will be too few to earn you your monthly income.

Many internet users love simple design ,easy navigation with nice and readable font. The worst of it is thatGoogle AdSense won't dare accept your request with such blink blink site and you know what that means.

Less Updates

This is the major reason it is not advisable to lunch your site immediately after building it but wait till you create at least 50 posts and above then you can now share with people.

Let assume you have only three posts on your website and you went ahead to start sharing your website. David visited your website and was unable to navigate to other posts because you have very few of them he will leave after reading the one you shared I.e if it interests him allot.

Now you shared your link on Facebook or other social medias again and john sees it for the second time but this time around he won't click on it because he felt your site is dormant and lack contents. So before you start sharing your site link make sure you have enough contents that can trill your users to come back again.

Difficult Domain Name

Imagine a domain name like http://www.free-online-training-courses.com did you ever think that domain have the power of getting more returning visitors when the domain is too hard to remember. Unless it is because they have something unique and very few users might bookmark the pages and some who are brilliant will manage to save the name in their memory even with the many hyphens

Secure a very easy to remember domain . a domain that your site users can remember even when they are asleep. this will increase the numbers of your returning visitors thereby affective your page views positively

Quality and Uniqueness

Users love a site that can write quality content and if at all you can't give your users unique contents that will give them the reason to come back as soon as they find an alternative believe me they will never check back on your site again.

How to create a viral blog post

How to write long tail articles for search optimisation

Some of you who say you are webmasters don't even write your own contents instead you keep stealing online by copying other people work which causes them sleepless nights and restless days. and now you are nagging everyday about poor organic traffic lol don't fool yourself Google is as wise as a serpent

Don't forget the internet is the survival of the fittest. many websites run online and some blogging on the same niche with you are ready to go at lent to bypass all competitors by creating uniqueness in their write ups and ones your visitors stumble on such sites your site becomes the past.Because of this write as though your are taking , explain in details , make your users love your write ups because of clear presentation and you will see them come back again and again for more updates

I6 successful blog writing rules you must learn

This site is a case study. People always chat me on Facebook and pester me on phone calls either complimenting my good writing skills for easy understanding or requesting more tutorials because they say am the only one that can write to make them understand.

Too Many Ads

You just set up a website after two or three days of creating very few posts of about 4-5 you want to make money and now you turned your site into ads ground. fill every where with assorted ads that will bounce away your visitors.

You even went ahead to adding pop under ads that will automatically redirect your site users to other fucking sites because you need money. By the time your user is redirected 2-3 times he immediately exit your site

I believe site with too many ads rarely produce unique contents so do others believe. so don't spoil your site with ads. let your ads be liken a design even making your site more appealing to visitors. also use ads that fit your blogging niche. just imagine when you are using porn ads for website like kingsweb did you think that will appeal your site visitors even those who love porn won't like it because it wasn't placed in the right place.

Did you have a bad design using blogger , you can Get my template and make your site look nice but if you are using wapka platform i can help you design a simple design website like my wapka site with just a token and if you are using WordPress host you can try free frontier theme I gues that's a mobile and PC fitting site that every user should love.. Don't hesitate to get your site a better design CU's design itself is traffic.

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how to brows CREDIBOO and change your profile picture using opera mini browser

crediboo is the best social network in the world that can fetch you money invented by a Nigerian hmm amazing ehh but at least we need to be proud of our country for such a wonderful invention.

How to get your crediboo referral link

Introduction to crediboo social network that's pays

When I newly joined crediboo it was unfortunate i can't chat , update my status or run other activities properly using the opera mini browser i almost quite because of frustration but i needed some money so I have to figure out some alternative for it.

The reason is not because it can't work on other browsers but opera looks more convenience to other browsers and beside the subscription am currently using only work on opera mini browsers .

Cresiboo is designed to fit browsers such as chrome, Firefox and the default android phone browsers and this is why those who are using phones such as the symbian, and java phones won't be able to access crediboo conveniently without facing issues but hopefully more developments are coming up everyday on crediboo

It seems like am speaking in tongues here to those who don't know about crediboo. please pardon me to do brief introduction to crediboo social network Click here to read all you need to know about crediboo,how to join and how to make money from it.

Having know about Crediboo to brows crediboo with opera mini follow bellow steps

How to brows Crediboo on Opera mini Browser

The above opera beta is high version of opera for android users. it can access many websites not suitable for opera and it works just like chrome and other higher browsers

How to change your profile picture on Cresiboo with opera mini

Login your cresiboo account from opera beta

On your cresiboo account dashboard click on your photo icon

You will be prompted to select a picture from your drive. just scroll to the folder you have your pictures and select any picture of your choice

Woo you now have a new profile picture on your crediboo account Go and tell your friends about this, share this link and promote Nigeria by promoting crediboo.

With crediboo you have nothing to loose you can only earn more and more depending on how active and crediboolous you are.. hahaha don't mind my English o


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How to check your total numbers of friends of facebook

Facebook social network gives a provision to view your numbers of friends just like crediboo social chat network that pays and other chat networks.

If you are using Facebook you will probably be adding new friends and accepting new ones on daily basis and the number of your total friends will be increasing also.

How to stop Facebook friends from posting on your timeline

How to permanently delete Facebook fan page

In Facebook social network you can only add 5,000 friends on one Facebook account after which you won't be Abel to add again but even at that junction if you already have some unaccepted request you won't also be able to accept them again because you have reached the maximum friends per user on Facebook

This is one of the main reason you will need to have close eye on the number of friends you are having so as to know who to add next and who to remove from your friends list to get some space for the important and active facebook friends

How to create a Facebook group without a name

How to know your total numbers of friends on Facebook

If you are using the messenger i presume you should switch to web browser for the sake of this tutorial.

Now open any of the browsers you want to use e.g opera-mini, chrome,Firefox etc And login your Facebook account as usual.and on your Facebook landing page after login bellow is the sample of how it will look of your phone

From your homepage click on The Profile tab as circled in the above image and a new window will open as bellow

Click on friends as shown in the above screenshot and a new page will open displaying the total numbers of your friends on Facebook

You can also click on the key icon to change your Facebook friends visibility settings I.e who can see your friends like in the above only me can see my friends no other Facebook user can see it because I see it to be so. you can also change yours if you want to any one you need when you click on the key icon.

Hopefully with the above Facebook tutorial you should have learnt how to check your Facebook total friends and how to hide your Facebook friends from public (friends privacy settings)

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How to add the multiple social subscription button to your blogger site

Adding the social subscription button to your blogger side bar or any position of your blog is a proven way through which you can increase your site traffic and keep your site users engaged and updated adding-social-button-to-blogger-wapka-wordpress

Add the about me,contact me, about me page to blogger

how to permanently delete blogger widgets

When your site users subscribe through your social subscription buttons they automatically get notified when you create new posts and they may like your headline and visit your site again via the notification thereby increasing your daily page views and audience engagement

In blogging depending on only one traffic source is not reliable that's why you share on all social medias and also fight for Search engine optimisation because you don't want one traffic source

Let us add another traffic source to the ones you already have .which is the social subscription button

How to add The social Subscription button to your blogger site.

Login your blogger admin dashboard and click on layout >>> select add gadget >> and navigate to HTML/JavaScripts paste bellow code in the required field

From the above code Change all my usernames to your own username e.g the Facebook page name, the twitter username, the Google plus url, the YouTube URL and the rest .

12 well customized search box codes and setup for your blogger, wapka and WordPress site

After that save your settings and you are done. now you have successful added the social subscription button to your blogspot site

Note the above code can also work on other hosts such as wapka and WordPress. if you want to use it for wapka you can add the code via HTML/wml section of your site.

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How to enlarge the first letter of your blogger posts and comments

You many have visited some blogger sites and you see some fonts that make the first letter of their post very big and fancy. It is the work of the CSS they applied to their blogger template .

The bold letter have nothing to do with the site seo progression but it will make your site look more professional and eye fitting for your reader .in most cases we also forget to capitalize our first letter when writing but if you are using this style it will be automated

This font wont capitalize your post take note but it will only make it bigger than other texts that's why i called it capital. and making it bigger than others will equally make it look like you used a capital letter even if it is the lower case

How to remove comment author profile URL from blogger

How to start a gossip blog in Nigeria

Let me quickly teach you how you can apply this font to your blogger template and give your site a new look.

How to capitalize and make bigger the first letter of your blogger posts

Login your blogger dashboard and backup your template if you don't have a copy of it in your drive

Edit your template and find the bellow code


just above it paste the bellow CSS code

You can modify the css code by changing the colors and the font size.

How to feature or highlight blogger posts

How to recover deleted blogger posts

After that from your template find bellow code

<data:post.body/> and bind it with another code to make it loom like this bellow code

<div class='capital'> <data:post.body/> </ div>

Now save your template and you are done. go back and preview your blog to see if it's working but if you find out the above code didn't work try the bellow codes

<p class="capital"> <data:post.body/> </ p>

or <span class="capital"> <data:post.body/ > </span>

If you want to apply the same CSS to your site comment system you can use bellow procedures.

How to enlarge your first comment letters in blogger site

Login your admin dashboard and edit your template

Find this ]]></b:skin> just above it paste bellow code

Find this code <data:comment.body/> and bind it with another code to make it look exactly like bellow

<p class="capital"> <data:comment.body/ > </p>

You can now save your template and preview.now you have successfully customised your template to show every first letter of your posts and comments bigger to other letters

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two ways to move or hide your blogger posts from your site's homepage

You may want to hide your blogger post from homepage maybe because it's outdated or the posts contain some contents you wouldn't like to display in your homepage .

Five reasons they no longer visit your site

How to make money just chatting online

Hiding posts from your homepage will not mean the post will be deleted from your blog. it will still be present on the same category in which you published it but not on homepage .Only those who Accessed it via search engines or through navigating your blog properly will find the post.

The hiding of post from your homepage have no diminishing effects on your search engines optimisation. the post will still be crawled as usual but not on your homepage anymore.

There assorted methods through which you can hide posts from blogger homepage but am going to show you the most easiest ways you can do it. The first method through which you can hide your blogger posts from homepage is through the Backdating

How to Hide Blogger posts from homepage via backdating

Backdating and updating in blogger is used to either shift back your posts or update them to the current dates

Let say you have published some posts since 1995 in your blogger and this posts are still ever green but the fact that they are outdated will affect affect users view and search engines because search engine also consider dates just like human

Such outdated posts is because of the dates so in that case you will have to shift the date to the current dates to make the post be new and they will also appear on your homepage again if you changed the date to the current dates but if you changed a new post date to old date it will disappear from your homepage immediately.

how to remove blogger post homepage description to remain only headline

How to change your blogger post dates and time

Login your blogger admin dashboard and Click on posts where all your published posts will appear under various categories.

Select and edit the posts you want to change the date and after opening for edit just scroll to the right hand side you will see the date and time just set it as show bellow

Select your date from the calendar. if you want to hide the post from homepage just change the date to old date e.g let say the date is 2016-24-02. you can backdate it to any old date e.g 2015-24-05 and immediately the post will disappears from your homepage

But if you want to bring an old post back to the homepage then you will have to update it. I.e change the date from old date to the current date. you can do it to as many posts as you want. having known the first method to hide or update blogspot posts to leave or come to your homepage let us go to the second method to hide your blogger posts

How to hide Your blogger posts with post ID

Another method to hide your blogspot post from homepage is through post ID. in will say this method is more complicated because it involves the inserting of some codes into your template unlike the first method where you don't need to edit your template but still simple anyway.

First of all before you remove any post from homepage using the posts ID method you will need to get the ID of the post in question. To get your post ID login your dashboard, click on the post you want to hide (edit) after that it will open it blogger editor

Now when you are on the editing page just check the URL you will see the post ID copy it and edit your template find bellow code line from your template

after finding the code just replace it with the bellow code line

In case you find the first code in two places in your template , replace both with the second code line.

From your template again find the bellow tag


and replace it with this

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> <style type='text/css'> #post-1234567890123456789 {display: none;} </style> </b:if>

From the above code change 1234567890123456789 to your post ID you copied initially then save your template. you are done.

How to check if a website is generally down or not

Don't forget like i said earlier the post still remains on your site and can still be crawled by search engine as usual only that you have moved it from your homepage.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to monetize your online presence and start making money chating online

Many people are complaining that credible amount for activities are too small but I keep asking them how much they are able to accumulate even after 10 years of using other social media such as the Facebook and the twitter but they are unable to answer because they only waste their mb daily without any return

How to make 5k or more daily just referring users

if you aren't an entrant in my previous post where I wrote about crediboo social network that pays for chats e.g updating status, commenting , referring users, updating pages and viewing profiles then you have to Read post here

With credible all the activities have some certain fixed amount they pay you. though they are little but a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean. at times you update more than 10-30 status on Facebook in just a day hmmm if that's crediboo that should be earning you some amount of money .

I spend more time on crediboo than Facebook because it pays me than Facebook. at least I can get my data money in return instead of just wasting my previous time on Facebook doing nothing.

I never say Facebook is bad but you need to experience something better than Facebook. With credible you can add friends , update status , create new pages , Update a better profile, receive notifications but what makes it difference from Facebook is the fact that they are certain fixed amount to earn for all most all the activities on crediboo social network. without time waste let me quickly show you how to join crediboo and start utilising your chats

How to Join Crediboo social network

Visit Www.CrediBoo.com

Fill in your email and password

Notification may not be sent to the email but you till need to use a valid email should in case you have issues regarding your account. don't forget the lost of account on crediboo is the lost of money

After filling the above form hit the submit button and you will be taken to the next page where you will complete registration

Fill in your first name, last name , your bank accounts details where your money will be paid to when you exceed the payment threshold which is 1,000naira

After filling the whole required forms just submit the form and you are done

you can now find friends , update your status , comment on others posts to start earning right away. but before that your account will be credited with 50 naira which is a sign up bonus.see payment chart bellow

How to get your crediboo referral link

Login into your account and click on the small ICOM as circle bellow

select the about button from the drop menu as shown above after that a new page will appear regarding your information's and how to edit them just ignore them and scroll to the bottom end you will see your referral link

Copy the link and share any where online . you can share on Facebook Twitter email messages , badoo, online forums, comment sections etc every registered user you get 5Naira credited to your account.

Have you been using CrediBoo before now? what's your experience with crediboo please kindly tell the audience in our comment section

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How to change wapka login e-mail or add alternative mails to wapka site

Maybe you want to sell your wapka site , that shouldn't mean you should sell your email as well .you will have to change the login mail to the buyers mail.

adding the forum search box to your wapka site

Building wapka forum part2 tutorial

How to add items to wapka heade

To change your wapka login mail you must have access to the old email login I.e the email you are currently using must be accessible by you. after that login your wapka admin mode and click on Email manager

Select add new email field put the users email you want to change to and insert your pin which is usually sent to you as a passport pin when you newly registered wapka if you have forgotten click on Send new pin the go check your email and verify the pin

The email will be added to your email list after submitting the email you can login the new email to verify now you are done two emails are now added to your wapka site but because you don't need the the older one you have to remove it to remain only the newly added email

Now you have successfully added new email and you can now login via the email to your c-panel

But in case you want to leave the two or more added mails you are free to do so because they allow more than five mails

Adding mails to your wapka site will not only help you when selling your site, it will also serve as a security reason if you loss one mail you can still be using the other one

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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How to make wapka users search files from your file manager using the file search box

The wapka file search set up should be a must have feature in your wapka site especially when you blog on file downloads(wapka file manager site)

The file search will allow users to find their desire files under various categories such as the images , the videos , games, softwares , music etc.

Each time the search files in your site will be able to make them find the file the needed for download knowing quite well you cannot display all your files in the homepage visually so the search will do the finding crawling all your uploaded files and pushing out the needed files for download according to individual search.

Building wapka forum part2 tutorial

If you have crested wapka site without the search for either files and forums updates then you are still missing the most interesting part that gives your visitors joy and increase your daily pageviews.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about adding the forum search box to your wapka site but this time around let's gist about how you can add the file search box to your wapka site

Create a new page, In case you don't know how to create new pages just login your wapka admin mode click on edit site and select Create new page which is probably the first option on the list.

from the next pop up write your page name set the page as desired and submit your page . you have successfully created a new page .just click on the page and scroll down you will see the page id at the bottom right hand side.

So having learnt to create new wapka pages , login and create a new page note down the page ID

Now let assume the page You just created is page 44 and you want to put the search box in your header where it can be seen by every of your site users.

Go to your header and put this code search code

How to add items to wapka heade

From the above code the 44 can be charged to any page you want your site search result to appear but not you must put the result code in the page you want to change the page 44 to

Now go to page 44 and put this search result code .

Now when you search using the search box at your header it will direct you to page 44 with the result of the file but if the file is not available it will show your error message.

In summary lest you get confused just put the first code in the page you want the search box to appear and change the ID in the code to the ID of the page you want to show the result of your search

Now go to your result page and put the second code. you are done

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