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Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to remove or hide your blogger site title from your homepage to remain only descriptions

Removing the description option from your blogger template will not affect your sites search engine because the title will still be showing on your bar as usual but won't show on your site homepage again. Its just like hiding it from users but it will still be present this is why I said it can't have any search engine effect on your blog.

five reasons people no longer visit your site

How to hide your blogger post from homepage

Here we write tutorials about blogging in all blogging platforms so this morning let me quickly show you how you can hide the blogger title from your sites homepage to remain only your description.

How to hide or remove blogger header title

Login your blogger dashboard and edit your template, from your template find <b:include name='title'/> remove blogger title

Remove the above code from your template and save your settings. after saving your template make a preview you will see that the homepage title has disappeared but your title may likely show on other pages but on your homepage only your description will show.

With the above tutorial you can successfully remove your blogger header title without any template error.

Adding the up and down navigation bar to blogger site

How to centralize your blogger title and description

Centralizing your blogger header title and descriptions will give your users better alignment view instead of seeing your title and description in one side of their site. .

if you want to centralize your blogger title and description just from your blogger template find ]]></b:skin> and just above it add this alignment CSS code .Header h1, .Header .description{ text-align:center; } Save your template and you are done. now your header title and descriptions will appear in your blogs header section.

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6 creative ways to make money from lindaikejisocial.com(LIS)

Yes o You can make money from linda ikeji social.I have joined Linda ikeji social network (LIS) a social network by a popular Nigerian blogger called Linda ikeji the owner of lindaikejisblog.com(LIB).

How i made my first 15,000 naira from CoolNaira

Though the site lindaikeji social have some criticism which are yet fixed but will be done in due time yet it is still one of the best innovations to generate extra income to your already made income source.

I have written some posts about Linda ikejisocial network where i have highlighted almost the whole methods to promote your profile on Linda ikejisocial and also generate income from your lindaikejisocial business page but today and going to show you other unimaginable ways you can put in action to make money while others think within the deal circle of lindaikejisocial.com

Gateways to Lindaikejisocial earning point

  • First you will have to register with the social network
  • You will have to fill out a nice profile , upload your pictures and build a viewable profile page
  • Grow your followers by posting interesting updates in your timeline and other section of the social network
  • Comment and tell others to follow you so that you can also follow them in return.
Follow me on LIS

Creative ways To make money from lindaikejisocial

How to create a business page that makes money LIS

what is Linda ikeji social? and how to join

Share your affiliate links

I know you never think about this but i must tell you its the best way of promoting your affiliate link especially when you are targeting Nigerians. Could you imagine how many millions of users on that site. don't dull your style let the visitors be advantageous to your monthly earning through sharing your affiliate links.

To those who are promoting the best referral program in Nigeria ©collnaira don't you think that's the best strategy you can see to increase your affiliate sale and get more referrals.

Build your mail list subscribers

Don't wander why i mentioned this above method because with your subscribers you can make money online by sending the affiliate related posts and selling your digital or physical products. so if you have more subscribers you are liable to get more sales in your site

Build LIS traffic to make money

Lindaikejisocial(LIS) is having better and great amount of daily visitors around the world. so sharing your site links in your pages profile sections , comment sections could be a great way of getting traffic to your blog and websites. Don't tell me you don't know that traffic is money. more traffic more ads clicks and more sales

Highlighted ways To make money from Linda ikeji social

The Ordained DealLinda ikeji social is given out one million naira to LIS users and among this budgeted cash it was clearly stated that 20,000 naira each will be given out to the first 50 persons to get 100 followers. hmmm isn't that simple? All you have to do is building a profile worth viewing sharing your profile link, Tell friends to follow you in status and comment section that you will follow the in return.

If you mean business you can even spend some bulks to advertise you profile online to get more followers. share your profile on social medias. Who knows with your little effort if you can be among the winners of the 20,000 each

The article WRITING she wants to turn every Nigerian to become journalist hahaha i trust Nigerians. As Linda promised to be given out ,1000 naira for every unique posts which you sent to LIS(Linda ikeji social) You put the things happening around you in writing to earn this cash.

Things happen around us daily be very detective to any new event. snap write and send to LIS to earn 1k per posts. I.e if you are able to submit 20 posts that's cool 20,000 naira

LIS Page adverts In Linda's Video about LIS she further added that every LIS page with 50,000 users will be used for adverts and the owner of the page will get 20% commission of what the advertisers spend

She also stated that if your page is 100,000 you will earn 20×2% commission of advertisers expenditure. That's nice now the ball is your court and you are to play it the way you know it can favour you.

Don't under look the power of making money from linda ikeji social until you have put effort to see how effective and great it could be. Be serous about using LIS just like you are dedicated to other social medias surely you will make the cash. Over to you !!! have you any other creative way to earn from LIS kindly share your view

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Friday, 4 November 2016

How to create a business page that can fetch you money at lindaikejisocial

Linda ikejisocial has promised to advertise on your business page if your page is up to 50,000 members. according to lindaikejisocail promised to give you 20% of what the advertisers spend I.e you can earn pretty good amount having such page on lindaikejisocial because the page will keep growing and as a fast growing social network there will be more advertisers and as long as your page remains you will keep earning.

How to brows lindaikejisocial with opera mini

Learn how i made my first 30,000 naira from coolnaira

Though it is not easy getting such page but you can easily achieve this if you are a celebrity or you have many audience in your circle e.g the webmasters. Nothing good comes easy so think you can't make out such huge page with more effort and dedication your page can exceed that at lindaikejisocial.

The social network network have billions of daily users despite the fact that it is new and look to Facebook some of you have pages of over 100,000 users so why did you think you can't achieve it at lindaikejisocial?. Rome was not built a day.

Before you can achieve this you must have a business page of your own. now let me show you how you can create your own page.

How to create a business page at lindaikejisocial

Login your Lindaikejisocial account

after login click on the drop bar at the top right hand conner of your account

From the drop menu click on Pages

and select Create business page

Fill in the required form properly and scroll down to submit your form how to create a business page on lindaikejisocial

You are done. now you can start inviting people to follow your page and start building audience.One of the best strategies you can use is by sharing your page links on Facebook,twitter,instagram and ask your friends to follow your page for updates.

Let your page be descriptive and meaningful with relevant informations e.g for jokes,news, celebrities, promotions, web design, etc.

Comment on posts at lindaikejisocial with your page name or url and ask fellow commentors to follow your page

Share your page link on other open forums such as nct and nairaland

Others ways to make money from Lindaikeji social

Another way to make money from lindaikejiasocial is by Submitting original posts you get paid 1,000naira for every unique article you submit to them after review the money will credited to your wallet section

Just imagine you are able to submit 10, acceptable posts that means you will earn 10k !! lol i know many Nigerians will suddenly turn journalists funding a worth writing stories every were because of money but that's great because it's a good job and legal deal.

The first 50 persons to get 100 followers on lindaikejisocial stands the chance of getting 20,000 naira each so you can also buid a profile and tell friends to follow your profile page.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to know the total pageviews to your top 10 blogger posts

Did you want to know how many page views your blogger posts is having but don't know how to do it? then you should be happy you found kingsweb.

The truth is that In blogger it is difficult setting your site to be displaying page views unlike WordPress where you will have to install one plugin and you are done

Yet you can still know how many pageviews your blogger sites and post is having but its limited to some posts. This is only applied to the posts with highest pageviews from your site.

How to convert your blog posts to PDF files online

How to identify and delete stolen articles from your blog

How to know how many page views your blogger posts are having

Login your blogger admin dashboard and click on stats

Scroll down you will see a section with your posts lists and the page views in front of each post click on more to see more posts (maximum 10) check-blogger posts pageviews

The page views they will show you will be your weekly page views of the posts so you will have to go to the top of the page and click on all time

then the page will refresh and show you each posts and the total page views in front of them. Note you can also select other options apart from the all times the daily weekly and monthly pagevies option is also available.

Why you need to monitor Your blogger page views

When ever i check my posts and see the one with the highest page views i will know what to write about in my next post . The page views give me insights about my new topic.

It will make you know the more lucrative post of your blog

it will also allow you know how successful your blog is growing if you are getting huge page views on your blog posts

You will be able to know from your analytics what works best for your site visitors

How to check your blogs daily,weekly,monthly and total page views

How to hide blogger posts from your homepage

How to change your blogger list style to grid .

How to make bold the first letter of your blog post

with the above method you can check the page views of your blogger posts but if you want to know how many page views your blog is getting daily, weekly monthly or generally page view count click on stats from your dashboard then scroll to the right hand side of the dashboard and you will see your daily month and all time page views.

Always monitor your page views to know the month your blog do better...think about the things you shared that makes the month get more views , think about the strategies you used the month that gets the highest page views and stick to it.

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Solution when your ogbongeblog template related posts is showing blank

When i newly started using this my already customised ogbongeblog template i was very angry seeing that my related post section keep showing blank without any post or rather showing a link to set related post on ogbongeblog or other sites. make-blogger-related-post-show

I edited the template severally but could no avail, contacted some friends for help but could no avail not until a friend explained to me how it works since i was a complete newbie then.

How to add navigation menu to obgongeblog header

How to use image background in your blogger posts and pages

How to change footer link colour of ogbongeblog template

If your ogbonge blog template is not showing related posts even after setting it then you have to listen to what am going to explain here probably it will work well.

In Blogger there is label just like we have categories in other hosts. now let's say i want to create a new post in blogger and the post falls under Affiliate category. after writing my post before i publish it i will have to click on label at the write hand side of my post editor and select Label Then write my label name e.g AdSense, blogging tutorial, wapka codes etc depending on where the post falls. the labels are what forms the category links at the top of this site.

So after i have chosen or written the category name the post belongs i will have to publish my post.Let say the post falls under blogging category and tomorrow you created another post under the same category. your related post will show when ever someone click on any post from the blogging category.

So in a simply statement related posts only show when your posts are labeled. if you want to make to display related posts in your blog start labeling any post you create. When i say label i mean start categorising your posts. Create any new post under it category e.g mobile tips, blogging tips, making money, naija news, foreign gist, Health e.t.c

Creating your blogger posts under categories is also one of the recognised searched optimization property as proven by seo experts.

Don't ask me how will i create categories in blogger because i have answered the question and i will answer it again .Go to the section you usually create new posts in your blogger after writing your post at the write hand side click on label and write the category name the post belongs to..then publish your post.

You can create as many categories as possible in blogger and all the categories remains.I.e as soon as you have named one category you won't need to name it again when creating another post under it rather you just have to select it and publish your post.

hope the above steps helped you...if you want to test it you can login now and edit two or three posts then categorize the three posts under the same category now view any of the posts you will see the other posts under related post.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Solution when your android browsing connection usually stop

In an area where you hardly get network for browsing, i think it's not advisable leaving your sim1 and two on because this will cause a hook in your connection. Maybe you have noticed it before, a situation where you are browsing, your connection will just suddenly stop working ,you will have to switch off your data and on it again. or you will have to put your phone in flight mode then on it again before you could regain your network

This tutorial not only help you in such occasions of regaining your data connection when force is loosed, I also switch off my sim one when am browsing and someone is pestering me with phone calls cutting my connection short in will have to off the sim while i keep browsing with my other sim. This is the major reason i have different sim for making calls and browsing.

You don't need to put your android phone in flight mood because someone is disturbing with calls. if your do the not sim one and two will loose network and you won't be able to run some systems on your mobile because they required your phone must not be in flight mood before operating such systems.

Without time waste let me quickly teach you how you can switch of your sim one or two in your android phone without putting your phone in flight mood.

How To switch of your sim on android without flight mood

From your android menu select settings

The next page click on sim management

now you can on or off any of the sim you think you don't need at a time

Like i said if you are in area of poor network always off one sim while you are using the other it will help get more stronger connection to when both sim is on. So when you are browsing and your connection stops just switch off both sim then switch on only the one you want to be using for browsing allow network to come after that start browsing

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learn to add Nacked navigation menu to your blogger header

Have you been wandering how i was able to customize by own ogbongeblog template and make it far different from the original one? don't wander everyone else can do it and that's why i have written some ogbongeblog customisation tutorials to guide you . Customisation makes it all nice for every blog to stand out from the multitude so start looking forward to building your template with customisation. in this post am going to show you how you can add a naked navigation menu to your blogger header just like what you can see in my header. That's naked because it's not the original drop menu navigation

How To Add Naked Navigation menu to Blogger header

login your blogger dashboard edit your template

From your template find this code line <div class='main-outer'> just above it paste bellow code and save your template

But don't forget to edit my site links from the above code before saving your template. If you want many columns you can increase the above code by pasting it again and again under each other then editing the links to differ links it will appear properly in your header section

With the above method you can add any HTML contents, texts to your head section and it will work

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Understanding Wapka forum and page linking_make users find contents for every click

I have taught something similar to Creating wapka categories and adding contents under the categories but just of recent a good friend of mine requested the tutorial so i have come up again to write it in a more comprehensive way. perhaps this will help many users who are yet to understand wapka to its fullness

How to remove wapka footer ads without violating wapka polices

Set wapka admin icon in front of registered users

When i newly started wapka ,the greatest Challenge i have then was making users click on my links and finding the contents according to the headline of the link e.g when they click on music , video ,games it will take them to the desired page.

You see !!! one thing about wapka is that wapka deals with pages and IDs please take note of that statement. and you may ask

What is wapka Pages ?

The area where you upload your contents in wapka is the wapka page ad without the page there is no way you can add items such as the about us, contact us and other valuable items because such are added under the wapka pages

What is Wapka IDs

In wapka every single page you create , you will be given a new ID for the page e.g i just created my wapka site so i went to my admin mode and click on pages then i crested new page which i named About us That page automatically becomes page one which is the ID because it is the first page you have created in your wapka site.

wapka site redirecting fix here

As soon as you create another page e.g Naija music the ID becomes 2 and so on. In wapka there is no limit of pages you can create. you can create as many pages as you want.

The wapka forum also goes with ID. when you go to your wapka site and clicked on forum then you created a new forum e.g football gist ,when you open the forum you will see the forum ID under it e.g 11223547 the more the forum you create you keep getting various ID for each forum and in wapka you can create as many forum as possible

Before You think of making your contents appear and be clickable in your wapka site you must have to create the pages or the forums where you want to link users to....so let us create one forum and one page then let us link it and get to other essential duties on board instead of time waste.### I hate repetition and unnecessary questions that's why i take hours in writing one tutorial so please read carefully..

How to create Wapka pages and know your page ID

Login to your wapka admin mode as usual and click on edit site button and selected New page which is the first option as seen above how to create pages in wapka

After click on new page a new Windows opened where i wrote my page name and so the required page settings then i submitted it.. .

My page appeared on my homepage according to the name i have given to it and when I clicked on the page it was empty because i haven't added items and under it i saw the page ID as 1meaning it is the first page i have created

Now i have successful know my page ID for All music Loaded which is the page and my ID for this page is 1 note yours too because yours and mine might be differ in a case where you already have other pages on your site.

How to set the votes and likes in wapka forum system

How to set wapka download page header and footer

How to create Wapka Forum

Login to your wapka admin mode as usual and click on edit site button and selected forum from the given options not pages this time. how to create pages in wapka

Now a new page showed up prompting me to put my page name so i did and do all the other settings then i submitted. But don't forget to to your forum type as structured forum not simple forum...you can see that in the second step.

Now when i submit the forum it appeared so i clicked on it and under the forum i saw the ID as 112998764

I have successfully created a new page with the ID as 1 and a new forum with the ID as 112998764 now i want it to be in a clickable way so that when users click on it then it will direct them to the page and forum i have created ( i called it wapka already created pages and forum linking )

How to link pages in wapka

<a href="http://wealthyhome.wapka.mobi/site_0.xhtml">Visit My Web</a>

If you place this short hyper text link code in your wapka through HTML/wml it will give you a clickable link which will direct you to page 0 when users click on the linkVisit my web that's how to link your pages in wapka.

You can change the 0 to any site ID and you can also. change the hypertext to fit with the page you want to link your users to e.g music,video, etc.

How to link Wapka Forums

<a href="http://wealthyhome.wapka.mobi/forum2_112362526.xhtml">News forum</a>

If you put the above in your wapka HTML/wml section it will form a link with the titleNews Forum and when users click on it they will be redirected to the above forum ID 112362526 so you will have to create forums name them accordingly and use there forum IDs to link them any were you want them in your site

Learn how to add content to your pages

I won't just end my write up this way without giving you a pro menu code to place in your wapka site for easy navigation

The above code will give you something of this nature

Understanding wapka class and application

How to add wapka file search box to your site

From the code just change your required forum IDs and pages to yours change the texts to fit the IDs you are changing and where you see my site name change it to your own. You can read about it here

Put the code in your HTML/wml area of your wapka site.I think we call it a day for now but note questions and answers is allowed in case you find any difficulty!!!!!

Please don't forget we offer wapka building codes here apart from given you wapka tutorials and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com remember this tutorial was also requested by a friend so request yours and get them!!!

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Linda Ikeji lunches a new social network to make money_#Lindaikejisocial

Linda Ikeji lunches new social network! yes there is no doubt about it. This social network has been the dream of Linda ikeji for over some months now as she bid the social network finally lunched

Linda Ikeji new social network is amazing and really interesting social network where you can meet new friends , create business pages ,update status , Share news around you and also earn money as you participate.

With Linda Ikeji social network named according to her own name Lindaikejisocial.com You can advertise your business for free as of now using the advertising page and you can also Buy and sale on the social network conveniently.

How to make money from lindaikejiSocial

Linda Ikeji has further promised to give out 1million naira to the first 50 persons who will first get 100 followers on this social network ,what a wonderful and free offer she has got there.i strongly believe you won't let your admin down please kindly Follow me on lindaikeji social and as soon i see your request i will follow you in return

How to join LindaikejiSocail

On my visit to the website i noticed that opera mini browser is not compatible. though it will open but will have some in convinces so i have decided to use the same method i used for crediboo social network that pays

A new page will open. just fill in the required form such as your first and last name , your email , phone number and the rest. lindaikejisocial

After filling the form hit on the submit button and you will be prompted to verify your email address

Login your email and verify your account then you can now login via the Login page and start participating. activate email Lindaikejisocail

Note your email might take some time like about two-three munuites before it will show on your email so be patient to wait for the email.

If you are using opera to open your email it may not show you a clickable link so i will advice you open your email On PC view

Another method is the use of Facebook to login. this method is more faster and easy of you don't want to create account you can just use your Facebook to login.

LindaikejiSocial dashboard

Click on the circled area from your dashboard lindaikejisocial

now you can see all the items needed to brows lindaikejisocial Lindaikejisocial

Hope the above steps helped you?don't forget to follow me on lindaikejisocial as your appreciation

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Solution When your Nairapp earning suddenly disappeared

Over some some months now nairapp ads users has been pestering me on the issues of not seeing there earning. This normally happens at the end of every month. But the fact that you does not see your nairapp earning on your dashboard does not really mean they have cheated on you as many of you might think when you see your 3,000 suddenly reduced to 10 naira.

Everything you need to know about nairapp ad network

How to generate and use nairapp ads on your site

The reason why your earning reduced in your nairapp Dashboard is because you have entered a new month.....And on the first of every new month the earnings are been moved to the the old month account so as to start a new record from the new month. So let me show you how you can see your earning so that you won't think nairapp has taken your money without any reason.

How to request payment from nairapp

How to see your nairapp old month(past) earning

How to advertise on nairapp using Free coupon

Login To your nairapp Publishers dashboard nairapp payment-history how to check

Click on earning this period from your dashboard

And the next page will show you all your nairapp past earning according to each month earning from the first month you joined nairapp to the current month

Those who are using nairapp I believe this has solve the answer of " I can't find my nairapp earning".Now you should know that as soon as the month ends your earning will be moved to old earning while the new month start counting afresh.

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How to use image as your blogger post or page background

Adding image background to your blogger posts is also a nice feature of blogger but very few bloggers use it though. This will be a nice design for your blog post if you can find a better and nice looking image to fit your post and give a nice background

How to change footer background color of Ogbonge Blog

There are two ways to add image background to your blogger posts one is editing your template while the other method is using the div style. without time waste let me briefly explain how you can do it with any of the above methods of your choice.

How to add Background images to your blogger posts

in case you don't know what this means yet it means making your post appear inside the image while the image because the background of your post. To apply this simply visit your blogger dashboard and click on New post. blogspot post-image-background

<div style="background:url(http://www.html.am/images/backgrounds/background-image-3.gif) center center no-repeat;width:300px;height:200px;color:black;font-size:18px;border:1px solid #ccc;padding:5px;"> WRITE YOUR CONTENTS HERE </div>

From the above code just replace write your content here with your article and change the image URL in blue color to any image link you want to use Now publish your post and see how it works.

Having learnt the first method let us proceed to the second step on how to write your blogger post under image as the background

Login your blogger site and edit your template. From your template find </head> And just above it paste bellow code

From the above change the blue link with the post or page link you want to change the background and the green link with your image URL. now save your template and preview

I will prefer the first step because it's more convince and very easy to set.the choice is yours!!!

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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