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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Requirements for building wapka homepage that appeals readers and SEO

When Building a wapka site ,the first thing that must be considered is your wapka homepage. A good wapka homepage will draw more users attention and make your site Search engine friendly and it will also enhance users engagement requirements for buiding wapka homepage .

The wapka homepage is the page you first land when you visit any wapka URL and its usually site 0. The wapka homepage is very essential and must not be played with.In this post am going to show you the properties or requirements or things needed to build an appealing wapka homepage

Things You need To build Wapka homepage friendly for users and SEO

Building wapka site it always falls in two categories unless if you want to build password stealing sites or other fraud sites. The two categories are either forum site or Download site which is also called the file managers site.

In most cases we do combine download and forum which i love most because it will broaden your niche. the tools needed to build your wapka homepage can vary from one user to the other because my design and layout plan might be difference from yours but bellow are some of the most required tools that every wapka users might consider when building a forum and file manger site in one place.

Every wapka site is break into three section precisely and these are your header and footer and the Body of the site when it comes to your site homepage design


If you want to design any wapka site your header and your footer is the first thing to start with before any other thing.

The header should contain category of your files and your forum in a very easy and navigable coding e.g music| games| videos| etc and and also your forum categories should be on your header in a ckickable form. This will enable your site reader select any where they want without having issue in locating your categories.

The search Box is always recommended in your wapka header. To enable users find the files they want to download.

Your wapka footer should contain the important pages such as about us , contact us and the rest to enable your readers get in touch with you.


The body of your site should contain the recently uploaded files and the forum list.

What i mean is that you should show up some files in your homepage and also some of your forum updates should be displayed in your homepage.

If you can set your files to display in your homepage with some forum update then you are done with a nice homepage as far as wapka is concerned

Homepage Required Codes

Building a site with the above description you will need codes like the

  • The wapka header and footer Code and inside your header dont forget to code in the category codes
  • Wapka Forum updates codes to show your most recent forum posts in your homepage
  • The Wapka file list codes To show and display your latest uploaded files in your homepage. it could either be wapka file list codes with thumbnail or image previews or without image preview

Like i have stated above on my list is just a suggestion of the things that can make a better wapka homepage. but don't forget every wapka may vary in design.

least i forget consider using a better CSS for your site because that will also aid a better design but if you think you have not find a better CSS leave your site default without using any CSS it will still be cute with blue nice looking link colors.

You can use the above search box in my header to find some of the listed codes or go to Google and perhaps you need me don't forget to reach me for codes and inquires about wapka

Quote: Let your wapka site design speak for you, because every wapka design have different codding and every code have a name

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Solution when your gmail confirmation email message is not clickable on opera

This has happened to me time without numbers. just imagine after register you will get a confirmation message like

"Kennedy a confirmation mail has be sent to your Email please login to confirm your account in order to continue registration" or what ever

How to open plenty Gmail without mobile number verification

How to change your gmail date of birth

Only for you to login your email as instructed and clicked on the confirmation mail , instead of you to see a ckickable link you will see a non hyper text like "Click here to confirm your account " whereas it's not ckickable.

This really pains me especially when i don't know how to fix it and when the registration is crucial to me. in most cases i will have to swift browsers because one of the cause of the problem is the use of opera mini browser.

Such confirmation messages are sent with HTML format thereby making it difficult to see the links on opera been a low and non upgraded browser. This problem is caused by opera like i have stated above and the solution to this problem is not only the switch of browsers but there are three ways to fix the issue when your confirmation email messages are not clickable.

The Use of Gmail app

: If you have the gmail app running on your phone after getting the message just open your email on gmail app instead of login directly online you will see everything as normal as it supposed to be

The Use of Other browsers'

Like i have sated above if opera is the cause of the problem then you will have to login your email of other browses e.g the Google chrome, Firefox etc click on the confirmation message and you will see it as normal as it supposed to be.

Opera In Gmail view.

Yes o this particular solution is what i prefer because in most cases i use opera mini bundle and that means i can't login my apps or Use other browsers aside the opera min. So you will have to switch your gmail to pc version If your gmail is opened in PC version even with your opera you will be able to see the message in a clear format.

Though i have discussed previously how to view gmail PC version on mobile phone but am going to state it again here for the sake of this tutorial.

To view your gmail pc version on your mobile phone with opera mini browser just login the email from the opera first after that click on bellow link and you will be taken to the pc version of your gmail


Now just navigate to your inbox and select your confirmation message and you will see it will become clickable instead of ordinary click here text or what ever.and the gmail message will even become more appealing in the sense that you will see some other properties of the email which aren't viewable with opera mobile version

Hope with the above you can now fix the problem of Your confirmation link not clickable!!! Hope to see you read our next tutorial thanks.

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How to Figure out the best Ads monetisation strategies for your blog Niche(guest post)


Am a website designer and a blogger, from warri, delta state, Nigeria, I started my blogging career in 2013,my personal blog was designed in 2016, October back then I only design website for friends, but am always sad, when I see them failing, that's the goal of Everydayniche, To help you make it in your blogging career through choosing of a good niche and monetizing the best ads system,to make your cool money even if you are blogging for passion.

Hello welcome to our today blog post, which is definitely my first time of submitting a guest blog, blog post on this great platform ; One of the mistakes that most bloggers do is choosing of the wrong ads system for their blog, every body wants to get AdSense, this post is a great research I have been making for the past 4 months so I will be discussing on the niche, and the ads system to monetize, with some of the features of the ads system.

Top Blog Niches With Monetisation Ads

1.technology niche The technology niche is divided into two:.

(i) technology news ; which is the most popular blogging niche in the Tech world.

(ii)The Tutorial Niche this one is greatly for engineers, you need to have a good knowledge about this niche before blogging on it.

Now let solve this, there are new bloggers who have a great passion for this but, are thinking if their is Still space for them thinking this niche has been occupied. But as you can see this niche is still the hottest niche especially if your niche is on technology news,let me chip this in, to succeed on this niche you need to always post the latest technology news, not posting a one day or two days ago news,

Recommended ads systems are

=>1 . Google adscence Minimum page views; none Model:Cpc.

=>2.media.net Minimum traffic:none Model:Cpc, cpm, cpa

=>3 . www promoter Minimum traffic:1 000 000 Model:cpv, cpa, cpm, cpc

=> 4.chitika Minimum traffic: none Model; cpc There are still more for a technology niche oriented blog, but I will like to stop here in other to discuss other niches, please take note chitika don't accept free domain, like blogspot.

2 . The health Niche

This niche is becoming popular, since the beginning of this year, but you would be popular if you blog from one angle of this niche, e.g how to get pregnant, how to prevent miscarriages, even on weight loss, so you see you need to be a popular from your angle rather than blogging from all the angles.

Recommended Ads system to monetize are:

=>1.,Google adscence Google adscence is really good on this niche and the rate of approval of this niche is relatively high. You already know the requirements and model of this system.

=>2. BidVertiser Model: CPM, CPC Minimum traffic: None 3. Clicksor Model: CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI Minimum traffic: None This ads system is also ideal for a technology niche. Media. Net is also good, but have noticed they are not good for Nigeria blogs, that's why am not going to add them to my list again, they find it hard to accept Nigeria blogs.

3.latest news,gossip,and celebrity gossip.

To succeed on this niche is becoming is becoming something else, not like year's back when it used to be a hot cake in succeeding. Here are my ads system suggestion Google AdSense is a no go area for this niche, but if they accept you thank God. .

Recommended Ads to monetise Are

=>1 . propeller ads Model: CPM, CPC, CPA Minimum traffic: None

=>2.adstract Model: CPM, CPC, CPA Minimum traffic: None

=>3.nairapp Minimum traffic:none Model:Cpc, cpa, and a referral link also available. The ads system is good but the reason why I have not been mentioning them, is because they are Still new, and they Lack advertisers. But the good news this system is their approval is instantly. Now the two last niche I would love to mention is:

4.download and lyrics niche

This two niches are recommendable for a new blogger, they are less competitive, and easily gets AdSense approval.

Recommended ads system

=>1. google adscence Approving of this niche is high, but the money coming from this blog is absolutely low, so if you are having other blogs on another niche, you can use this niche to get approval.

=>2.adsterra Model: CPM, CPC, CPA Minimum traffic: 300,000 This ads system is absolutely new, but the good news is that they pay on weekly basis. In other not to make this post too long I would stop here.

You can let me know of your niche and I would recommend a ads system for you. For lecture reason I would love to define niche : Niche is what your blog is simply all about. Note: what you post also affect, the amount of clicks or money you get even your popularity. And you need to a niche blogger before you succeed. You can visit Everyday Niche for more information.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nairapp privacy policy has been updated unfortunately you have been knocked out

Nairapp ,One of the best Nigeria advertising network which offers his publishers pay per click space has been getting getting much criticism on the issues of not paying thereby making too many publishers drawing a fraudulent conclusion of Scam alerts on Nairapp.

What you need to know about nairapp as a publisher

How to generate nairapp ads code

But if you ask me does Nairapp really pays? I will tell you "yes" they pay, because they have paid me in several occasions so why would i be an entrant in the testimony of scam alerts against nairapp.

Every server running online is entitled to get some errors and face some difficulties but that doesn't mean the publishers or the site users should lay criticisms. What baffles me most is that most of them that open their mouth wide to write trash against nairapp on Facebook, twitter and other forums are those who haven't even endured to know how nairapp works

According to nairapp official today the cause of the late payment is as a result of low and unstable publishers as shown bellow A note from Nairapp officials

The nairapp team has recently received complaints about payments, and scam accusations. We assure you that we remain the best ad network in Nigeria and we wouldn't ruin our reputation by scamming you, however the recession has also affected us as we recently don't have a lot of active advertisers thereby causing the stall in payments.

Our team is working on a solution and you will all be paid in due time. However we have also detected some fraudulent accounts and have taken precautions to fix this problems by updating our policies. http://nairapp.com/index.php?page=rules_p We sincerely apologize to our Publishers and we implore you to be patient with us as we fix these issues.

The only way we can help nairapp advertising network grow and become the best in our country is to trust them,be patience and don't be too fast to draw conclusions , Let us bring together our adverts and place them on nairapp and make nairapp our number one priority when it comes to advertising. There is no way an ad network can make it without your help so Let grow our country by using nairapp instead of going on using foreign ads networks.

To those who are aspiring to join nairapp publishers to monetize their website i will announce to you today that due to the fraudulent discoveries the officials has updated the publishers rules or policies page as stated in the note above. unfortunately not every one can use nairapp again

So if you are the type that have a site going against the above rules, don't talk or complain when you loose your account. And another breaking news update the update in nairapp policy is that free domain names are not accepted e.g .ga, .tk .xyz.blogspot.WordPress.com and many other free domain names are no longer accepted the only accepted domain names are paid domain such as .com.ng, .com. net.org etc

That was clearly stated in rule 13.

You can read all the policies and the updates here before going to register with nairapp as a publisher . If you want to know what will happen to you if you violate any of the above rules che rule 9 and rule 15

If you are not yet a publisher you can join here or also register as an advertiser to start advertising with nairapp

How to advertise on nairapp_Get one day free

My message to nairapp officials is that they should modify new users access. all new users accounts should be reviewed before approval or disapproval this will help check the issue of registering with free domain names and other bulks that will go against nairapp rules.

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How to block users from posting links In your wapka forum section_Spamming

If you ask me What is spamming? i will simply say it's that thing you do to nairaland Facebook ,twitter,lindaikejisblog and other popular websites when you just bash into a forum to comment trash with your site link even when the conversation have nothing to do with your link.

How to remove comment author URL from WordPress

How to ban particular user from commenting on your blogger site

Someone is discussing relationship issue you just jump from nowhere with some fucking unrelated and unfamiliar links like "Make money online in Nigeria" How to build a website " lol in a relationship and date forum that is what is called spamming.

This spamming has become a department which some webmaster find it difficult to stop including me still falling victim chai it's a pity just that i can't do without it hahahaha .

Spamming have a side effects but i will say the advantages is more bogus if you spam wisely unlike the foolish spamming some of you do. some spammers even makes me a spammer to grow pissed off because they do more than spamming they are now upgraded version of spammers which i will call hammers for the sake of the writing !!!!

Thank God for wapka users their is a provision to stop spamming your wapka forum section which is the area users can interfere most. But while on earth will you want to block spamming on your wapka site just like Daniel Emete of 9jabaze when you are a good spammer nah wa o.you have forgotten the quote that says " Ceazer's wife must be against suspicion"

Anyway am not here to tell you what to do with your wapka site but note there is God oo. you want to get traffic from others but you don't want others to get from you. truly it's very annoying sometimes seeing spam messages on your site. so will even purposely create account for spamming only without adding any value to your website just like you are doing to other websites lol so if you want to block spamming am in support of that but stop spamming others too.

How to block spamming in wapka forum

Login your wapka admin mode and Click on edit site and select Global settings Now after selecting the above option you will see a new pop up windows just click on Forum which is the first option

Now scroll to the bottom end and check the box that says Enable SPAM black list after saving then click on set just beside the Mark as shown bellow

From the new page you can now set your spam block. There are three boxes in this page the first one is the areas where you insert your spam words e.g

If you don't since i don't want people to share links in my wapka forum have to put url ,http,www because there is no way you will form links in wapka forum without using the above.if paraventure after settings somebody wants to share link with the above they will get error messages which is the second box.

In the second box you can write any spam detect alert message e.g Why did you want to spam kingsweb please we don't like it . or We hate spamming so don't spam our forum try to be real etc you alert message could be anything of your choice.

In the third box just leave it alone as default and save your settings block spamming in wapka

You can add more spam words separate them with the comma,quote e.g you don't want to have the word sex in your site you can add it separating it with comma each time they post the word sex in your forum they will receive error alert message. just like that!!!!

With the above step if someone try to comment or spam your site with links they will get the error message you have composed in the second box. Hope you can now set your wapka spam block but don't forget to stop spamming as well.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

3,000 mysteries you never knew about the copy and paste blogger

Your mother is a successful blogger "lol your dad just started blogging because your mother has made it blogging you too you just ran into the lane of blogging because your mother is blogging and making money your home becomes the bloggers home. effects of copy and paste

Your mum hardly publish two posts in a day while your dad can publish 59 posts in a day sitting with his PC but you taking your dad as a role model can also publish 30 posts or more.

After about two years of blogging your dad was able to publish 10,000 posts and your mum 500 posts and you 3,500 posts now it came to pass that when you go to Google search console to check your clicks from Google you saw 2,000 clicks your dad saw 3,500 clicks and your mum's click was 10,000 clicks!!! You are like shit, mum but you only have 500 posts nah so why on earth will that be? you and your dad concluded by saying Google can cheat forgetting you were doing copy and paste while the mother is busy writing the little she can for uniqueness

What am i driving out here is that it doesn't matter how many posts you have on your blog but what matters is how many people the little posts are appealing to. Copy and paste will not only spoil your online reputation as a blogger but will as make you loose many things which i will disclose on my list on the effects of copy and pastes.

I see people who are ready to pay ! they goes like how much will i give you to help me set my SEO !! damn did you think money can solve it? getting organic traffic is like running heavenly race (hahaha) every man carries his own cross , your money cannot help you unless you decide to help yourself.

Come to think of it o even if you pay me to set SEO for you i will do nothing but submit and verify your site and sitemap on Google which is a very simple thing you can do but submitting your site and sitemap is just a gateway to SEO even if you have done that and still rot in copy and paste your SEO will still be very poor until you start producing something unique. I know you clicked on this post because you want to see the 3,000 mysteries you never know about copy and paste! i just named my title according to its importance the 3,000 signifies how crucial the posts is "how how do you expect me to write that " nah wa for you do you think this who website will be enough ? maybe when am ready to write that you will lend me one part of your website lol!!! it's fun anyway. without time waste let delve into the topic of the day.

Why Do bloggers Copy and paste?

=>They believe the internet is too wide! Yes you heared me right. one of the major reason why blogger do copy and paste is because they think who will see me after all my visitors won't know where i copied it from yes that might be true but have you considered Google that sees everywhere?

If nobody sees you Google is there to penalize your site for stealing other people's contents.

=>They are too Lazy to write! I was chatting with a friend on whatsapp he said he want to apply for Google AdSense and i told him not to bother if he has nothing unique about his web....lol the guy says how will he be writing when he is not a journalist and besides writing is too had nah

I began to wander if other people are to be lazy like that who will write for you to copy? and besides the Internet would have been crammed with the same write ups without any new thing been added.

Just imagine the enjoyment in copy and paste lol you just highlight copy to your blog before you know it you have 20 or more posts in just a day hmmm nice but bad it is just an act of laziness.

=>They can write but no time! If you are the type that write but have little time there is no need to be so curious about satisfying your audience thereby going into copying and pasting.

You can schedule your writing time.even if it is three times in a week keep blogging with uniqueness.

=>They are not too good in writing! while on earth will you go for military work when you don't want to shoot or kill.

Another word for blogging is writing to my own understanding. so if you must blog you must learn how to write but if you don't then I will advice you keep off blogging for the now. There are many ways to learn writing online.. blog writing is the most easiest writing you can think of it is not like the essay or letter writing in your school. I have some articles to help you in writing blog posts

How to write a long tail blog posts for better optimisation

Solution when all my writing inspirations are gone

How to write a viral blog post

How To avoid copy and paste

there are methods copy and paste and this to to go against the above reasons why you copy and paste

If you can avoid the reason why you copy and paste you will definitely learn to write your own articles

Having learnt from the above let us highlight some effects of copy and paste in blogging

Effects of copy and paste in blogging

©AdSense Hate it- You may say who cares but you will know later when other ads frustrate your life. but the worst part of it is that when before you realize you should have become a copy and paste victim you have already published 200 articles or more. now tell me what will you do with the articles to make Google accept you? will you delete all , draft all and write new ones,or start a new blog?

They say make hay while the sun shines . it is better you begins to correct the trash now than to wait for it to mature beyond correction

©Google Hate it- Don't tell me you don't get organic traffic when all your posts are copy and paste because i won't respond to that.

Google sees every where , he is the god of the internet the omnipresence of the web so don't cheat on yourself in the name of cheating on Google. just like you can't cheat on God so you can't cheat on Google.

©Your readers Hate it- lol i was reading a copy and paste articke one day the author was a male but the original writer is a female so the copy cat didn't even care to read the post.

inside the post the girl was referring to herself which made me know she is a girl but looking at the author he was a boy i quickly realized it was not only copy and paste but the foolish copy and paste.

Did you think your readers will love such nonsense and come back for your blog? !! big lies.

©You may loose your site- If the original owner sees the article he or she might decide to Use Google DMCA or you and this might cause you your whole site.

You may be charged to court for copy and paste. just imagine you go to jail because of digital stealing (i don't know what English to qualify such stealing by tricks)

©It is unreligious- I was thinking about this aspect on a faithful day damn it really makes me almost go mad. If in your church , mosque or what even religion you belong that stealing is a sin. and here online we say copy and paste is stealing don't you know you are not keeping the commandments if you are a victim of copy and paste.

You are only stealing by tricks that's the difference but you will be judged accordingly just like a popular musician" every man has the right to decide his own destiny but in the judgment day there's no partiality so you are on your own!,!,

You can make it with copy and paste

Don't even go back to read the above headline again you just red it well. you can make it with copy and paste. what is make it?

Make it in blogging is the ability for your blog to return income at the end if the day or months.Let me tell you one secrete you may not know!! most of the Nigerians entertainment bloggers you see today who are making better income from their entertainment blogs are not really good writers but good in copy and paste

The only things you need to make it as a copy and paste blogger are! approved AdSense account , entertainment blog and your bank account #period

You can create a unique blog after getting Google AdSense you move the AdSense to your copy and paste entertainment blog. this is because entertainment blogs get huge traffic compare to other blogging niches

If you mean business you can even but Google AdSense if you think no time to do a unique blog that can get AdSense approval.

You can publish more than 20posts in a day if you are smart like me share the on Facebook with catchy headlines and see what will happen to your AdSense earning in the next one month but don't forget to insert you ads in the middle of your posts .

The only people or niche that can easily make it with copy and paste is the entertainment blogger with Google AdSense. .

you have learnt alot about copy and paste, why people copy and paste , how to make it with copy and paste and how to avoid copy and paste please tell us how the above article have helped you and what contribution have you got in our comment section bellow

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to set commenting system in your wapka download page

If you have visited popular wapka sites like 9jabaze in the download section you will see the comment section users can comment on files they download. This is really a great wapka feature commenting from download page and as such am going to show you how you can do it on your wapka site and make people comment and share their own view

Having known what this means to your wapka site am not going to discuss further on the uses of this feature!! but rather teach you how to do it.

How to set wapka commenting system in download page

How to set wapka page title to favour search engines

How to set wapka breadcrumb navigation for your forum

Login your wapka admin mode and click on content manager now select any of the file categories you want to set the commenting e.g for games , video, music etc but for the reason of this tutorial am going to set it for music

Now just select any of your music categories and you will see the list of your music .from your music lists select any music

From the next page scroll down and click on select Undefied displayed page

Did you want to set the commenting system on your music , video ,games, softwares, photos, etc just select your category where you want to set your commenting system.

From the next page you will see an area to put your codes already on the box there are some codes already that built up your download page.

Just put the bellow code inside the box on any position you want you want your comment system to appear and save your settings by clicking on the confirm button

After putting the code in your undefied displayed page and having saved your settings you are done. now your comment system has been set to your wapka site

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How to highlight texts inside your blog posts

You just visited some websites and you are seeing some highlighted texts, you begin to wander how it's done. The truth is that it can be done in many ways highlighting your writings but am going to show you my pretty method through which you can highlight your texts on pages and blogger or WordPress posts using HTML short code or plugins for WordPress

How to embed raw HTML and JavaScript's in your blog posts

Know how many page views your blogger posts are having

how to highlight texts in your blog posts

Tutorial writers are more liable to find this very useful e.g those who writes blogger or WordPress tutorials like me, where some code lines are always to be looking for and this code lines really need highlights to make users easily know the begin and end tags of the code(newbies) if not so some people are even ready to copy some texts or other tags with the codes later you hear then like " it didn't work for me" in the comment section lol.

Notable words, statements or even phrases can be highlighted in your blog post this will give a more fancy writing style and also makes your writing more comprehensive and easy to understand. Not only that Search engines also take note of highlighted words in your write ups and that makes it more useful using this feature in you blog.

shit!!! i have talked too much stories here when you already know what i mean when i say highlighted texts in your blog posts please am sorry because you are tired of my stories (I guess so) but let get to business anyway just that Sundays are my story days

How To highlight Your texts in your blog posts

You already know how to create new posts in what ever platform you are using! now let assume my content is as bellow,

I am Kennedy prosper the most ugly webmaster on the internet but very intelligent , i love writing and reading (implementing new strategies to grow the web) i'm a single but living with two wives and 10 kids in a one room apartment "

Now from the above content about me hope you can see that i have just highlighted some few lines of texts bellow is the code i used

<span style="background-color: #f9eb20;"> i love writing and reading (implementing new strategies to grow the web)</span>

From the above your background color could be any color depending on your choice.

Plugins To highlight texts in WordPress

If you are using WordPress and you are not comfortable with the above methods you can install some WordPress highlighting plugins to help easy job done and some of the plugins are :

Ckeditor WordPress plugin | Read code highlighter | Short code ultimate

With the above steps you can now highlight texts inside your blogger posts, wapka pages , WordPress posts and pages without any difficulty please kindly comment bellow if you find this useful!

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How to create a professional looking contact form online for free using Emailmeform.com

Many bloggers has form the habit of leaving the contact form on their websites just because they wants to apply for Google AdSense or other affiliate programs that requires the contact form… But i have come to notice that it is something to thing other than that.

How to set up a naijmail on mobile phone

Check live internet stat of any country

These affiliate programs that requires your contact form knows how important the form could be on your website. You are building a community having a website , where you the owner of the website becomes the king of the community and there is no way your kingsmen, the masses won't call upon you when there's any problem.

So also people who visit your site might want to ask questions maybe concerning your write ups , they may want to know you in real human, they may have a business deal for you what if the contact form or section is not present in your website you have a chance of loosing many things apart from Google AdSense approval

There are many online platforms through which you can build your contact form for free while other are paid and some have both pro and free but today and going to show you how you can build your professional looking contact form using Emailmeform.com free version

How to Create Contact form Using Emailmeform

Register with email me form confirm your registration email because that's why you will receive all the contacts.

Now login your account at emailmeform

After you have login forget any other notification or pop out you may likely receive from mail managers just Click on +Add new form and the next page they will show you a new window asking if you want to select from there templates or you want to build your form with the building tools? you can select any option but with the reason of this tutorial I selected the second option to build by form.

On the next page you will see all the building tools ready for use

Don't select any option yet just look at the menus at the top of the page you will see form settings click on it to make your form and describe your form plus other necessary settings you see on the page

Go to the emailmeform building tools and start selecting all the necessary feeds you need e.g name ,number ,address , email etc after selecting all the feeds you need just check the right hand side of the page you will see your form ready upon your selected feeds

Save your form and select the the last option from the next windows

Now a new window will open showing your your form with some menus under the form. From the menus just select Code to get your HTML code for your site.

On the next windows you will be prompted to select your blogging platform ..just pick any blogging platform your are using e.g WordPress, blogger etc and after which your code will appear. Copy your code and paste it anywhere in your site or preferably your contact page and save.

Now you have successfully created a contact form for your blog . hope it looks nice? don't forget you can use the edit option to edit your form , the add field to add more options to your form when you edit your form you can also remove any field you don't want to include in your form...just click on the Field and it will be highlighted now you will see a x icon click on it and remove the field

Emailmeform also have the pro version but it is only good when your business grows. but for now you can be using a free version which will allow 100 email or contacts monthly . you can upgrade with the upgrading option on the page at any time

What You may want to hear

Let say you ave generated your form code and now the Emailmeform is running of your blog when you noticed an error ....You don't need to delete it from your blog or generate another form code. Just go to your Emailme maneger section and edit your form.

Any edit or changes you make will automatically reflect in the contact form you already have in your blog.

You can build as may forms as you like even with your free version. five reasons people no longer visit your site

How to hide your blogger post from homepage

Warning Don't use opera mini lest you miss out some features you can use chrome, Firefox or default phone browser but in case you want to use opera then you will have to use the recommended opera beta for bloggers

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How to know how many clicks your site is getting from google without using google analytics

Checking your total clicks from Google will encourage you either to implement new strategies or to keep on with the ones you are already using. For me Kennedy prosper with the few months my site has spend online i have been able to notice all the strategies am using is working well for me so i have to stick to it. check how many total clicks your site is getting from google
five reasons people no longer visit your site

How to hide your blogger post from homepage

it's really good and encouraging seeing how many clicks your site is getting from Google and been able to analyse your clicks and see were they are coming from the keywords that generate more clicks and so on. it is one of the thing every blogger really wants to know to determine the sites success rate if increasing in value or diminishing.

How to check your total clicks from Google

Before you can check your clicks from Google, you must first of all submit the site to Google search console if you haven't before . now after submitting and verifying your site to know how many clicsk your site is getting
Try both the www and non www version of your site in case you have done 301 redirection I.e kingsweb.com.ng and www.kingsweb.com.ng you will see your total clicks as bellow
How to submit your site and sitemap to Google search console

Under your google total clicks when you scroll down a bit you will see all the keywords your site is ranking for and how many click each keyword gets from Google .This will also make you know the best keywords your site is ranking for so as to know the keywords to focus on when writing.
You can use the above for both blogger wapka ,WordPress or any host your site is hosted provided the site is submitted to Google

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