How to know the blogger template name any blogger site is using

Every Blogger template have a author , a download page and a name. that equally means you can get any blogger site template just like you can get any WordPress site theme with theme detector.

You see some cute blogger site in most cases and you just wish if the users could give you the template or if you can get it yourself but in most cases all these templates are free templates you can easily get without meeting anyone.

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Many had paid for such templates instead of getting it themselves simply because they don't know how to do it. Though one set back about getting some peoples template and themes is that most of them use the premium versions and you may not have the purchase fee and in such cases even if you know the theme you can't get it.

In This Post am going to teach you a simple method to get the blogger template a blogspot site is using without meeting the owner for sees anything.


The only thing you need to find about the theme is the theme author , the theme name and the theme URL or versions with other relevant details that can be used to trace the theme or template.To find this details visit the blogger website you want to Get its template and source code the homepage.

After getting your code from my the source just from the code you just got Find or search for keywords like “Blogger Template” , “Blogger Theme”, “Blogger Template Style” etc & press “Enter”

Like you can see i searched for Blogger Template Stylefrom a template And the next page will show you the template details, the name , the version , the author and the rest.

Now just copy the name and the authors name find the template on Google you will see it live. but it may either be paid or free. In case you are using your mobile phone the only place you may likely get issues is when you want to do the source Codding. your phone won't contain the source because of too much characters but just copy the half of the source code that you got and find the above you will still see the template details.The reason is because the template details is always in the beginning of the codes.

After finding and seeing the theme if it doesn't look exactly like the demo you wanted then it's because the owner has done customisation from the default template

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How To park a free or custom domain name to your BYETHOST WordPress site

Its been a while i created a new post on this blog because of some new and running activities round me so i just have to get off and put things to text but thank God it works and now am back again with more amazing posts in case you want to know what makes me went of i must tell you the truth "i was trying CrowdRising and its amazingly OK and in fact the most lucrative online business i have ever done since i joined online forum with the little i have earned in my few time of been off.

Now the issue here is that ever since i wrote about to create a free WordPress site Using Byethost, there have been many requests on how to Park either paid domain or free domain to the free byethost site they have crested since no one like names of the original host displaying at the end of your domain it only looks very unprofessional and it's not matured at all. So today am going to show you how you can add a top level domain name to your byethost WordPress blog.


Before You park your domain name it must be registered first. Now let assume you have followed my tutorial on how to create free domain name from freenoms and now you have crested wither .tk , .ga , ml etc and you want to park it to Your Byethost site all you will have to do is Login Your freenom account

After you have successfully logged into your account just click on My Domains

From the new page click on Management tools

And after selecting management tools a new pop out will show from the windows click on Name server

And on the next page fill in the name server on custom name servers as shown bellow. and save your settings

Your domain is now ready for parking @ any of your Byethost site. if your domain is paid or custom use the same name server as shown above it will still work. Now To park Your domain to your byethost site follow steps bellow


Login Your byethost C_panel and find the menu park domain from the homepage of your dashboard

After clicking on Parked domains a new page will appear telling your to write your domain name. just add the domain you just changed the Name server at freenom without adding the www. in front of it

Now park your domain and you are done. but one thing that may likely happen as you park the domain is that they may tell you to wait for some hours of about 48-72hrs but never mind about that just wait for 2-3 hrs then go back and park it and it will work

One thing i observed is that the delay in connecting name servers is only applicable to free domains paid domains instantly work because i have tested it before.

Having Learnt how to register your domain and parking it to your byethost site hope it's useful to you.? if yes kindly comment to drop your appreciation or tell us the area you need help.

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Level 1. when you register, you are enter LEVEL 0 in which you don't get any payments untill you upgrade to level one. To upgrade to level 1, pay 7400 to the displayed bank account details of the person you are randomly paired with. once you pay, call the person through his phone number displayed in ur DASHBOARD, with proof of ur payment for activation. Once the person confirms your payment, he will activate you to level 1. in level 1, you will get 5 payments of 7400. I.E 7400X5=37,000. This level is completed within 4 days maximum. : :

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LEVEL 3: Just like stages 2 and 3, you will need to pay N22,200 to any person the system will match you with for your upgrade to level 3. upon you upgrade, you will be eligible to get same N22,200 from 125 persons. I.E N22,200X125 = 2.75MILLION. : :

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The process continues till level 15 which is the last. : :

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Who will i pay to__ You will pay to anybody you are matched with '

After upgrade how will i get paid__After upgrading your account the person you paid to will upgrade you I.e he or she will have to unlock your account after which the system will automatically match you with others in order for them to pay you. '

What if he fails to unlock my account?__ He wouldn't try to do that because his account will get blocked within 24hrs thats why you must always check on your email and account to know the updates. But before you upgrade make sure you contact the person you are matched with to inform them you are about to pay '

But How will i receive payment__ the space to fill in your bank details is there and this details will be shown to who ever is matched with you to pay to. '

After Upgrading do i need to refer?__ the truth is that you don't get any commission from referring friends and families unlike MMM where you get 10% of the investor here we only refer to help the service grow in our country as a whole.

What if i register without Upgrading?__That means you are not part of the business and in three days you get blocked.

After upgrading all you have to do is sit back and let the system find people to match you with but if you don't want to wait for the system to match you , you can easily refer users if you want and those users who registered under your link will be assigned to pay you. So it's either you leave the work for the system or you help the system to make it faster

How long will it take the system to match me? __ There is no actual time specified so that means it varies from one person to the other. you and i night upgrade the same time but the system might match me with referrals the same day while yours might take two -three or more.

Don't forget nothing last forever so now that the network is still functioning and healthy it's the best time to join and make some cash so that even when it crash tomorrow you will have nothing to loose ....the ball is in your. court play it the way you want it's either you invest and get paid or you leave :

As for me am already in level2 looking forward to the next level :

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one of the reason they can't dupe your money is because you are not paying the money into their account so don't be confused you pay to who ever you are matched with and so likewise will other who are matched with you pay you too. :

Notice"""" If you are not ready don't even register because your account will be blocked in three days so stay back till you are ready!! :

Good Day.

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