Difference between spamming scamming and phishing

the word spamming and scamming plus phishing are very confusing to newbies most of them are using the word interchangeably forgotten they have a differ meaning. In this posts am going to show you illustrations pointing to the differences so you can know how you can use the word spamming, phishing and scamming either in your conversations or in your write ups difference between spamming and scamming

Hackers can steal your ATM card through....

ATM-BVN scam alert please beware_read here


I am a regular kingsweb visitor so visited kingsweb.com.ng as usual and i saw a new banner boldly displayed in the front page with the writeup up "Buy Google AdSense at a Cheap rate" I clicked on the banner and Kennedy prosper was the one selling the AdSense so i took his contact from the sales page and called him and he told me to pay and drop my email which i did but after payment he has refused to give me the AdSense for over 2weeks now That is example of scamming and the person who scammed you is the scammer and you that is scammed is the scammed victim

A page was created pretending to be online shop so i went to the page and unknowingly inserted my card details wanting to purchase the goods displayed and my card details was stolen by hackers who hacked into my account and stole all my money (that process of collecting your card details through an online page is called phishing)

Mr james blog about business deals and gists and he allows comments so on his last post his headline was about How to do business with white men in Nigeria people began to comment what they think about the post but only for me to come in and start commenting how to Download Olamide new released with my site Link attached to the page. That is called Spamming.

In summary phishing is a process where some details are stolen from you online creating a page similar to an original page e.g Facebook phishing site for collecting Facebook details(i knew it was a phishing page so i didn't login)

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How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria

scamming is promising a task and after payment or completing the deal they ran away with your money without fulfilling promise ( Online scammers are out there especially this December )

spamming is commenting or posting unrelated ideas to someones write ups or websites (Olamide is spamming my site with his links i will delete him soon)

With the above illustration hope you can now differentiate between the three words? Spamming, Scamming and Phishing.Dont forget that the above write up is just an illustration here we don't phish , scam or spam we love our readers and thats why we are trusted clients any one can do business deals with withouth any issue.

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December ATM -BVN scammers tricks is out beware(read now)

Now December is here Everybody wants to buy new wears. They want to make their babes look nice, they want to be the best guys in town they want to shine with peoples money and they say it's softwork, be ware of scammers They are seriously in need of money especially now that MMM has shifted their money from Dec-Jan.lol they are curiously sorting out other methods to meet up.

how to identify and avoid online scammers

Ways through which scammers can steal your ATM card details

I was just relaxing in my one bedroom apartment this evening doing my usual blogging stuffs when a message landed on my phone. I was like ooo God all this Network providers again has started so i picked my phone and opened the message behold what i saw.

Dear Customer due to BVN and system upgrade your ATM card has been Deactivated to reactivate kindly call our help center on 0092349064494044. The message was sent from +2349065516581

Seeing the above message i knew they are scammers because am a blogger and i have known how many of them rocks so i have to confirm in order to build a better write up. The number rang and a male picked my call and the conversation began

I explained to him the theme of the message and he apologised for the inconvinces just like normal customer attenders (i was watching ) he ask me when last i used my ATM card and i lied to him _For about two weeks or so. and he further asked how much am saving with them( pretending to be Eco bank customer care.)

how to withdraw money with your ATM card

But what baffles me was that he told me to call the digits at the back of my ATM card which you know quite well is not to be disclosed **** at this junction i canceled the call since i have gotten a tip of what i wanted i wouldn't like to continue wasting my airtime for useless gists.

Now let us analyst the above inscription.


√-First the message landed around 6pm (bank don't work at that time) i called him and he picked my call and he said he wanted to help me but if i may ask from his house or from the office because bank is closed at that time.

√-The number i called was not Eco bank customer care but he pretended to be Eco bank customer care. At the beginning of the conversation he asked me which bank am using ? why should he as when he is ECo bank customer care?

√-The message shouldn't have landed in that manner there should be a tip of personality added to the message e.g Dear Kennedy Prosper Or Dear Eco bank subscriber

How to apply for bank statement in Nigeria

√-Assuming i have claimed to me using Zenith or other banks he would have also claimed to be other customer care with the same number.

√-The message landed on a number that is not even attached to my bank account ( the use Bulk SMS ) that's why they can't be specific they aren't real.

√-Why should he ask for my ATM card number because he is a scammer if not he should have to me to come to the bank for the verification .

√-He shouldn't have asked first for my ATM number he should go like what is your bank name, account number and the rest

With all of the above facts you should know that scammers are out there looking for Xmas money so beware lest they withdraw all your money from your bank without your notice. To me i knew it is scam the first time the message landed on my phone but i need all this write ups to help my readers that's why i called him to get more tips

Label the above numbers or any other number that may send such message as spam don't take heed to them don't even try to call them just ignore them. Please share with others your friends and families need this.

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How to Put AdSense code conversion tool in your blogger site

originally if you copy your AdSense code it can only work in your blogger HTML/JavaScript section including the post editor area but if you put the code in your blogger template after saving you will see error message. So the process of making your AdSense code to work in your blogger template without showing you any error msg is what is known as parse in Blogging

Not only AdSense ads are allowed in this process you can also parse many other ads codes which don't work on blogger template e.g the nairapp ads code, Ngadverts ads code , and many others

Did you know that you can add this parsing tool to your website ? this will make it easy for you any time you want to do some conversion of codes you won't need to do some bookmarks or Google search again since you already have it in your blog/website.

Having This code conversion tool can act as a medium of traffic generation and retaining returning visitors especially when the parse page is displayed publicly. This will make them come repeatedly using the tool directly from your site having know you have what they are looking for .and you know they won't stop parsing codes because each time they do some template modifications they will need to parse some codes where needed .

This tool will also increase your page views especially when you blog on the same niche like me. any time you want to talk about parsing codes you won't need to refer users to external links rather you will just link then to your own page. with that you are increasing your readers stay time on your blog and they will definitely love it.

In This post am going to show you how you can add the AdSense code conversion tool to your blogger site But before that you can keep yourself busy with some of my recent posts bellow

How to edit blogger template with mobile phone

How to know the total page views of your top10 blog posts

Having read through the above let's quickly go back to discussion.


Login your blogger site and edit your template

After that search for this code in your blogger template </head> just above the it paste bellow codes

Now from your template find ]]></b:skin> and just above it paste bellow CSS code

After that go back to your blogger dashboard and click on pages then create a new page and paste bellow code in the page you have created and publish your page.

<form> <textarea name="data1" style="width: 300px; height: 200px"></textarea> <input class="tec2" type="button" value="Convert" onclick="html2entitiesundefinedthis.form.data1)" onmouseout="this.className='tec2'" onmouseover="this.className='tec2 tec2hov'"> <input class="tec2" type="reset" value="Clear" onmouseout="this.className='tec2'" onmouseover="this.className='tec2 tec2hov'"> </form>

Hurray!!!!! You are done you can click on the page to see your tool ready for use from the above code you pasted on the page you can adjust your textarea box width and height and you can also modify your CSS if you are good in that but i will advice you leave it default if you are a novice

Now when users visit the page they can make use of your tool just like mine you can see the createSnippet("summary6900110217724235072");

How to place your Google AdSense at the top of your blogger post and just bellow your posts

If you are running a pay per click affiliate program e.g Chitika | Nairapp | Ngadverts | Google AdSense and the rest the only thing that can make you successful is getting more clicks on your ads.

How to generate Ngadverts ads codes to make money online

How to put NG adverts ads code inside your blogger template

In most cases publishers earning are affected by wrong placement of ads on there blog and at the end of 30days its either you earn nothing or you earn less than your expectation not because you don't have unique visitors or huge traffic but simply because your ads placement are bad and unattractive.

They may not come to your site to click on ads they are there to read your posts but as soon as the behold what they love they will want to go in details thereby making them click on ads which equally increase your earning .Did you know that mobile ads are more liable to get clicks than PC web ads ? this is because 80% of our site traffic is coming from mobile and that is enough to tell you that seeing your ads first is the most important section of ads placement.

I have visited many websites with AdSense but some of them really lack the AdSense ads placement skills that generates more earning. In one of my posts i have discussed this in details you can read bellow

Best Ads placement positions that generate more ads revenue

But in this post am going to show you how you can put your AdSense code right under your post body or at the top of your post just like what you are seeing in this blog (for now).


Login your AdSense account

Click on My ads and from the new pop up select ads Units and click on create new ads

From the next page write your ads name and select the ads type you want and size of ads after all the necessary setups and customisations you can save your ads

Having generated you AdSense ads code let me show you how to put it under your post and at the top of your post.

Copy the AdSense code you have generated and parse the code Here to enable it work on your blogger template.

After that login your blogger site and edit your template

Press Ctrl+F and search for <data:post.body/> now paste your AdSense code right above it

and it will display just before your post body but if you post it bellow it it will appear just bellow your post body.. that's all

Placing the AdSense as shown above might not increase your earning like magic or as you think so the best thing to do is figure out the best placement that works for you.This is because in most cases this placement which we called best may not work for some users so try figure out yours by placing ads all over your site(in your header and footer, your posts body, in the middle of your posts ,your sidebars and the rests.) and you will definitely find the position that works for your site.

Hope you have find the above post useful please kindly share with others they may be in need of it.

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Reasons Why your AdSense earning remain stagnant while your clicks increase

You keep checking your Google AdSense daily but all you could see is the earning from CPM,Impressions and the rest your clicks earning remain stagnant while clicks keep increasing. if you are facing this same problem highlighted above it will affect your earning negatively since the clicks is the most crucial aspect where more earning is generated.

According to AdSense support there are three main reasons why your AdSense clicks increase without increase in earning But this morning am going to show you possibly more than three reasons from my own observation (the additional points) but before you continue reading you should also read my previous post on

Reasons why AdSense is showing unknown sites in your site list

Website niches not suitable for Google AdSense


1-Authorisation settings Out of 10 reasons why your clicks don't count 8 may be from your settings. The Google AdSense authorisation settings allows you to either pick out the sites you want to show ads or make it default I.e let is general by showing ads on any site. To check your authorisation settings kindly follow bellow steps

With the above steps you have turn on your settings all you have to do is click on the sites you want to show ads and authorise them

But if you want your ads to show on all sites you should leave the settings turned off and also don't authorise any site from your site lists which you see on the page

2-Invalid Clicks Another reason while publishers earning may not count is as a result of invalid clicks or impressions from the site owners. AdSense has Strictly warned against invalid clicks on your ads Therefore any act against AdSense policies of invalid click will not only stagnant your earning but also may lead to your account been banned .

You can read more about click and what it really means according to Google AdSense official website.

3-Your AdSense is banned When your AdSense account is banned as a result of violating their policies your earning is likely to remain stable till you have resolved the issue. Before complaining about your AdSense earning not counting according to clicks make sure your AdSense is up running and working fine without any diminishing official reports.

4-Displaying CPM Ads AdSense pays publishers for cost per clicks and cost per miles so if you display a CPM ads you may likely see some sluggish increase in earning because CPM pays less. They pay as low as $0.50 for each 1000 impressions of an ad

All Google AdSense clicks are counted provided they are termed valid so make sure you protect your AdSense by not going against there policies and terms of usage . follow the above procedures and you will surely see changes . Note that your settings and changes which you make may take up to 48hrs before showing up so after making some changes in your settings it is advisable you wait since the results may not be instant.Good luck !!! Please don't forget to share with others

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