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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lamidi OluwaSeun of Earlynub.com.ng is a top Nigeria online scammer don't fall for him

How to Know online scammers and avoid them

December ATM-BVN trick Don't be a victim

Difference between scamming spamming and phishing

Despite all of the above posts which i have written, i still have the guts to fall for a cheap foolish online scammer in fact i deserve more than 10 strokes of hot lashes. But it's unfortunate you are not here to punish me so am a free man indeed.

It all started few weeks ago when a friend asked me to get him Google AdSense , So i have to make some search for one and God so kind i met a good friend of mine to be the owner of the AdSense.( I was happy because i thought am save in his hands as a friend but i never knew he is just an ordinary poor scammers who is looking for money to buy Xmas wears for his girlfriend or rather girlfriends lol.

I negotiated with the thief whose identify will be fully revealed as we continue ,and we concluded on 8k (8,thousand naira for a verified US AdSense ) because my friend who needed this stuff was curious i have to make payment immediately as the guy has already paid to my account.

After payment the thief refused to give me the details so i pleaded and he gave me one detail. I immediately sent it to my friend and he logged in and discovered the AdSense associated with the email is already banned so he called back on me.and i have to meet my friend who sold the AdSense to me because i was just acting as a middle man

Some days has gone and he never seize laying one complain or the other after about two days of too much disturb from the other friend who want to buy the AdSense i have to forward is 8k back to him from my own account because he was already labelling me a scammer and i have promised myself never to do anything that will destroy my online reputation i will rather pay any price to remain trusted online that was why i paid him back with immediate effect to avoid blackmailing.

So i faced the scammer call him on phone several times but he snubbed me text messages he never replied Facebook chats he is dumb so i immediately realized i have been scammed. I sent him some cool memorial messages and before i know it he removed me (wink) my disturbs are to much

But before he removed me i have promised to make sure i let over 20,000 persons or more Nigerians and foreigners know about him. According to record he is even a criminal in real life when i try make some research from those who knows him. He has kept a very awful record of criminal acts not only online but offline as well.and you know such person have nothing good to give you .

He not only scam Nigerians but he also scam foreigners in the name of BTC, webdesign , AdSense, PayPal funds and the rest.( according to record). so if you are from outside country reading this post you are also concerned don't say you are not concerned yes you are!!! Having known how he scammed me let me now show you the criminal identity.

Lamidi Oluwaseun IS the criminal and the online fraudstar

His name is- Lamidi Oluwaseun He claimed to be living in Abuja and he is the owner of the bellow websites

  • http://9jaroomgist.com.ng/ http://www.earlynub.com.ng/
  • http://www.earlynub.com/
  • http://www.9jaroomgist.ga/

Whatsapp Number and Phone number and other contact details are listed bellow

  • Contact: 2348104212524
  • E-mail: opeeytravel@gmail.com
  • Whatsapp-2348104212524
  • 2Go- Opeyemi10606
  • Twitter - http://twitter.com/@opeeydah
  • Facebook Profile- http://www.facebook.com/sodiq.lamidi
  • Facebook page- http://facebook.com/9jaroomgist
I won't leave any stone unrolled bellow is Lamidi Oluwaseuns Sky Bank details which he sent to me on facebook lamidi skybank details

But don't be foolled if he comes up with other details he remains the same Bellow are parts of our chats on facebook messangerAfter having paid lamidi-oluwaseun


I have already paid the price (though am not Jesus) so the only thing you will do no is to make sure you share this post effectively . Don't say because you are not from Nigeria or you can't be a victim so you won't share never.

The next victim might be your uncle, your cousin, Your dad or mum your friends brothers and sisters ,course nates and class mates your teachers and lecturers or any body. but did you know that sharing this post can save some souls out there? don't let others be a victim of what i have just passed through. Note even if he has done a deal with you before without scamming you don't go for another deal he is thickish the first deal is small that's why he didn't scam. But this time around you have known him so protect yourself and others by sharing this post to your Facebook , twitter ,instagram and other social medias

Before i exit this page i must not forget to tell you he offers exam runs on one of his sites which are fake don't buy any thing or make any deal with Lamidi Oluwaseun he is a criminal and an online scammer but if you are the stubborn fly then you can go ahead.

Am promoting this post on Facebook !! you can also contribute if you love your country and if you want to protect them from scammers. More research are on board we shall bring to book any online scammer here !!! My last warning is Add Lamidi Oluwaseun to your black list

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to submit Your wapka site and sitemap to google search console

Before you go about submitting Your wapka sitemap to Google it will please you to learn the meaning of sitemap in just a simple tense.


Have you ever heard of web hosting -It is a place where your site is hosted and without it no site is created. Through the web host your site is tracked and properly managed and when a web host damaged all of the site hosted under it also go away because the web host is the root and when the root dies neither will the tree be alive without the root.

IN wapka one of the the root to SEO (search engine optimisation ) is submitting your sitemap to Google search console.This wapka sitemap is simply telling Google the areas you will want him to crawl and the restricted areas where you wouldn't want Google to touch. Without submitting your sitemap it is like building organisations like school without lunching it. who knows of your org. has started working when you haven't lunched it. So you will have to create a wapka site which i believed you have done already before coming to this page.

Without time waste let me show you how you can submit your sitemap to Google for easy crawl so that you won't put Google and your site in combat.The first step is generating your sitemap you will have to register all the pages which i have written about before. You read here.

How to Create Wapka Sitemap

Now having generated your wapka sitemap let us proceed to how to submit the generated sitemap to Google search console but before that you will have to submit your site first


Login Your Google Search Console and click on ADD PROPERTY

Now put your site e.g kingsweb.com.ng and submit after that you will be prompted to a new page for verification . choose the META TAG as your verification method and you will be given the meta code juts copy the code and close your tab

Now login your wapka site admin mode and click on edit Site and select Global settings

Click On Head tags(meta style)

The new page that will appear just put the code which you have just copied from your Google search console.And save your settings . In case you see other codes in the box don't place the verification code last just put it at the top of all other codes the save your settings.

Now go back to your search console and select the META tags verification method again then click on verify button at the bottom of the page and you will receive a message that your site had been successfully verified and added to Google


Go back to your search console homepage and click on the site you have just added select sitemap from the given options

Select Add/test sitemap

Now put your sitemap e.g yoursitename.wapka.mobi/sitemap.xml and save your settings. Now you have successfully added your wapka site and sitemap to Google search. Hope you find this tutorial helpful please share it.

Note this tutorial is not supported by opera mini browser you can use high browser's such as Google chrome and Firefox for better experience.

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How to Do Google search without Country Redirection

Google have a way of tracking your IP and location just like other top websites like Facebook and the rest does and with this blogger is Abel to come up with the issue of country redirection during Google search results. That's why you notice that each time you search any thing from Google in Nigeria you are redirected to Google.com.ng for your result.

though this could be good sometimes to help us find the related information but at the same time we have to use the global search to know beyond our circle when using Google search .To find top and relevant information's round the whole world..You have a domain like my own e.g according to my explanations here

And sometimes you will like to know how your domain is doing from global search instead of getting on Nigeria results. I do copy some of my posts to search them globally and i see that they rank lower in global search compare to NG search so this is what am trying to tell Using the global search will give you more insight of how other foreign sites are operating and your foreign competitors will be well known as well.

Some of The Google country Redirecting URLs are

United Kingdom IP will redirect you to Google.co.uk

Ghana IP will redirect you to Google.com.gh

Poland IP will redirect you to Google.com.pl

Switzerland IP will redirect you to Google.com.ch

Canada IP will redirect to Google.com.ca

Angola – google.co.ao

Argentina – google.com.ar

Austria – google.com.at

Australia – google.com.au

Belgium – google.com.be

Burkina Faso – google.com.bf

Republic of the Congo – google.com.cg

Ivory Coast – google.com.ci

Cameroon – google.com.cm

China – google.com.cn

France – Google.fr

Japan – google.co.jp

Kenya – google.co.ke

Mexico – google.com.mx

Nigeria – google.com.ng

Germany – Google.de

Sierra Leone – google.com.sl

Senegal – google.com.sn

Somalia – google.com.so

São Tomé and Príncipe – google.com.st

Chad – google.com.td

Togo – google.com.tg

Tunisia – google.com.tn

Taiwan – google.com.tw

Tanzania – google.co.tz

Zambia – google.co.zm

Zimbabwe – google.co.zw And many more

Add google search box to your wapka site

Now the question is can you stay in your own country while you do Google global search. without redirecting you to your counties search? The answer is yes All you have to do is follow the this link bellow

== www.google.com/ncr

The above link which you see is signifying No country(NCR) that means you can now make a search without any country redirection

Hope the above post is helpful start doing global and local searches to see the different results enjoy now and don't forget to share it with your friends!!!!

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

How to add Online Currency Converter to your wapka site

The currency converter allow your site users to convert currency of over 70 countries This tool is good especially for those who run affiliate websites or make sales it will be good they use the currency converter online free tool this will allow foreigners know the price of your product in there on own currency so they won't come and be asking you questions like how much is your price in there own country. currency converter to wapka site

How to check if a website is generally online or offline

How to convert your blog posts to PDF files online

To add this currency converter to your wapka site all you have to do is login your wapka site and click on edit site then select pages and create a new wapka site.

You can name your page according to the page content for the favour of search optimisation e.g Online currency Converter After creating your page click on edit site from the page you just created and select WML/HTML section and paste the bellow code then save your settings and preview your page

Wapka Currency Converter code

Now your currency converter has been successfully set. You can also make use of this currency converter offline for your personal use by downloading it on your android mobile Download Currency converter pro.apk

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How to change your google AdSense link ads default colors to increase clicks

Google AdSense on your blog is not blogging riches but only a partway to blogging money. There are tones of publishers who either sold their AdSense or even dash them out just because they felt it is not doing well in their sites.

AdSense earning remain the same while clicks increase see reasons

On of the factors that affect your income is your site layout and your ads placement which i have previously discussed in details how you can position your ads to earn better income

If your link ads color is too poor and unattractive it can reduce your ads click by 80% and if the colors are sharp and tempting to click the reverse becomes the case. So modifying your ads codes to have a better view is also a way of increasing your clicks thereby affecting your earning negatively (I know its your dream even mine) so let me show you how you can do it today to give your site not only a partway to AdSense success but also a good users view .


Let's assume you have already created the ads under links ads now login to your AdSense admin mode and from your drop menu select my ads and click on Ads Unites from the nest page

All the ads you have created will show up from the next windows now just select the ads you want to modify its colors change link ads colors Google AdSense

Now a new page will show up where you can edit your ads code e.g modify the name styles and colors.

Click on Ads styles and select copy and edit from the next page

Give your ads style a name and edit your colors by changing the default color codes

The Title is the main color link so that's what you must not forget to change it link since it is the reason for this tutorial you can replace it with any color code you can Search for nice color codes online

After that hit on save and scroll down then hit save again and you are done. Now a new style has been successful added with your own color modification you style name will be automatically added to the original ones so that any time you want to create new ads you can just use the same style by just selecting it from the list.

After saving your settings it may not work immediately wait for at least 30munites or more and you will see your ads style change according to your modification.

Hope with the above you can now change your Google AdSense ads default link colors to any color of your choice please don't forget to share this post someone might be in need of it

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to place your Google AdSense ads just after your blogger Rss feed

In my last post i wrote about Google AdSense above the fold and bellow the fold were i mentioned that placing ads of 300×250 or larger ads above the fold is violating Google AdSense policies and i also recommended some ads which are good for above the fold section of your blog to avoid been blocked out You Can read all that here

Having know what it means by above the fold as the section where users first see in your blog I.e even your RSS feed is above the fold so placing AdSense ads just after your RSS feed which is usually located at the left hand top most part of your blogger blog is a nice one because that's where users first see before scrolling down your blog.

Placing your AdSense code in that position will enhance large numbers of CPM and even get more clicks because your ads will be noticeable. Without any further stories let me quickly show you how you can place your AdSense code just under your RSS feed in blogger

Login Your blogger blog and edit Your template. From your template search for . </head>

Just under it Place your Google AdSense code and save your template.

If your AdSense code requires Parsing before placing it you can parse your AdSense code here free of charge.

Hope you find this post helpful !!! kindly share with others

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Can Foreigners Buy Real-Estate in the United states (USA)?

As the real estate market in the U.S. has made a strong indication of recovery, some outside of the United States have begun to look again at American real estate investments as a possibility.

This leads some to wonder, though, whether it is even possible for a foreigner to buy real estate in the U.S.? If so, are there any special laws to be aware of or taxes that must be paid? Unlike many countries that only allow land sales to those with citizenship in the country, the United States treats sales of real estate to foreigners almost the same as sales to citizens.

The only limitations are usually imposed by homeowners associations, condominium associations, cooperatives, or other forms of community associations. A community association is an organization, often incorporated as a legal entity, that is charged with managing real property situated in a particular building or neighborhood. Most associations are mandatory, meaning that simply by purchasing a lot or unit within one of these communities, one is agreeing to be a member of the association and to obey all of its rules.

Some states allow associations to control who sales of property can be made to in order to prevent the association from having absentee owners against whom it is impossible to enforce the association's rules. This is more of an exception than a rule, however, but it is still important to discuss this possibility with an attorney and your real estate professional prior to making a sale or purchase.

FINANCING It is possible to obtain financing for a purchase by a foreign buyer. However, foreigners are more likely to pay higher interest rates and be required to make larger down payments (often 40% or more of the purchase price). Again, this is because of the relative risk of a foreign buyer, who may be impossible to serve with legal process and whose assets may be untouchable, versus a domestic buyer who will be easier to track down and who is subject to the state and national laws should a default occur.

CLOSING Another area of concern is the travel that would be required to negotiate and close a land transaction. It could become quite costly if a foreign citizen must travel back and forth to the U.S. to handle each step of the real estate buying experience. Fortunately,it is possible to provide what is known as a “Power of Attorney” to an agent in the U.S. to make all of the appropriate arrangements and sign the appropriate documents.

TAXES One thing that is a certainty in any real estate transaction is taxes. Unfortunately, these can be more complicated in land transactions involving foreign nationals, given that the tax laws of more than one country may apply. Different nations have different tax treaties with the U.S., so before finalizing any deals it is important to consult with a local tax expert in your country and possibly in the U.S., as well. Sometimes these laws may require a certain tax payment in the U.S. and a separate payment in the home nation, and some may only require taxes to be paid in the U.S. Also, the rate of taxation may vary by country.

On a related note, foreign buyers who finance their purchases with a 40% to 50% down payment are usually able to avoid paying income taxes on any rental income derived from the property for the first 10 to 15 years. This results from the types of expenses the U.S. government allows taxpayers to deduct from their income when filing income taxes. Things like mortgage interest, common charges, property taxes, and depreciation are included in these calculations, often leading to “negative income” calculations, meaning no taxes will need to be paid. This will eventually change the longer the property is owned, as some of these deductions eventually begin to run out, but this can be a great means of avoiding taxes on investment properties for a number of years.

When selling the property, the foreigner will always be subject to U.S. capital gains taxes. As a result, the foreign seller will automatically have 10% of the gross purchase price of the property withheld by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In some instances, this flat withholding may be too little or too much, given other items on the foreign national's tax return, and a refund or further payment may be due when one files their U.S. tax returns for that year.

There are numerous other considerations one should investigate as a foreign investor in U.S. real estate, but it is entirely possible and relatively easy to purchase land in America. For more information about the process and for further tips about taxes, legal protections, and other considerations when buying American real estate, please visit the Law Firms page of our website at HG.org and search for an attorney in the area where you wish to make your real estate purchase that specializes in real estate law. Copyright HG.org

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Where to buy cheap Fairly used or second hand cars in Abuja Nigeria

Do you want to buy the best US used or new brand cars in Nigeria. Where is your location ? are you living in Abuja where you can easily get your vehicles delivered without much stress then you have to buy your your cars in Abuja where you live. buy cheap fairly used cars in abuja

There are many places where cars are sold in Abuja at various prices but with jiji abuja you can get off commissions for ever purchase you make wither online or offline in Nigeria. You can buy this cars to any location even if you are not living in Abuja if you think their prices are more wholesome and affordable.

With Jiji Abuja you can view car prices owners pictures and cars previews then you can reach the owner for negotiation maybe of there can be deduction in the amount mentioned . if you live in Abuja you can call for the car owner then you can meet face to face for easy transactions. Jiji Abuja has over 2000 cars available for sale you can browse through any car you want to buy with the models you can also use the search box to search for the car model you want to buy.

Did you want to buy your car from Jiji-Abuja? Then click the bellow link to get started by selecting your choice


For those who are looking for Second hand or fairly used cars in Abuja region then this post will be of great help to you

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All the blogger templates you download are showing you error when uploading see solution here

You hear people say download this template here and there and you download them all but non of them works. After successfully downloaded uploading it will show you error message written in red color. You begin to think if you have downloaded the wrong format or you have made some mistakes so you keep trying and trying but the error remains.

The main reason why you are seeing this error is because your template is in Zip format and zip files are not allowed for blogger template format the only allowed template format in blogger is XML so if your template is not in XML you will definitely see the error

Almost all the blogger templates online are in zip format this is because they contain other properties so you as the user will have to extract just the XML file inside the zip and leave the rest since the XML is what you need.

Popular Linda ikejis contact details here

In case you don't know A zip file is like a bookshop and inside the book shop there are many books so you are the one to go there and pick the one you need. If you go about uploading the zip is like picking the whole books inside the shop and you know you can't read them all or pay the bills that made it very impossible to pick all the books so also applied to a zipped file like the name implies so you have to unzip (open) it and pick what you need then leave the rest.

You cannot make use of zipped file in blogger without unzipping it. zipped files only work on WordPress theme . that's why every WP theme you download is in zip file and there is no need to unzip it before use since that's the format they use in WordPress.But mind you there is no way you can use blogger template for WordPress blog neither can you make use of WordPress theme in blogger it will never work because of varieties in properties and Codding languages implemented . Hope you get that!!!!

How to know the template name any blogger site is using

How to install Google analytics on a WordPress blog

Now let me show you simple and easy method to unzip your blogger template and extract the XML file inside it so as to make it work whenever you want to upload it.This tutorial on works for android users because of the application you are going to use which is Apk app.


Download Download Easy Unrar.apk(5Mb)

Install and Lunch the APP by then you should have downloaded your blogger template ready. Now when you open the App you will see it as bellow unzip blogger template with android phones

From you files select the zipped template you want to unzip and the next page will show you all the properties the zipped file contains including the XML file.

Mark the xml file you want to extract and click the extract button beneath the page. And it will show you a new window just OK what ever msg is displayed to continue the next page will show you that your file has been extracted. goodluck now you have bring out the XML from the zipped and the XML is what you are now going to upload.

Just go back to your files and search for it you will see it with the same name as the original zipped file but with different format. You can rename the XML file so that you can easily recognize it when you want to upload it yo your blogger site.

When you want to find it just open your file manager and Click on downloads because you just downloaded it in the download folder unless if you changed your folder when downloading then you can look up to the folders you changed it to you will see the file e.g Kennedy template.xml that is what you are going to upload now not the Kennedy template. zip again which is the original format.

How to know the WordPress theme any WordPress site is using

Now hope you now know how to upload your blogger template to make them work when you just downloaded them . Since you have learnt to unzip files you can also read How to edit your blogger template with mobile phone here

Henceforth i will be recommending some blogger templates for downloads here having learnt how to use them by unzipping so stay tuned and rock with us. But before you exit this page please don't forget to share this post others might be in need of it just like you were in need of it before . goodday.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Glo Data bundle Charts and universal subscription code

Just like Ariel have awoof subscription codes so also Glo network render very cheap and affordable services

Let me show you how glo data rocks so as to know what to do before your next subscription date.Bellow is the Glo data bundle stat

How to transfer credit on Airtel network

glo daily data plans and prices

To subscribe to any of the above plan simply dial #777# and follow the instructions from the page.

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What is google AdSense above the fold and bellow the fold (dont get your google AdSense blocked read now

I wanted to earn a better income by generating more AdSense clicks so i needed to put my ads in a more noticeable part of my site . After about two days i got a message from Google AdSense bellow is the message i got. above the fold google AdSense

Hello, This is a warning message to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies.

How to increase your website Google pagerank

How to ads AdSense conversion tool to your blogger site

We’ve provided additional details below, along with the actions to be taken on your part.

Affected website: kingsweb.com.ng Example page where violation occurred: http://kingsweb.com.ng/2016/07/check-your-union-bank-account-balance.html?m=1

Action required: Please make changes immediately to your site to follow AdSense program policies.

Current account status: Active

VIOLATION EXPLANATION Publishers may not implement Google ads in a manner that disguises the ads in any way. In order to maintain a good user experience, it is important for publishers to clearly distinguish Google ads from site content. This includes, but is not limited to: site layouts in which the ads push content below the fold on mobile devices; placing 300x250 or larger ad units above the fold on a mobile optimized site.

In order to remain fully compliant please ensure that your site and ad layout remain compliant across all devices. More information about this policy can be found in our help center and on this short video .

How to resolve:

  • If you received a notification in regard to page content, we request that you immediately remove Google ads from the violating pages. If you are unable to, or unsure of how to remove the ads from these pages, or would like to continue monetizing the page with Google ads, please modify or remove the violating content to meet our AdSense policies.

  • If you received a notification in regards to the way ads are implemented on your site, please make the necessary changes to your implementation. You do not need to contact us if you make changes.

Please be aware that if additional violations are accrued, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. You should immediately take time to review your pages with Google ads to ensure that they comply with our policies.

AdSense earning remain stagnant while clicks increase see solution

Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance.

After reading the whole message i was afraid not to get blocked you know that means especially now that getting Google AdSense has becomes very hard. So i wouldn't want to loose the one i already owned. so i made some research about the message and the solution was that i should remove the ads from above the fold lol and i don't really know what that means

After some further research i got the real answer from AdSense team that above the fold is the section of your site where users see without scrolling I.e your site header section And I was having an ads on my header 300×250 banner ads. Immediately knew what the warning message was about so i removed the ads and the problem was solved.

Place your AdSense code above and bellow your blogger posts new and old posts

But does it means you shouldn't put AdSense ads in your site header? Never you can put ads in your header but placing AdSense ads with the size 300×250 or larger ads in your header is violating googles policies therefore if you must put ads in your header it is strictly recommended you don't put such as or text link ads in your header section. it is considered spamming.

You can use smaller ads for your header personally i will recommend you generate ads with size 728×90 responsive ads or 320×100 those two ads will be OK for your header (above the fold)

Bellow the fold in google adsense ads placement is the opposite of above the fold i.e your sites footer. In your bellow the fold section you can put any ads size without violating any policy.

Don't try to be smart AdSense have their eyes all over their publishers so don't be a victim.

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About Carbon_Stepinscience (guest post)

This is A guest post by Oladoye Moses CEO: Stepinscience

Carbon has been well known as non- metals in which the lay-man knows it has Charcoal. The Natural forms of carbons are graphite and diamond in which coal is its impure form and petroleum is its combined state.

The word “ Organic Chemistry” is the chemistry of Carbon and its compound. Carbon and all its compounds are well emphasized in Organic Chemistry.

Learn English and become and orator


Allotropy is the ability of an element (carbon) to exist in different forms in the same physical state. Allotropes of carbon are in two forms; crystalline and non-crystalline forms. The crystalline form constitutes the natural forms which are; diamond and graphite , while the non- crystalline forms consist of coke, coal, charcoal etc. Cleared isn’t it? Stepinscience


Diamond as the name implies, a pure science substance which cannot be broken by any other material except a diamond, which implies that only a diamond breaks a diamond. It is majorly found in Africa, Venezuela and Siberia. It is octahedral in shape (8 sided). They are bad conductors of heat and electricity, why? cus the molecules which are to be used to conduct electricity are been used in Bond formation. There goes the reason why it is damn hard. It is majorly used in industries for mining due to its hardness, sharpening of tools and when it is been shaped and shined, it is therefore commercially used as jewelry. Gotten that? Great. Please also feel free to comment. Thanks.


The major carbon compound used is graphite, it is been subjected to large amount of heat for a long while using nickel as catalyst. It is high in demand by industries. It became commercially used in the year 1957 . Stepinscience


Graphite is a black opaque solid gotten mainly from China, Austria, Mexico and Sri Lanka. It is formed by the action of volcanic heat which fell on the deposits of coal; just like igneous rock. It is a good conductor of electricity and more reactive.

It is a very soft mineral and hexagonal in shape. It is used on bicycles chain because of its sliding structure. It is also used as electrodes in electroplating (arrangement of metals over the other). It is also used as lead in pencils.

Six blog writing idiomatic expressions

How to add Google translate button to your blogger site


Briefly talk about the amorphous; Coal, Coke, Carbon black and Charcoal


It was gotten from carboniferous era from which it was guided from decay or spoilage. It began to decay due to the absence of air. Constituents like CO 2 , Water and methane left the coal, leaving a large amount of carbon in it. It is therefore used in power plant for engines and making of chemicals.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Tips and tricks_How to Increase your site Google pagerank year 2017(guest post)

This is guest Post from Isah Adamu baush The owner of Naijatechviral

Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm which is used by search engines to determine relative importance of your link within their database. increase site Google Page rank

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Here I’ll tell you how to increase page rank There are many different factors which contribute to Page Rank. So, working on any specific factor will not increase Page Rank , You need to work on all points to get the work done. But before mentioning all Tips to Improve Page Rank , I should explain why it is so important for every website or blog.



One of my favorite ways to Increase Page Rank. You must do Guest Posting on High Authority and High PR blogs to get Backlinks and to pass quality Link juice.


If you are delivering quality content on your blog, then, your visitors will surely share it on different platforms which directly or indirectly will increase PR of your Blog.


I love commenting on Popular Blogs to get some backlinks and build relationships. I don’t think it needs any explanation because the majority of bloggers know what blog commenting can do.


If you have too much of external links on your blog, then, beware you passing valuable page rank. Stop right now and Nofollow links, especially links to low PR sites. You can give dofollow links to High Authority sites because it will enhance your rankings in search.


Social Bookmarking is a good way to get some traffic and valuable backlinks. Although those backlinks are not as strong, but still it can pass some link juice.


It is the best way to pass page link juice from one page to the other. This way you will increase Page Rank of your internal pages also.


Avoid any kind of Spam work on your blog, either linking or keyword related spam. It will certainly have bad effects.


This may not directly improve Page Rank, but it will certainly increase the authority of your blog in the eyes of Google and indirectly will have good effects on PR.


You need to avoid Link buying, link exchange or any other link Schemes mentioned by Google to get a Good PR for your Blog.


There are many dofollow blog directories which help you get some link juice. One of my favorites is Naijatechviral.com


I must say using the Forums for link building is a bad thing to do, but if you are using them to get some exposure and traffic then, it should be fine. Then you can also get valuable backlink from Signature section, but only from quality forums.


Again, not effect PR directly, but indirectly will because Google really like Fast loading websites.


Website structure are very important for SEO. You need to make your website easier to navigate for both Users and Search Engine Robots.


properly Both types of SEO is very important for your website. So, you should learn them and implement on your site properly. It will certainly help you Improve Page Rank .


I don’t think there are any more legitimate ways to Increase PR and if you follow all fourteen tips properly, then, you will not need any more tricks because you will automatically see a boost in Page Rank.

So, this Ends our Article. If you find this helpful, then, don’t forget to share it on social networks. And if you have any question Regarding SEO, then let me know via comments section .

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How to add three additional extra digits to your phone number

Perhaps you have been seeing some strange and unfamiliar mobile numbers on Facebook or other forums just imagine someone telling you to call him on 00923466100561 and you begin yo wander why must he use such number in Nigeria and it will still connect normal without any issue. add extra didgits to your mobile number

Today let me show you how you can also do that. This number is mostly used by only scammers. You call them and they pretend to be customer cares from other countries or your country and you may want to believe that of you aren't a Tech guru after all you see 009 before the main number and you are convinced it is customer care number. There is nothing impossible with this mobile world we are now so beware of calls you attend to.I have stated how they Steal ATM card through BVN deceit here and that above number format was used.


There is no trick behind this we all know that Nigeria country code is +234 and let assume your mobile number is 09066100561 if you add your country code the first zero will be wiped away because +234 is equivalent to 0 it becomes +2349066100561

Now to add the three digits 009 before your number just remove the plus sign and replace it With the 009 and your number becomes 0092349066100561 this is because 009 is equivalent to +

Hope you see how simple it works (for those reading from other countries such as US, UK ,India, Ghana ,Kenya the rest you can try it with your country cods it may work on all country. Henceforth when all this so called hackers and scammers call you with such line don't be surprised for you have know the trick behind it.

Trill your friends and callers when they say drop your number.but one thing you must note about this trick is that it can't work if you want to call person I.e it will display your normal phone number whenever you call them but if they want to call you they will use the number you gave to them and when it will show up in your phone their normal number will be the one to show as usual.

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