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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Send Unlimited Mass Email Online without Software-Get bulk email database for free

I know You have longed been Iooking for a way to Send Free Mass Email messages online without the use of any software .

You need not to worry about it . a new innovation has been lunched to enable you you get free Email Lists database of all countries and how to use these emails to send free mass email messages world wide without attracting any single Charge.

Here is the Link. EmailList.Com.NG

Kepp rocking as you start promoting your business and online sales with the free bulk email service.....

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Wapka Online Calculator Code and how to add to your wapka site

With Wapka calculator Code your site users can calculate Mathematically online with ease. This code is a simple htm code for online calculator.

wapka calculator codes

Having know what wapka online calculator code does i know you would want to add this amazing feature for the benefit of your site users

Wapka Calculator Code

Copy bellow code and it via HTML/WML section of your Wapka site

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How to Change Facebook Date of Birth after Limit

After Changing Your Facebook Date of Birth over and over again you notice that you won't be able to do that again having exceeded the limit to which date of birth can be changed . Because of this reason many Facebook users has left fake dates to be their date of birth but today am going to show you a very easy trick to Change your Facebook Date of birth unlimited.

With this trick you can change it countless of times without having any ban or restriction from further changing,but before then let's brows through our previous write ups perhaps they may be of good help to you.

Open this Link here to request for date of birth change. https://mobile.facebook.com/help/contact/233841356784195 After that input your desired date of birth but in the space for the reasons you want to change your date of birth use bellow reason as your own reason.. you can just copy bellow.

"Hello, Someone hacked my account and changed my birthday. Can you please change my birthday."

After that submit your request and you are done.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Download Easy Unrar for Android to Uzipp files

Sometimes after downloading some certain files you won't be able to open them unless you will have to unzip e.g as a blogger user when you download blogger templates they are normally in zipped format and without unzipping it you won't be able to access the XML file which is the main file to be uploaded.

Zipped files are compressed and may need to be unzipped in many times for editing and modification. The mobile android is compatible for unzipping any file either in zipped or rar format using the Easy Unrar.apk

What Is Easy Unrar.apk

Easy Unrar is an Android app that allows you to Unzip any compressed file normally in Zip and RAR format directly from your android device.

Once files have been extracted, they can be viewed through this very same program. If, for example, the extracted file contains images, they can be viewed without needing to exit Easy Unrar, Unzip and Zip.

Download Easy Unrar on your android device. DOWNLOAD EASY UNRAR.APK

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Find Jobs Using Online Classified Ads

Finding Jobs Using Online Classified Ads For years and many eras, the newspaper classified ads stood as one of the utmost and keenly significant sources of principals for most job seekers.

Now, with the advent of the Internet which has afforded us with numerous more choices than our local daily newspaper pages have. However, as an alternative of reproducing traditional classifieds online that enables free ad posting , these classifieds usually appear only in their internet form, and they are a rapidly expanding force in the online job search market.

With classifieds you can freelance, work part-time, fulltime and on contractual basis. Today’s free classified ads < job adverts can be said to be as effective as ads placed in any common job board and can be discovered in job search engines.

The fact that some careers guidance conditions that job hunters should start here, since there’s less struggle, this should give anyone a pause for thought — this is absolutely not the most auspicious place for employers.

Though, there are some niche situations where print ads can be useful. To help you decide where to invest your recruitment money. So, cast your minds back’, remember when you had to apply hours going over the pages of prints for classifieds in the newspaper, in search of a job? And many times, when you do find one, it’s appears more often a slip than a hit, and trust me, you are only digging through one newspaper out of many existing and the end it’s a penny wise, pound foolish ideology. job seekers can browse the internet and make their application for jobs from the coziness and ease of doing so from their own homes. It certainly saves a lot of time hitting the classified pavement and going from company to company than scrutinizing over piles of dailies, magazines and newspapers.

But, just by logging into a job classifieds site and doing a search with specific parameters, you can immediately get a list of jobs you are qualified for on whatever terms and if you also have a vacancy you make good use of classifieds by posting free ad .Getting to have more options and opportunity to swallow, more choices, from diverse places and sources.

This is specifically of great advantage to people who are ready to relocate to another state or city for a job or those looking for part-time jobs while on a break. In the real-time online job marketplaces have a greater geographical coverage, they can look for jobs even in other continents or countries. Gone are the day’s people dressed smart and work ready, armed with their resumes and hanging around companies or dropping them from factory to companies in the quest for a job. It will cost you far less to look for a job using job classifieds than to travel to numerous locations, cities or factories where possible employment is, all just to submit your application and CV.

Also, gone are the day’s when people had to print several pages of CV’s, certificates and cover letters, printing these several documents mandated that you spend money, time and resources but the online job marketplace negates from all these routine of waste, they can be conveyed electronically, so there is absolutely no necessity to duplicate your documents in prints, and then spend some more money and time delivering them.

For organization seeking to hire, the online recruitment process using free advertising sites as classified job sites gives a streamlining effect.

This is to say, they can gather a large number of candidates and then run internal audits of these candidate before bringing them in for interviews, this make the hiring process simpler and shorter and most HR teams or department can focus more personnel management and development than making use of old recruitment clichés but by taking advantage of the free online marketplace. . https:// postwanga.ng

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Wapka Share Code and How to add the share button to your wapka site

Hello to all my wapka fans who are really dedicated to following my wapka updates and tutorials in this website/blog, for without you i couldn't have made it through in writing more but don't forget you are helping yourself so don't be too flattered lol.........

Wapka Tutorials upon tutorials but today am going to drop another important one on how to add wapka share buttons to your wapka pages . This share button include the Facebook, twitter , Google+ and Email me share button to enable your site share via emails but before i proceed bellow is a brief description of what wapka share code does . .


Wapka share button/code embeds allows you to share your wapka site pages on the above listed social medias at your will. this will not only be accessible to you but to other of your site users as well I.e you will have your site displayed in the social medias without your notice in many occasions which will in turn boost your Wapka Site Traffic and also increase your site popularity and fame on the social medias. .

There are two types of wapka share set up and application which are : .

  • Setting Wapka Shares on Your Forum: This enables Your wapka site forum Updates to be shared on social medias by your site users/readers and in wapka it's normally placed in wapka forum Autocontents either bottom or top.

  • Setting Wapka shares on Your Pages This wapka share function enables You to share your site pages and also your blog readers to do likewise at will

In This post am not going to teach you the number one wapka share function but only the number two and incase you want to know the reason : It's because i have strive all day to learn the first ,which is the Wapka forum share function but haven't found any reliable source so i have to teach you that which i already know as i delve deeper to finding solution to the first function. Never worry you will get my update as soon as i get it. .

Don't be shocked am so truthful in telling you the truth because some of you are like hmmm " is this guy not a blogger why must he not know everything" but don't also forget that blogging does not make you a God Take Note .

How To Add Share Buttons To Wapka Pages
Login your wapka Admin Mood then navigate to any page you want to add the share code. Click on edit button and select HTML/WML function Paste the bellow Code and see how it looks

WapKa Share Code

You are Done: You can now start enjoying your wapka share function

Did You want me to Help you create a blog like this,wapka Site of any design of Your choice, Write Unique Articles to change your blog from Zero to Hero With little and affordable Charge

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Who is a Newbie Blogger? You May be one of them (Let's See)

This is Kennedy Prosper here again. Of course I’m here to share my views. Before then have you red my articles about successful blogging?

Hey, don’t hold me accountable. But I guess you might be wondering, who should? Anyway before I proceed, I would like to share my sincere greetings to my fellow bloggers who continue to inspire me and , my top commentator and even the newbies and the pro aspirants

Now back to the main reason for writing this post-Why many Newbies bloggers are bound to fail? Are you a newbie blogger? Yes or no? What makes you think you’re not a newbie blogger? So who are those who make up newbies bloggers? Are newbie bloggers those who have just started blogging within 6 months or for a year? I guess all these are questions which ought to be answered.


newbie Blogger

There is one unique thing with newbie bloggers which is really interesting-they never ceases to learn. That’s of course remarkable! So let’s see who newbie bloggers are. You can be blogging for 10 years and still be a newbie blogger. Why? You need the answer? Okay.Newbie bloggers tend to consume a lot of information without actually putting none to work.

They Don't like paying those who knows more than them to help them create value on their blogs, they are like "he can't be feeding with my hard earned money" lol They are like this Kennedy Prosper is too money consciousness everything about him is money. But come to think of it are you the one that teach me blogging or did you know how many courses i have purchased to read online before i could attain this present height of mine today? Did you know how many night i waste and how many food i keep off in order to achieve success and now you want everything free, It's not your fault it's the newbieness in you

Another thing About them is that they don't even want to spend on Advertising, or even get a custom Domain name , They have some fake impressions like " What of i couldn't make it that means my money is wasted o"Why in the first place did you start blogging when you know you won't make it.

Newbie Bloggers jump from blog to blog consuming a lot of stuff without taking the necessary action which will propel them to moving their blog and themselves to the next level. Simply put your buttocks down and write! And they have the feel their writings are not good enough. But who was born with a pen and a book in hand? None, is the answer.

So your blog can be over 10 years and yet still not achieve or make any significant achievement on the internet. So tell me, are you making any changes since you joined the blogging world? Or just moving from this to that without taking any intelligent decisions. Why should you worry about trivial matters like adsense when your blog is less than a month old? Where to put and where not to put Adsense also becomes a lot of headaches for many newbie bloggers.

Some blogs may tell you to put them in your content whiles others might recommend not putting them in your content since it looks weird there but would rather prefer placing them in your sidebar. This or that. So why not experiment with your placement and see the end results? Since what might work for me might not be the same thing which will work for you.

As a professional blogger, do what you feel like doing without necessarily being obsessed with what others are saying. The blogging world is also one of the insane places to be and one has to use his discretion when making his decision. If you don’t know, now you know. 99 percent of what happens to you and your blog are as a result of your decisions and one has to be willing to take responsibilities. Don’t go around blaming anyone.

The world owes you nothing after all it was here first. Shake off that newbie mentality and put on the win-win approach. Another funny thing newbie bloggers has to deal with is the idea of MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!! They fancy the idea of making loads of cash in no time. Many were actually enticed into blogging by the huge sums of money other bloggers are making. But the question they refuse to ask themselves is, how many years has the blogger making those six-figure- income being blogging? I say blogging, not just reading stuffs.

They wake early in the mornings and the first thing they check is their AdSense earnings and feel always disappointed. How do you intend to make money from AdSense when your blog’s traffic is less than 20 a day? Newbie bloggersalso tend to deceive themselves by tricking their own selves. Their quest for seeing instant results mostly leads to all kinds of malicious behaviour which ends up having negative impact on them.

One really has to put in a lot of efforts with the thought of money being secondary. The money is certainly going to flow in when you start providing value to your readership. But first of all, simply provide quality and the rest will follow.

I also know one newbie blogger who loved the whole idea of having a lot of subscribers ended up subscribing to his own posts with different email accounts to the extent that his dog was on his mailing list.Ha..ha.. Passion for what you do is already halfway to success. For a blogger to succeed, simply move out from your comfort zone and blog on what you’re simply passionate about.

Your turn! What are your thoughts on this post? Why do you think newbie bloggers are bound to failure? I have re-iterated mine so what are yours?

Did You want me to Help you create a blog like this, Write Unique Articles to change your blog from Zero to Hero With little and affordable Charges?
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Sunday, 23 July 2017

How to Create a Wapka Video manager Site(VM) Tutorial with screenshots

Wapka is more than a host though it experiences lots of errors. Error are inevitable in such a large space occupying host without charging a thine all services are rendered free of charge, unlimited disk pace , Bandwidth and storage etc "what a free host ".

Apart from creating a free site on forum, and content manager there is another aspect of wapka which is not properly concentrated on, and this aspect deals on videos manager

Wapka Video Manager (VM) allows you to create a complete video site on wapka platform for free without any subscription fee on hosting providers.

With wapka video Manager you can upload via URL and directly from your local Disk.You can upload files of 200MB via URL and 2MB from your Files Anything more than that will not be allowed.

Wapka VM allows you to choose themes and templates unlike ordinary wapka where you will have to do your coding yourself. There are already made wapka theme for the VM available for use .You will only choose your template and a new design shows up. As for the recent development wapka VM has just two templates with many theme designs. Today am going to teach you how to create a Wapka VM site from scratch perhaps in my next tutorial we shall continue with other aspects as today being my first day to write about Wapka VM on this blog, gradually we shall write all about wapka VM.


Visit vm.wapka.com

Click On Get Started And sign in via either Google+, Facebook or Twitter but i will advice you login with Gmail.

If you are login in for the first time you will be prompted to verify your email after that login and in your dashboard you will have to create a new site by clicking on Add Site button after that a new page will show up as bellow

Now choose your site name and your site title followed by your description and choose your template by ticking on it and then Hit on Create.Now your site is successful created And it can now be accessible with the subdomain you choose initially

Go back to your dashboard you will find the site you just created with the manage button in from of it. Click on the manege button and you will see all the building tools for making your site lively. Click on General settings to edit your site description and title and to upload a new Logo to your site . Bellow are all the building blocks for Creating wapka VM which we shall be talking about gradually on this site.

Video Manager
  • Category
  • Add Video
  • Video Organizer
  • Statistics

  • General Settings
  • Domain
  • SEO
  • Advertisement

  • Theme
  • Template
  • Navbar
  • Design Mode

Site Members
  • Member Setting
  • Member Manage
  • Group Manage
  • Message Manage
  • Invite Manage
  • Points Manage

Note: Wapka video manager allows you to only create video sites , no other files can be uploaded apart from video.

In my Next tutorial i will be discussing on how to create categories, Add new theme and also change template....Good Day.

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Different Types of bloggers in the blogging field (know yourself)

Have you ever for once thought of the types of bloggers in this blogosphere? What type of blogger are you? There seem to be lots of noise off late all in the name of blogging. And with blogging taking centre stage in various lives, I would love to walk you through the types of bloggers we have in this world.

And I do hope I wouldn't be bothering you with this boring post of mine.

I really do feel lazy completing this post of mine and with more 101 distractions taking place right where I'm writing from, I do believe I do have all the excuses in this world not to complete this post of mine.

Hahaha! Anyway, let us move back to business as usual and of course dissect the issue on board.The beauty and money blogging brings is what of course what drives many in drones in the blogging world. Now the question is, what kind of blogger are you? I mean what types of bloggers do we have? Let the class begin.

Please those Indians at the back should stop singing and those Nigerians should off the generator as there is light here. Hahaha! The class will begin in no time. Your teacher is ready and so are the students; I hope so.

types of bloggers 1. NOISY BLOGGERS The first type of blogger I want to talk about is the noisy blogger. This blogger rarely makes an impact with his blog but goes about calling himself a blogger with little or nothing at all to show on his blog.

I have seen lots of noisy bloggers in this blogosphere who are very much not concentrating on their blogs but instead continuously making noise with their blogs hence learn nothing as a blogger.

2. FAKE EARNING BLOGGERS This is very much common in this blogosphere. This has to do with bloggers who rarely make a cent with their blogs but instead go about bragging with respect to how much they make with their blogs only to go to other bloggers inbox pleading for financial supports.

I have seen such bloggers a lot in this blogosphere with lots of newbie bloggers falling prey to their antics which at the end leaves them disappointed. Please do not believe everything you read or see. There are many fake earning screenshots bundling around.

3.THE LOW SELF CONFIDENT BLOGGER This type of blogger hardly believes in himself. He believes whatever he sees online and falls for everything. Hence his confidence always depleted as he is always left disappointed at the end with his results. These types of bloggers are very much common in this blogosphere and if you're like that, you obviously need to be smart.

4.THE ALL KNOWING BLOGGER It is very rare to share knowledge with such a blogger as he claims to know everything but in reality, he is fumbling with the success of his blog. He brags a lot but has very little success with his blog.

5.THE SILENT AND MONEY MAKING BLOGGER These are the bloggers you hardly hear of but they are the real ones making money with their blogs and shaking the blogging arena with their massive earnings. They are the ones I refer to as the humble ones and steady income generators. They are really lie- lowing and make the blogging arena a massive place to be with.

Your Turn Now the question is; what type of blogger are you?

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Why You should buy a custom domain name for your wapka site

Originally When you create a wapka site you have a default domain name with the wapka.mobi extension or other wapka extensions. Wapka newbies prefer using this default extensions e.g
  • mywapkawapsite.wapka.mobi
  • mywapkawapsite.wapka.me
  • mywapkawapsite.wap-ka.com
than using a premium domain because it's free and it has unlimited bandwidth/space so as when using the premium domain name.

why you need a paid domain for wapka

But even with that, there are still Many reasons why every wapka beginners should use the premium extension rather than the default ones.example of premium extensions are .com, .net,.mobi,.org etc and .ga, to which could be premium or free in most cases


Getting a domain name is not that expensive as a blogger who knows his aim and is read to remain on the long run. You can get a top level domain name for as low as 10$ or even lesser with a coupon code. read bellow why you need a premium/paid domain name.


Wapka site is one of the free host mostly targeted by spammers and hackers and because of this wapka sites with the default extensions are likely to trustworthiness from visitors via the social medias

Using myself as a case study, when i see wapka sites shared on Facebook with the default extensions i immediately get the impression that it could be a spam site or even a fishing site or a site without no good article to write home about and therefore i will be left with no option to to exit the page with the site.Assuming it was with a paid domain that impression wouldn't have come on me.

Apart from that people on social media love sites with paid domain names to that with free domain names


Come to think of it, if you create a wapka site and decide be a niche blogger on money making tutorials and guides with the default extension i bet you will have less/no trustworthy visitors. The only questions that keep banging their minds is like "Why must he teach how to make millions online when he can't even get a paid domain mame ?" and since you are not a role model ,the will neither trust your articles.

Apart from that, you can't create a social network on wapka with a free or default domain name and expect to get registered users when they know you are unserious fellow who isn't ready for business. Using a default wapka extension can limit you from some certain crucial niches which you may like to dwell on.


This include Running paid ads, social media promotions, link building etc. Sites with free domain names don't get backlinks like that of paid domain name. One of the reason why i won't backlink you with free domain is because i know that one day you will either get a paid domain or stop blogging if you aren't ready to blog so giving you a backlink means adventuring my site SEO because it will result to broken link when you later change your domain or stop blogging and you know the effect of broken links on a site.

Many ads sites won't allow a domain name with free extension and you know what that means. In addition to the promotion issue, your site won't do well on Google search engine which will cause you great disaster.


The perception that you create in your visitors and users mind is imperative for your blog. Using a customized domain name helps you to establish your site as a brand. You can also use a nice logo, favicon, and banner to brand yourself. You are taken as a professional blogger as soon as you get a domain name for your blog/website. but when using a free domain even with original articles the power of your blog will greatly be underestimated.

Conclusion: I didn't say paid domain is better or free is the best but with my little inscription let the wise get it right. wither a paid or free domain success can still be achieved but lets call a spade a spade and do what is right and the right time.(I rest my pen)
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to add profile updates Notifications to your wapka community site

Learn to use Iframe, Forum and Forum tags to program dynamic social Recent User Activity systems into your social networking Wapsite. The Recent User Activity systems is connected to the notifications system in order to insert notifications to friends of the user who is doing new things.

This is how you produce marketing power for your users within your system. Every social network has a similar way of making sure things written or shared get seen by as many people as possible. Most social websites get more quality users if they allow the users to more effectively market their projects and ideas to their friends or followers on that social network. This trick can be used to display Notifications of users who are updating their profile.

How to add the trick

  1. Login to your Wapka account and select the site you want to use this trick on
  2. create a new simple forum and remember it's id
  3. Go to your profile update or profile editing redirection page (example the page users will be taken to after editing or updating their profile).
  4. Add the following code at the bottom of the page.

P.S remember: change the forum id your new created simple forum id.

How to display the notification

  1. Go to your home page or any other page you want to show the notification to your users
  2. Add the following code

That's all for now. In the next trick we will learn to add the trick on other sites as well.

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Things you must do to uplift your old or New blog to a new level (RECORD SUCCESS)

Every blogger have one aim in common which is success. To some bloggers, success means the accumulation of loyal readers while others believe that blogging success is making money from your blog and some believe it's fame and popularity

Whatever blogging success may be to you, reading this post will boost your success the more.Bellow are some of the highlighted things you need to do in order to boost your blogging successplease read carefully

FIND A NICHE: Finding a profitable and lucrative niche is the first step to blogging and if you make mistake in choosing a niche it will definitely affect your blogging career on the long run if you are chasing pro_blogging. To those who don't know what it means by the word niche? please read further...

WHAT'S A NICHE? A niche in blogging simply means the area of specialisation, and every pro aspirant is advisable to dwell in one niche.There are numerous blogging niches, among them are some popular ones listed bellow
  • Tech
  • Entertainment
  • Downloads
  • Parenting
  • Finance
  • travel
  • Beauty
  • DIY Home Décor
  • Fitness
  • Web Design

You can choose any niche from your area of specialization to Start your blogging. blogging on multi_Niche will only make you loose focus and it will also make your readers uncomfortable with your blog.If you blog on a niche you will gather a marketable audience.

MAKE YOUR BLOG A DWELLING PLACE: There are blogs but there are worth visiting blogs as well. You can make your blog a visiting place by securing a good design and writing worth reading contents.

Many people forget the saying that content is king but even if you do, the saying remain active. so as a blogger aspiring the climax of success, you are strictly advised to write what your audience need most and be more explanatory in your write ups only with this you will get readers to stay and keep visiting your blog on daily basics. They become addicted to your blog because they feels that your blog is the only reliable source of info.

EXTEND YOUR BLOG: As a blogger you are to figure out the best ways to extend your blog in order to reach the larger audience. There are many ways through which you can achieve this and among them are:

  • Hanging around industry forums or social media: The social media and the forum is a place of interaction therefore You can easily extend your blog to a larger audience via the use of social media campaign and being forum active. Start commenting on forums and social medias like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc with your site url and you will begin to notice strange traffic/visits to your blog provided you are doing it in the right way(without spamming).

  • Sending out newsletters: This is the process of sending email messages in bulk to all your email subscribers.This is another way through which you can extend your blog because every email you send you are disseminating one form of info or the other and your site link is attached in common,With that you are making your site grow in traffic and value as well as achieving the pro features

  • Starting a podcast series: This simply means recording your voice so that others can download them via the internet. This is also a way of extending your blog if you are good in podcasting services

    The records could be an intro to the new feature on your blog or a brief intro about your blog. many will also get to know more about you using the podcasting method.

  • Releasing videos: Blogger, especially the tech blogger are advised to be Vloggers(video blogging) as well. Most of the tutorials you write may not be understood by some folks without an eye view on what your inscription is all about.

    The audience will get to love your blog more if they see that you do both video and write ups. Your blog will definitely be regarded than those that don't add videos to their write ups because many of your site readers love videos than your ordinary blog posts in the sense that they find it very easy to understand the video aspect. Creating videos is also making your blog unique and standing out from other competitors.

CHERISH SELF PROMOTE: If you have ever taken some time to study the successful bloggers from the online world, you will see that they are always proud of themselves not because they really want to, but because if you don't cherish what you do nobody will cherish them.

If after you are through with writing an article and you brows through it and concluded that you have done nothing, then don't even bother to share it because no body by any means will like it since you the author don't like it.

Having learnt to cherish your work, self promotion is essential as a blogger. be bold to tell others about your blog, they will gat to love it if only you give the best.

CREATE QUALITY CONTENT:Get the best design without good and quality content, trust me you will soon go down as soon as your audience begin to catch you they will no longer cope with you.

What is Quality content?: This is unique article or write up ads value to your readers

Unique Article/content?: This is the article you write on your own without any form of copy and paste.

To achieve success as a blogger you must learn to write killer contents to drive more traffic and also retain long term visitors. If your blog readers begin to know you as copy and paste blogger, you are only ruin your blogging career.

BUILD ON WHAT WORKS: Like i always tell my students that to every new blogger, the first year is for testing and some are like how could that be perhaps it's because they don't seem to understand what i meant by that.

For you to build on what works, you must have tested many of your works to see the one that works best at a given time. Failure in testing has led to the failure of many bloggers today both in Nigeria and abroad.

I personally Kennedy Prosper , the man behind this blog also fell a victim to failure and not until i learnt my lessons i was yet a victim. Now many say they love the way i write because i write as though am speaking to my readers, this is because i have tested my work and i know that it's the writing skill that works for me , my blog and my niche but mind you it may not work well for you the same way and that's the major reason you are advised to Use your first year of blogging to know what your audience hate and what they love most. in other words try to study your audience within your first blogging year after which you are to stick to what works for you.

=>Taking an instance: I started with one post and then spoil my site with ads yet my visitors keep flowing you may do likewise and spoil your site by chasing away your visitors just because you don't seem to know what works for you. Do your test yourself

Conclusion:-The success of every blog lies in the applied effort by the man behind the blog. A lazy blog is as a result of lazy blogger and a successful blog is as a result of hard working blogger!!.

With the above inscriptions you have learnt the key to successful blogging , please don't hesitate to drop your ideas because they are highly welcomed and might be of great use in our next edition of this post.

What others ways do you personally think can aid your blog success?

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Pro SEO tips to boost your search engine optimization for 2017/2018

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronyms for search engine optimization which simply means the ability for search engines such as Google, Bing etc to crawl and index your web pages.


If the importants of search engine optimization over your blog should be properly listed i strongly believe this post may be too lengthy to read which i don't really like and that's why you see all my posts average because i want to keep my readers flowing.

The core of SEO is to gain organic traffic (traffic from search engines) you can learn more about the uses and functions of SEO via Google search engine if you are a novice to this stuff. ***************

They say SEO is the key to success as far as blogging is concerned and yet many still don't know how to get this SEO stuff working

Sincerely speaking, SEO is a university on its own. like I usually say , the study of SEO(Search engine optimisation) is unlimited. You only know about that which you have learnt after which the rest will be left over. The application of one can bring about a positive effect to the others. more informatively, they work hand to hand.

Having discussed so much about the issue of SEO being the key to every successful blogger, am still going to show you more tips to increase your search engine ranking and to make your blog come to Google first page and among these tips are listed bellow!!!


WRITE AT LENGTH: The truth is that not all posts need lengthy write ups but many bloggers most especially the newbies have formed the habit of writing short tail blog posts, and this will only reduce your Search ranking

Google in particular love long tail blog posts, so if only you can form the habit of writing at length you will gain more advantages over your SEO

SEO deals with the keywords that are found in your post only. now come to think of it, if you and a friend is to write an article on the same headline and your friend made his/her write up to 2,000 words but you managed to write just 300 words. Did you know that your friend may likely get more search result on that particular post than you?

The reason is because in his plenteous write ups lies plenitude keywords as well. so learn to write at length when you are in position to do so. If you haven't learnt to write in details you can refer to my posts bellow. ********* *********

MIND BROKEN LINKS: If you are the type of blogger that neglect the presence of broken links on your websites/blogs, you will only be a victim of low search ranking in the sense that broken links affect Google and other search engine results. As a result of this, you must mind broken links as a blogger who is aiming the best for his blog.

There are certain ways through which you can mind the presence of broken links on your blog and some of them are:
  • Avoid Switching of templates/themes too often:- when you change a new template you may likely get some broken links, therefore if you know that you won't have time to fix broken links in you blog i will advice you stick to one theme/template.

    Changing theme/templates will not only affect your SEO due to broken links that may be recorded but i will also let you know that your ranking may reduce when a new theme is changed because you may not be able to re_embed all the SEO properties from the former theme to the new one

  • Switching posts:- In bloggers/blogspot precisely, links are formed based on label names or titles. Now if you move your post from one place to the other or somehow change the title and label of the post , the link might likely change as well and if that happens it will result to broken links on where ever you have interlinked it before the switch over.

    Advice:-Try editing your theme if any changes are made to correct every broken links
EXCHANGE LINKs: Having known that backlink is a good SEO factor, try to exchange your links.

You can do this by negotiating with fellow bloggers to link to you will you do likewise to them or you can also submit your site link to directories online

THE SOCIAL MEDIA: This should be the greatest traffic source of almost every blogger after Search engine. But today revise is even the case to many blogger they get their largest traffic from social medias that's enough to let you know how crucial the social media could be when properly utilised.

Sharing your articles on social medias will open doors for more popularity and also enhance back links

Utilising the social media does not only entails the popular Facebook and twitter but try others as well e.g the LinkedIn, whatsapp, Google+, Binu, nimbuzz, badoo, friM and many more on your list

FOLLOW THE CORE: The last on my list is what i titled follow the core. there are certain SEO rules which i call the primary stage. There is no way you can achieve the search success without passing through the primary stage of SEO which are

  • Choose SEO friendly domain
  • Submitting your site/sitemap to search engines e.g Google
  • Do all the necessary SEO set ups for your new blog.
  • Write for readers and search engines

With the above, you will be able to conquer search engine optimization challenges for both your new and old blogs without spending a thine.

NOTE: if you can conquer the fight of search engine optimization you have made your ways prosperous as a blogger. You will work less and get more I.e even if you don't write or update your blog over a long period of time you will keep getting traffic. Fight a good fight for your blog.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

How to Get unlimited Shares to your blog Articles

Do you want to promote your blog post to more readers? Are you wondering how to get your blog content shared all over the social media?

Creating quality content is important but it’s more important to make sure your content gets seen.

One thing is to write, another thing is to get reader and shares, but getting shares could be very complicated at times especially when your readers are not dedicated and are not ready to help your blog.

Share is a sign of development on your blog, shares will give access to new users and also make your site to be popular on social medias where your shares are allowed.While more shares are important for social proof and also showing authority many of my readers have been struggling with low share counts.

Getting shares entails some certain procedures you must follow and this are the things we are going to discuss in further write ups, please read carefully!!!


SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMISATION: For you to get shares to your blog post you must learn to optimize your posts for social media.

Your Facebook pages, groups and profiles should be properly utilized in order to make your shares reach a wide range of audience thereby increasing your shares!!

USER FRIENDLY IMAGES: Adding Images to posts is not only necessarily useful for SEO but it can also enhance shares as well. Don't be surprise to know that some of your readers may likely share your posts just because of the attached images. Using interesting images should be your number one priority not just choosing anyhow images for your articles.

According to studies 75% of your clicks from shares on the social medias is as a result of the attached images. You can experiment this by simply sharing the same post twice just use an interesting image for one and live the other blank with just headline you will notice that the post with imaged will have the highest post.

AUTOMATE YOUR SHARES: Automating share means programing your posts in order share it on the programmed medias as soon as the post is updated. Allowing this automating feature will enhance easy share and it will increase your social media presence.

Automatic share of your post will bring more audience to view your blog and more readers more shares to articles.

TRACK YOUR SHARES: Tracking shares means to trace where your shares are coming from in order to know the areas of your concentration.

Let assume your share tracker shows that shares on Facebook social medias gets more clicks than other social medias and on Facebook the highest click also comes from group shares and not profile shares or pages, with that you will concentrate your shares more on groups to get more clicks , more audience and more shares from the audience as well.

COMPELLING TITLES: Titles are not left behind when talking of getting shares. your blog titles can attract users to share your post because they would also want their fellows to see such posts as well.

Let assume you have HIV and it has been clearly stated that HIV has no cure but on visiting a blog you found a headline like How to Cure HIV AIDS after going through the steps to cure AIDs as explained by the post author, you noticed that your illness is finally gone.I strongly believe you will go back to the same site to look for share button and even if it happens that you can't find it you will copy the link to share with other HIV victims

In Adding to compelling titles, Writing unique and valuable articles as well will enhance quick shares from your blog readers.

EASY TO SHARE: To get more shares from your readers, your share button must be visible by every user. One of the fatal mistake web designers or developers do is bidding the share buttons for only PC or mobile users

When building your website make sure your share buttons are easily seen by all users to enable easy access to share. it takes only dedicated users of your blog to find share buttons others will just live if the buttons are not properly disclosed.

If you make your share buttons visible for only PC users definitely you are telling mobile users that you don't have share buttons on your site and you know that 85% of most blog readers are from mobile, therefore it's advisable you make your share buttons for both mobile and PC users to get more shares

ENCOURAGE TO SHARE: Encouraging your readers to share is another great strategy through which you can get shares to your blog posts. Having written a solution article you can use some enticing words at the end of your Post e.g
  • Please share this post if you love it
  • Don't read alone please share with others
  • Your share could be of great help to other don't be greedy
  • Sharing is caring please share with others
  • Share this post on Facebook , twitter ,Google+ etc to promote us please
and many more.....

The keywords you use in enticing your readers to share depends on your own understanding and what works for you , you can find as many enticing words you can just to make sure you get share through this method. Enticing readers to share have alot to do if only you can use it well , but most of all writing unique contents is the best way to entice them to share because most readers only share what they love.

Have you been getting plenteous shares to your articles , what really is your secrete to getting shares please your ideas will be cordially useful. we are waiting for your contribution via the comment section.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

NewsLog responsive Blogger template_Download Now for any blog niche

NewsLog blogger template is awesome and beautiful blogger template responsive to both mobile and PC and this template is designed to fit every niche such as entertainment, techblog,Food, Health , music/videos and many more niches .It has a resizable image thumbnails at the homepage to show your image previews . looking forward to use an SEO responsive blogger template? this newslog is a good option for you.

Your can read further to see all the functions/features of this template and how to download and install it to your blogger site.

Features of NewsLog Template

  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Magazine Blogger Template
  • Slider Blogger Template
  • News Blogger Template
  • Fashion Blogger Template
  • Ads Ready Blogger Template
  • Clean Layout Blogger Template
  • Simple Design Blogger Template
  • Drop Down Menu Blogger Template
  • Social Sharing Blogger Template
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Blogger Template
  • Browser Compatibility Blogger Template

After Downloading don't forget you will have to unzip it to XML file before you can upload it because the file you are going to download is a Zipped file please take note to avoid unnecessary errors. you can follow bellow link on how to Unzip your blogger template to XML file using your Android Mobile phone.

After downloading and unzipped you can also learn how to upload your blogger template (to the newbies) Click Here.

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How to set wapka clickable menu(clickable Menu Code)

Wapka clickable menu is simply a menu that can be clearly seen with precise headings that form clicks and when clicked on them you will either land in the forum or pages they are assigned to. e.g when you visits Facebook at the top you will see Chats, notifications , search and all the rests, this is what we call clickable menu. bellow screenshot is an example and that's what we are going to work on.

wapka menu code

This click menu is far different from drop menu even though they have the same function.Some bloggers prefer one to the other while some do make use of the two and that's why because i write this post i already wrote about setting up drop menu on wapka sites

To set this click able menu use bellow code in your HTML/WML code section on any page you want it to show up.Also don't forget to replace all the forum IDs in the bellow code to your own forum IDs for a proper landing page.

Hope you find this useful more on the way . Loading.......

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