Things you need to be a successful blogger-Tools and advice

It marvels me each time i hear questions like "How long will i blog to start making money online from my blog? Many new bloggers has drawn a conclusion that this question have no specific answer, seeing that each time they ask their fellow bloggers such questions, the answer they get are never appealing to them.

In this post am going to throw more light on the above question so as to know how long you will blog to make money. But before i proceed i will cover bellow headlines in a very short but detailed manner.

  • How to make money online
  • How to start blogging
  • Becoming a successful Blogger.
  • How to make money from blogging


Making money online has always been the topic of the day as far as this blog is concerned. And so far i have explained numerous ways through which you can make money online Among which i listed some of the bellow headlines..

Blogging.. Online Consultant Affiliate Marketing Arbitrage Business and many more..

But in this Post, am going to point specifically only on Blogging as one of the best ways of making money online and this is what led us to another headline.


How to create a viral Blog post"

How to start blogging? is a simple but big question. Newbies love to get a good answer to that particular question And if the wrong answer is gotten it can lead to blogging failure on the long run.

Blogging, in a simple definition simply means sharing of ideas Online. And to start blogging means to start sharing your ideas online. Therefore before you could start blogging you must have an idea to share with others and that ideas root you have is what i called Blogging Niche.

A Niche in Blogging means the aspect you are blogging on. It could be on entertainment, Tutorials, Music and videos, Downloads, Business, How TOs , affiliation,and many more.....

To start blogging you will have to choose the aspect you want to blog on as your own niche and the aspect you want to choose should be the aspect of your specialist because you will do better on what you already know. Taking emphasis, If you are good in health stuffs you will be a good health blogger blogging on health tips and guides.

If you are good in entertainment stuffs it will be better you set up an entertainment blog, if you are good at music while not set up a music and lyrics website. This is just what it means by the word niche in blogging. This will make your blogging to be specific rather than blogging on all round or multi-niche,that will only make you loose concentration

Let us not bridge too far in explaining the word niche.... with the above inscriptions i believe you should know what it means. Now to start Bogging there are certain tools you need just like you need some tools in what ever business you venture but in the case of blogging bellow are some of the crucial Start up tools


Without a Good mobile phone or computer, blogging will never commence and even if it does , it will never be smooth as expected . So if you want to start blogging , you need a mobile phone or a computer but if you can afford to buy the two it will be better to buy both mobile and computer because in some cases you may prefer the computer to phone.

You might have red that without a computer you can't blog but i must tell you its a lie... With an android phone blogging can be done smoothly without any hassle. When choosing a mobile phone for blogging You will need to choose the one with at least 480×854 screen resolution ,240inche/pixels , 1.5 scales the above screen specs is not a must choose but i will recommend you don't choose anything less.

One other property of a good mobile for blogging is the battery aspect. If you have a good battery it will make you last online because in most Cases you will have to spend hrs online without break . Even if you have a lasting cell you will need a power bank that's what i always make use of.

When i say Writing skills , i never meant to say you must be an orator but at least just know how to express yourself. Blogging simply means expressing your ideas as i have stated earlier therefore the only self expression you need is just simple and comprehensive one.

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If you can read and write English language and you want to blog using English Language then you can go ahead and do so. The reason why many bloggers fail is because they think all bloggers are entitled to be English gurus because they do write on daily basis but the truth is that even you too can do better.

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If you are a new blogger, i never expect you to be a perfect blog writer because every new blogger will always find it difficult producing a or readable , comprehensive and meaningful blog post

As you write daily you will keep learning the writing skills in blogging and you will adapt to them on the long run. So the best option is to start after which you will learn.

Audience Friendliness in Blogging is a very crucial aspect of blogging that must not be eschewed. In a simple definition, This is the act of attending or paying attention to your blog readers.

Blogging is never complete without the audience therefore for you to be a successful blogger, you must take care of the audience by paying attention to them and providing their desires. As a blogger, you need to study the type of audience you keep to know what they love or hate. Never underestimate the power of their requests and comments it could be of great contribution to your blogging growth and online fame....

Blogging niche is the area of your blogging and this is also another great tool that can help you in becoming a successful blogger. Choosing a lucrative blogging blogging niche will only add over 30% Progression to you blogging success. So start blogging not only blogging but blogging on the right niche.

I Hope this post is helpful? Thanks for reading next episode loading....How to become a successful blogger.......

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