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Everything You need to know about Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app released by, you guessed it, Facebook. Messenger came about in August 2011 as a result of the March acquisition of a group messaging app called Beluga. This app is completely separate from the Facebook app; the very first app to be released after Facebook. It consists of real-time communication with no need to refresh the feed. You can send messages and text through the world’s largest social network

Where Can You Get Facebook Messenger ?

You can add this app for free to your Android or Apple smartphone. While iPads are popular, the contents of Messenger are seen to be more private, and the iPad’s large screen isn’t ideal for that information. Nonetheless, an app for iPad should be released soon.

Firefox If you’re sitting at your computer and are tired of switching tabs or just don’t feel like typing with just your thumbs anymore, never fear. Facebook Messenger teamed up with Firefox, allowing chat to happen within the browser. It will show up on the side of your browser window. Your notifications will also be available at the top of your screen.

What If You're Not a User? Not a problem. You can log on with your name and phone number and use Messenger that way. This was designed by Facebook to both lure the holdouts or the customers that have deleted their accounts. With the accessibility of the app, it presents a heavy threat to Google Voice, Kik, and WhatsApp.

How Does It work? When you open the app, a login screen will appear. After you log in, your screen will be filled with recent chats and messages. Each message in the list displays the names of conversation participants, a preview of the most recent message received or sent, when the last message was received or sent, and a blue circle if there are unread messages in the conversation thread.

Swiping left on any conversation listed on the home screen will bring up a button that allows you to archive it. A list of your friends that are online will also be available. From there, you can either continue a conversation or start an entirely new one. On your phone, the messages can be sent by either Facebook Messenger or SMS. You can also send photos through the app to your friends and family. If you’re so popular that you have too many conversations happening to keep track of, you can change the names of the threads, giving them names to better organize your feed.

Voice Calls Not only does it send your typed messages but also your voice. Voice calls can be made over the WiFi you are using. To find this, hit the “I” info icon in the corner of the conversation. The call is free and can only be used if the other person has his or her phone number listed on Facebook. This is as close to a Facebook phone as we’re going to get...for now anyway. Because Facebook doesn’t deal with hardware, this is the easiest way for it to tap into the phone business.

Read receipts One rather negative side to the Messenger app is that it is equipped with read receipts. What are they? Read receipts will show up under a message after you’ve read it. So that awkward guy you worked with that asked you out over Facebook...Yeah, he knows you saw the message and ignored it. You can’t lie and say you never saw it. Facebook ratted you out. More specifically, on individual messages, the word seen followed by the time it was read will appear under the message. The same will show up on group messages accompanied by the name of the person who read it.

Alerts Facebook Messenger’s alert system is highly customizable and a favorite with the users. From the home screen, tap the gear icon in the upper left corner to access settings that apply to all conversations.

You decide if you receive alerts for new messages or not. You decide if you want to receive the alert right away or if you would rather delay the alert an hour or longer. You decide which messages you want an alert for.

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