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Monday, 31 July 2017

Download Easy Unrar for Android to Uzipp files

Sometimes after downloading some certain files you won't be able to open them unless you will have to unzip e.g as a blogger user when you download blogger templates they are normally in zipped format and without unzipping it you won't be able to access the XML file which is the main file to be uploaded.

Zipped files are compressed and may need to be unzipped in many times for editing and modification. The mobile android is compatible for unzipping any file either in zipped or rar format using the Easy Unrar.apk

What Is Easy Unrar.apk

Easy Unrar is an Android app that allows you to Unzip any compressed file normally in Zip and RAR format directly from your android device.

Once files have been extracted, they can be viewed through this very same program. If, for example, the extracted file contains images, they can be viewed without needing to exit Easy Unrar, Unzip and Zip.

Download Easy Unrar on your android device. DOWNLOAD EASY UNRAR.APK

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Thanks again Ave been searching for the app