Things you must do to uplift your old or New blog to a new level (RECORD SUCCESS)

Every blogger have one aim in common which is success. To some bloggers, success means the accumulation of loyal readers while others believe that blogging success is making money from your blog and some believe it's fame and popularity

Whatever blogging success may be to you, reading this post will boost your success the more.Bellow are some of the highlighted things you need to do in order to boost your blogging successplease read carefully

FIND A NICHE: Finding a profitable and lucrative niche is the first step to blogging and if you make mistake in choosing a niche it will definitely affect your blogging career on the long run if you are chasing pro_blogging. To those who don't know what it means by the word niche? please read further...

WHAT'S A NICHE? A niche in blogging simply means the area of specialisation, and every pro aspirant is advisable to dwell in one niche.There are numerous blogging niches, among them are some popular ones listed bellow
  • Tech
  • Entertainment
  • Downloads
  • Parenting
  • Finance
  • travel
  • Beauty
  • DIY Home Décor
  • Fitness
  • Web Design

You can choose any niche from your area of specialization to Start your blogging. blogging on multi_Niche will only make you loose focus and it will also make your readers uncomfortable with your blog.If you blog on a niche you will gather a marketable audience.

MAKE YOUR BLOG A DWELLING PLACE: There are blogs but there are worth visiting blogs as well. You can make your blog a visiting place by securing a good design and writing worth reading contents.

Many people forget the saying that content is king but even if you do, the saying remain active. so as a blogger aspiring the climax of success, you are strictly advised to write what your audience need most and be more explanatory in your write ups only with this you will get readers to stay and keep visiting your blog on daily basics. They become addicted to your blog because they feels that your blog is the only reliable source of info.

EXTEND YOUR BLOG: As a blogger you are to figure out the best ways to extend your blog in order to reach the larger audience. There are many ways through which you can achieve this and among them are:

  • Hanging around industry forums or social media: The social media and the forum is a place of interaction therefore You can easily extend your blog to a larger audience via the use of social media campaign and being forum active. Start commenting on forums and social medias like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc with your site url and you will begin to notice strange traffic/visits to your blog provided you are doing it in the right way(without spamming).

  • Sending out newsletters: This is the process of sending email messages in bulk to all your email subscribers.This is another way through which you can extend your blog because every email you send you are disseminating one form of info or the other and your site link is attached in common,With that you are making your site grow in traffic and value as well as achieving the pro features

  • Starting a podcast series: This simply means recording your voice so that others can download them via the internet. This is also a way of extending your blog if you are good in podcasting services

    The records could be an intro to the new feature on your blog or a brief intro about your blog. many will also get to know more about you using the podcasting method.

  • Releasing videos: Blogger, especially the tech blogger are advised to be Vloggers(video blogging) as well. Most of the tutorials you write may not be understood by some folks without an eye view on what your inscription is all about.

    The audience will get to love your blog more if they see that you do both video and write ups. Your blog will definitely be regarded than those that don't add videos to their write ups because many of your site readers love videos than your ordinary blog posts in the sense that they find it very easy to understand the video aspect. Creating videos is also making your blog unique and standing out from other competitors.

CHERISH SELF PROMOTE: If you have ever taken some time to study the successful bloggers from the online world, you will see that they are always proud of themselves not because they really want to, but because if you don't cherish what you do nobody will cherish them.

If after you are through with writing an article and you brows through it and concluded that you have done nothing, then don't even bother to share it because no body by any means will like it since you the author don't like it.

Having learnt to cherish your work, self promotion is essential as a blogger. be bold to tell others about your blog, they will gat to love it if only you give the best.

CREATE QUALITY CONTENT:Get the best design without good and quality content, trust me you will soon go down as soon as your audience begin to catch you they will no longer cope with you.

What is Quality content?: This is unique article or write up ads value to your readers

Unique Article/content?: This is the article you write on your own without any form of copy and paste.

To achieve success as a blogger you must learn to write killer contents to drive more traffic and also retain long term visitors. If your blog readers begin to know you as copy and paste blogger, you are only ruin your blogging career.

BUILD ON WHAT WORKS: Like i always tell my students that to every new blogger, the first year is for testing and some are like how could that be perhaps it's because they don't seem to understand what i meant by that.

For you to build on what works, you must have tested many of your works to see the one that works best at a given time. Failure in testing has led to the failure of many bloggers today both in Nigeria and abroad.

I personally Kennedy Prosper , the man behind this blog also fell a victim to failure and not until i learnt my lessons i was yet a victim. Now many say they love the way i write because i write as though am speaking to my readers, this is because i have tested my work and i know that it's the writing skill that works for me , my blog and my niche but mind you it may not work well for you the same way and that's the major reason you are advised to Use your first year of blogging to know what your audience hate and what they love most. in other words try to study your audience within your first blogging year after which you are to stick to what works for you.

=>Taking an instance: I started with one post and then spoil my site with ads yet my visitors keep flowing you may do likewise and spoil your site by chasing away your visitors just because you don't seem to know what works for you. Do your test yourself

Conclusion:-The success of every blog lies in the applied effort by the man behind the blog. A lazy blog is as a result of lazy blogger and a successful blog is as a result of hard working blogger!!.

With the above inscriptions you have learnt the key to successful blogging , please don't hesitate to drop your ideas because they are highly welcomed and might be of great use in our next edition of this post.

What others ways do you personally think can aid your blog success?

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