Why You should buy a custom domain name for your wapka site

Originally When you create a wapka site you have a default domain name with the wapka.mobi extension or other wapka extensions. Wapka newbies prefer using this default extensions e.g
  • mywapkawapsite.wapka.mobi
  • mywapkawapsite.wapka.me
  • mywapkawapsite.wap-ka.com
than using a premium domain because it's free and it has unlimited bandwidth/space so as when using the premium domain name.

why you need a paid domain for wapka

But even with that, there are still Many reasons why every wapka beginners should use the premium extension rather than the default ones.example of premium extensions are .com, .net,.mobi,.org etc and .ga, to which could be premium or free in most cases


Getting a domain name is not that expensive as a blogger who knows his aim and is read to remain on the long run. You can get a top level domain name for as low as 10$ or even lesser with a coupon code. read bellow why you need a premium/paid domain name.


Wapka site is one of the free host mostly targeted by spammers and hackers and because of this wapka sites with the default extensions are likely to trustworthiness from visitors via the social medias

Using myself as a case study, when i see wapka sites shared on Facebook with the default extensions i immediately get the impression that it could be a spam site or even a fishing site or a site without no good article to write home about and therefore i will be left with no option to to exit the page with the site.Assuming it was with a paid domain that impression wouldn't have come on me.

Apart from that people on social media love sites with paid domain names to that with free domain names


Come to think of it, if you create a wapka site and decide be a niche blogger on money making tutorials and guides with the default extension i bet you will have less/no trustworthy visitors. The only questions that keep banging their minds is like "Why must he teach how to make millions online when he can't even get a paid domain mame ?" and since you are not a role model ,the will neither trust your articles.

Apart from that, you can't create a social network on wapka with a free or default domain name and expect to get registered users when they know you are unserious fellow who isn't ready for business. Using a default wapka extension can limit you from some certain crucial niches which you may like to dwell on.


This include Running paid ads, social media promotions, link building etc. Sites with free domain names don't get backlinks like that of paid domain name. One of the reason why i won't backlink you with free domain is because i know that one day you will either get a paid domain or stop blogging if you aren't ready to blog so giving you a backlink means adventuring my site SEO because it will result to broken link when you later change your domain or stop blogging and you know the effect of broken links on a site.

Many ads sites won't allow a domain name with free extension and you know what that means. In addition to the promotion issue, your site won't do well on Google search engine which will cause you great disaster.


The perception that you create in your visitors and users mind is imperative for your blog. Using a customized domain name helps you to establish your site as a brand. You can also use a nice logo, favicon, and banner to brand yourself. You are taken as a professional blogger as soon as you get a domain name for your blog/website. but when using a free domain even with original articles the power of your blog will greatly be underestimated.

Conclusion: I didn't say paid domain is better or free is the best but with my little inscription let the wise get it right. wither a paid or free domain success can still be achieved but lets call a spade a spade and do what is right and the right time.(I rest my pen)
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