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Wapka Short Cut MeNu Code

The Wapka Short Cut Menu Code is also know as the wapka drop down menu code . This wapka Drop down Menu code allow fast access to your wapka internal or external linking pages for easy access.

Below is example of how the drop menu will look in your site.

Now Hope you understand what it means when i said short cut menu code In this post am going to show you the code to add this drop menu to your wapka website easily

Wapka Drop Menu HTML Code

Paste the above code via your HTML/WML section of any of the wapka page you want it to appear but don't forget to modify the code by changing the Links and the Hypertexts to your own.

With the above code , you have successfully added wapka drop menu to your wapka site. You can add this code to your site header or forum top to make it easily noticed by other users who are new to your Site.

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