Wapka Text On Background color code shared

Wapka Text on Background Color Code is an HTML code that allow wapka users to write on varieties of texts on differ or same background colors.

Wapka Text on background color code as the name implies means that you will be able to write your text or other codes on a background color code. .......... This is used especially when you want a writeup in your site to be noticed you can just use a differ background color aside the main CSS background color and when ever your readers visit your site that will immediately notice the text on the different background because it will be eye catching

Few months ago i wrote shared a wapka code which allow your readers to manually change your wapka background and CSS to their own liking but this time around it's background color HTML code. before you copy code see some trending wapka articles below:


Wapka HTML Text on background color code

Add below code via your wapka HTML/WML code section replace my name with any text you want to write and also replace the black to any background color you want your text to be written upon.

Having done with the above steps you have successfully learnt to add your text under background colors in your wapka site. Good read........

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