How to add related posts to your wapka site just before comment section

Did you know that you can add related posts to wapka site just like you add related posts to blogger and other web hosted sites. Waoo this is really amazing wapka feature but what have really deprived many this feature is the fact that they don't know how to set this feature for their wapka site.

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I forgot to write about this tutorial because wapka have too many tutors not until few days when a friend requested this tutorial so i just have to officially share it here in Order to help others who might also be in need of it as well on their wapka site.

With wapka related posts settings you can read through related topic on any new forum you created without any manual set up. Just one time settings and you are done.In this post am going to show you how you can do the one time settings on your wapka site to add the related posts feature.


Login your wapka admin mode and click on edit Site

Click on WAP2 and select style for contents in forum/chat

After that from the new window select the first option Set global setting style for contents in messages forum/chat

Now from the new window ignore the first three links and click on the fourth link titled Messages in forum

In the next page are three boxes just add. the bellow code to the first box and save.

I will suggest you add the code under any other code you see in the first box bellow is the code.

Wapka related post code 1 Featured Post Having set that you have to go to your wapka forum bottom autocontent and add bellow code this will display the related post just before your comment box

Now your related post has successfully been added to your wapka site before your comment section.

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Make Money with Mobfreshad CPA network cashout for every $5 you earn

If you have been following kingsWeb updates you should have noticed that i have ones written about Mobfreshad ads as a pay per action (PPA) ads long time ago but having noticed that mobfreshad services was closed down I couldn't promote the posts ahead because it was like waste of time and efforts promoting a non existing program.

But what really pains me was the peoples money In the program before the shot down where has all the earning gone to ? but never mind because it was all for the good of the renewal of the program in a new platform and i strongly believe that the renewal of the program was also meant and solidly built to compensate the formal mobfreshad users.

In 2014 when mobfreshad started their business the withdrawal method was some how unfavourable to foreigners but now mofreshad now have a new interface with new withdrawal means to favour global users of the network and the minimum withdrawal is very little that if you have a good amount of traffic you can even withdraw on daily basics. There is no maximum to which you can withdraw the the minimum withdrawal is now $5 via
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • Bank transfer
Now the question goes like How can you really earn using mobfreshad? This are the questions i made sure i have gotten a good answer to before writing this page......Because formally mobfreshad have a very narrow means of earning but now it has been made broad to favour all publishers bellow is the answer to the above question according to the mobfreshad official when i was having a chat with him


With the above you should know that this 2017 could be a good money making year with mobfreshad affiliate program instead of just wasting your traffic. You can be earning 0.20$-100$ for each install through your affiliate link what a wholesome amount they offer for Cost per actions.

And the most wonderful part of it is that you can share your links on social media, and other forum areas to earn more income and it will be calculated among your wallet at mobfreshad.For those who have Facebook groups and pages with huge amount of users this could be another money making opportunity for 2017.

From the above image you can also see that you not only earn for CPA but with other activities as listed above. and i ask one more question if publishers can earn by referring other publishers but the answer was no but coming soon... That means publishers will soon be making money as time goes on by referring other publishers as well.

If i should keep writing about activities embedded on the new version mobfreshad this page will be bunky so let go ahead and give mobfreshad a try as the latest monetisation mean on every blog niche you dwell on let see what mobfreshad can earn you this year but as you join mobfreshad be ready as well to accept their terms and policies because they don't joke with it. they are very strict to their terms just like AdSense and blocking and banning of accounts is allowed if you go against their policies


==Click on this link

from the new windows fill in the whole forms provided with a valuable information and scroll down to click on the register link..

Register and login to your dashboard to start work as i believe even the newbies can understand mobfrshad dashboard as it has a very user friendly and simple interface.......holla you are done happy making money with mobfrshad...

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Download NewsVid Elegant Responsive blogger Tenplate. zip

Newsvid Blogger is an elegant responsive mobile and PC template suitable for both readers and Search engines with Nice black Background colors and menus widgets. This newsvid black color also have three column footer and sidebar with other properties such as the homepage thumbnail preview.

I know you would really love this template for your blogger Set up you can download bellow and also see the demo. Perhaps you are a newbie to blogger template you can learn how to unzip the template here because without that it won't work with the zipped file if you upload it raw.

Download SEO responsive template

Hope you like the Newsvid elegant responsive free blogger template .....enjoy

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