Differences between hosted and Non hosted google AdSense

Without any doubt, Google AdSense is the best ads network online as of now among many ads networks.

With Google AdSense, publishers can make some money to their bank account serving ads on their websites/blogs and apps and they get paid for clicks and impressions..There are two different types of AdSense for publishers which are:.

  • Hosted Google AdSense
  • Non Hosted Google AdSense


The hosted Google AdSense is the type that allow publishers to serve ads only on the host they where made from. Hosted AdSense could be

Blogger hosted AdSense and YouTube hosted AdSense etc

How to place your Google AdSense at the top of your blogger post and just bellow your posts

now the Blogger Hosted Google AdSense allow you to serve their ads only on blogger sites while the YouTube allows you to monetize your YouTube channels with their ads you can't use such ads on blogs.

For you to apply for A hosted Google AdSense you must have to login the host e.g blogger.com select your site and click on Earning tap from your Dashboard you will see the option to register with Google AdSense there. just click through it and you can now continue with your application. If they approve your request such account will be blogger hosted because it was created via blogger dashboard.

The Non Hosted Google AdSense is a universal or stand alone Google AdSense because it is not hosted under any host. This type of AdSense is the best because you can use it on any website e.g blogger, YouTube, WordPress , wapka,joomla,etc.

A non hosted AdSense is not easily approved unlike a hosted AdSense. it is somehow more difficult in approval but ones approved it comes with a benefit of multi-host application....

For you to create a Non hosted AdSense you don't have to access Google AdSense via any host..just go to the site directly and apply you can see link bellow. http://Google.com/AdSense If you apply via the above link and you get approved such AdSense is called non hosted Google AdSense because it was not created under any host.


Just login the fully approved AdSense and from your AdSense dashboard click on Your profile section I.e the area where you see your gmail you will see it pop out written

Hosted Account if it is hosted AdSense but if it is non hosted you won't see that write up it will not show rather it will show just your email.

Watch a more explanatory YouTube Video Bellow!!!. to gain more knowledge!

Hope you can now diffenciate between both AdSense, in case you want to buy AdSense bellow are some guild lines...

==>What country?

==>is it hosted or non hosted

==>is it blogger hosted or YouTube hosted

==>is it verified or non verified

all this will help you get the best AdSense for your blog I.e if you want to purchase one and also the above questions will determine the price of any AdSense.

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How to Run Facebook ads using your ATM/master card or Paypal funds

Advertising on social media is one of the best method of driving traffic to your blog this is why you have to consider social media ads e.g Facebook ads for your blogs/websites .

With Facebook ads you will be Able to get targeted audience from any destination of your choice. Let's say you are selling cars in Abuja and you want only buyers from Lagos with facebook ads you can easily target the audience for your marketing niche.

In my recent post i wrote about reliable traffic Source for the new year in which Facebook or social media specifically is one among the list. So running Facebook ads will extend your traffic sources to social media as well.

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Today am going to show you how you can run Facebook ads for your pages and blogs using Your ATM/master card or Using PayPal funds /account.I know this method is applicable in many other ways but for the reason of this tutorial i will be using Facebook lite app.

Download The Facebook lite.apk [1.4mb]

login your Facebook account from the app and click on your Facebook menu you will see many options ,select Ads Manager from the list

run Facebook ads with ATM card in Nigeria

After that select the Billing option from the next page.

running Facebook ads in Nigeria

And a new page will open just scroll down and click on Add card

Now from the next page you will be required to fill in your card details put your card expiry dates and your CVV2 and your card number and save

run Facebook ads with Nigeria ATM card

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If your card is Valid Facebook will message you and now you can start running ads while Facebook charge you from the account associated with the card you have added

To promote any page just click on pages and select the page you want to promote and click on promotion tab. To get started.

Note if you don't want to use your ATM/master card you can use PayPal the option is specified there just enter the PayPal info and save settings and any ads you run your charges will be removed from your PayPal account. you can pause your ads any time you wish to and your ads will stop automatically. and your charged will remain where you stopped the ads.

Hope you can now run Facebook ads for your pages and sites using your ATM card. enjoy.!!!

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Wapka Call me ,Email me and sms me code

The wapka Email me codeallow your site readers to send you email messages when they click through the email me link they will be redirected automatically to the mail server to send mail to you. And you will receive the mail in your inbox on the specified email address.

wapka email me SMS me  call me.codes

This feature is good and better than just typing your email because in most cases they do mistakes while typing your email and the message might not reach you but with this feature they no longer need to type your email since it is already embedded by you in the wapka email me code.Did you want to add this feature to your wapka site? use bellow HTML code via HTML/wml section of your wapka site.

Wapka Email me code

From the above code just replace my email kennedyprosper18@gmail.com with your own email address and you can also change Send ur FeedBack to me to any text save your code and you are done.

The Wapka Message or sms me code allow users to send you SMS directly to your phone. With this feature users won't type your mobile number as it will be embedded inside your message me code.

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Did you want to add this SMS me or message me feature to your wapka site ? you can use bellow HTMl code add it to your wapka site through Wml/HTMl area via any page of your wapka site

Wapka SMS me code

From the above code simply replace my phone number with yours before saving your code

The wapka Call me code Allow your site readers to call your number directly by clicking on the call me link. The code includes your number so that they won't need to type your number rather your number will automatically appear when they hit on call me button from your wapka site. To add this feature use bellow code

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Wapka call me code

Just change your number before saving code

If you want to combine all the above code you can use bellow code and all will be arranged orderly

Contact me,call me,SMS me wapka code

With the above you have learnt how to make your wapka users call you , SMS you or message you directly from your site

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5-Reliable free traffic sources to keep your site busy this 2017 and beyond

Every website have its traffic source and every blogger is recommended to keep an eye on their traffic sources. Blogging is all about traffic according to my own understanding and i have also noticed that the challenges faced by 80% beginner bloggers is the traffic aspect.

One thing is to create a blog and another thing is to fight traffic for the blog you have created which is the most challenging aspect to beginners.The truth is that you can blog with less traffic but it is never the dream of any pro blogger aspirant so we need huge traffic to get readers know about the newly shared ideas

There are many traffic sources but basically grouped into two parts which are:

  • Paid Traffic Sources
  • Free Traffic sources

But today let me briefly highlight some most common traffic sources every success chasing blogger is expected to rely on.


NATURAL TRAFFIC SOURCE: In other language its called the original traffic source . This is the kind of traffic you get from Search engines e.g Google traffic.

This traffic source over the years has been termed the best traffic source for numerable reasons even uptill date it's still the best and will remain the best traffic source as far as blogging is concerned and as such every blogger is strictly advised to keep an eye on this traffic source been the best.

Organic (Google traffic) itself is more than a university but with some tips and tricks you can get your site to rank first without much work as may be expected by you. and this is the main reason i have lunched Adjustblogger.com to fix all blogger hosted sites to a standard Natural traffic and make every blogger get this kind of traffic while you sleep, or do other activities.

If you must think about anything relating to your blog getting organic traffic should be the first thing and you have gotten the solution with adjustblogger to fix all organic traffic issues to pro.and make them work effectively in less than 2weeks!Let Google be your target with adjustblogger Google the best traffic source for 2017

If you can get organic traffic source you will feel very relaxed because you won't work for the traffic in most cases. just one time set up and you are done.

SOCIAL MEDIA TRAFFIC SOURCE: This traffic source is a very good traffic source but not as reliable as the natural traffic source. This traffic is the kind of traffic you get from Facebook ,whatsapp, twitter, Google+ and others

The only crucial requirement is your presence. been socially active can do you lots of good because social media is liable of been among your highest traffic sources. You will have to join groups and comment wisely on people's posts with your link at when required.

Participate on similar group niches and be active people will get to know more about your blog/site via social medias

DIRECT TRAFFIC SOURCE: This traffic source is usually when people pick up there devices and type your site name directly. or accessed your site via their saved pages and bookmarks

  • Print your domain name on Business cards, Invitation cards, Calendars, Brochures, etc.
  • Create exceptional content that will cause readers to bookmark your site.This is the major reason why you need to always concentrate mostly on creating killer contents this will make your readers love your blog and they will become returning visitors
Note that traffic from other sources like email, url shorteners, search, etc may be reported as direct by your analytics apps due to browser issues.

REFERRAL TRAFFIC SOURCE: This kind of traffic is derived from guest posting and blog/forum commenting.

To get this kind of Referal traffic you will be forum active by visiting sites like Nairaland, NCT forum and many other forum sites . comment and engage on other sites by sharing your site links. Guest posting is the act of writing on other blogs of similar niche… And guest posts will expose your site as well since your links are going to be added to your write ups. As a blogger you will have to find some time to write on other peoples blog as well if you must extend your traffic sources to Referal.

visitors will get to know your blog through such activities and every visit from such sources will be

MAILIST TRAFFIC SOURCE: This is when someone send bulk mails to their site subscribers This is another traffic source though not reliable unlike others but even with that it has been the best traffic source of many bloggers

The mailist traffic source is mostly used by Bloggers who sells online but recommended for every blogging niche.It can be your additional traffic source as well if you have many subscribers

You can start building mailist subscribers with Ymlp or other mailist services

Build mailist subscription form for wapka sites

As a blogger always remember that your traffic determine your earning. because if you don't have traffic no one to buy your products, no one to click on your ads you may end up earning little or no income at all so learn to invest time and money on your blogs traffic.

Don't focus on just one traffic source but if possible chase all and be master of all.......

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