3-Untapped smart online money making ideas you should consider this 2017

Trivial Online practices has shown some specific ways for making money online and we have been discussing many of them ever since the origin of this blog (KingsWeb) and these practices has been categorised as common simply because of how popular they seem to have been online.

Though these online money making practices seems common and popular yet that does not make it achievable by all those who ventures online business but only those who followed the online business rules and strategies.

New money making ideas invented online should have a differ market force and this is why many online entrepreneurs never seize to crack their brain on daily basics to get ideas that sell rather than modifying or continuously investing on the existing ideas. I never meant to say the existing ideas are never lucrative but am only trying to draw the emphasis that new Ideas are more likely to sell.

As an online entrepreneur your mindset should always be focussed on what's new? and what can sell because you need to give value and get value(money).

For about one month now i have been offline yet i still think about things to give out to my audience to help them either make money online or add more value to their existence online and during the many weeks of my offline cogitation i was able to stumble upon new ideas and i call them virgin ideas because they are eminently rare and untapped online.

Each time i stumbled on new ideas, i always make haste to putting effort to them and when the ideas are discovered non lucrative, i do abort them or when i find them lucrative, i stick to the ideas.

In this post am going to show you some virgin and smart ideas that can boost your online income this 2017 -2018 and beyond . I should have been an entrant in the practice of these lucrative and untapped ideas but "a jack of all trade is a master to non" i will leave them to those who are wiling to make things new or try new ideas because am occupied and tied down by various activities both online and offline, but unveiling the ideas might be of great help to you or someone out there.

3-smart ideas you must consider as untapped lucrative money making ideas in Nigeria and abroad for 2017,2018,2019,2020 and beyond.

Narrow Your Blogging Niche. :This idea has been a general write ups everywhere online that having a niche blog on one area of abstraction could be lucrative but yet the write ups are never specific to my understanding not until the idea struck my mind in a more brighter way.

Have you ever imagined how lucrative a Geographical job vacancy websites in Nigeria could be? Think of wasted search results that could be of great opportunity to you in Nigeria e.g Job vacancy in Lagos,Building contracts in Lagos,Teaching job in Benue and many other keywords specifically for a geographical location.

You can Make a job search website like jobberMan but in this occation for a specific location will definitely attract marketable audience from a geographical location and excellence will always be the Google and other search engines searched results been a new and non crowded niche to the online world.

Another similar idea is creating a forum website to discuss just about sport, business, Job, etc You can also create a forum to discuss about the government issues of a particular location e.g Delta as a state or even local governments under a particular state in Nigeria and as soon as they notice you as the right geographical government informant you will definitely become reliable and achieve success on the long run as they will keep coming for more news pertaining to the specific geography.

The most wonderful aspect of this idea is that there is a room for expansion. in Time to come after achieving success you can add more location to your niche.

Be a specific Freelancer: Instead of been just a freelancer it will be a very good idea making your freelancing specific e.g Be a graphics designer, and just that or a web designer and just that or a logo maker and just that rather than to be a web designer, logo maker, a writer, consultant, and many more.

Create a website for your work and be specific about a particular work you can do better and focus on just one aspect of freelancing, with this you are more liable to achieve success rather than parading yourself as all round freelancer.

Start An Arbitrage Business Online Shout out to the smart ones who can take this business serious or who are already into it for they shall make more money as they continue persistently.

In arbitrage business you take the contact and pretend to be the Workman after which you hire someone else to do the job at a given price less than the original contract price so as to gain your own share of the profit.

For Instance i don't know how to design apps but i can hire someone to do it at affordable price. i can simply go to forum websites e.g Nairaland and parade myself as the app developer and when the interested ones call on me after negotiation, i will then hire someone to do it for me.

let assume we agreed on 20,000 naira, i can then hire someone with 15,000 naira or less and the remaining money becomes my gain. same thing applied to Logo making,eBook cover making and many other online services worth money

For a Job worth $10 , you can hire someone from fiverr with just $5 and you will get a clean and well done job. Think of having such contract at least 5-6 times in a month and you will see how lucrative the arbitrage business could be if properly and wisely organized

You can parade yourself on social medias, forum sites and even on personal websites to get more contracts on daily basics . What determines your income in this Arbitrage business is your smartness and your efforts to get new works, Therefore be the smart type and earn the smart income.

Look Logically beyond just my write ups and put the above scrawled ideas in a monetary fashion. Never underate the ideas but look into any one you are interested on i believe with your effort and the online money making rules you will always be victorious.The choice is now yours!!!! ..

Quote:The smart online idea Lunchers are not always the smart online earners but the smart idea executioners are always the smart earners

Don't forget am always ready to attend to any question regarding any of my inscription from this website you can reach me from bellow on facebook, twitter or Google plus. I still Remain Kennedy Prosper

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How to make Money online without placing ads on your website

Making Money online (MMO) has been restricted and long been made possible only by placing ads on websites and blogs as belived by many young/new bloggers.

Some do believe that the best and only way to make some cool income online is by placing ads from advertising networks such as Google AdSense, Media.Net ,Nairapp, Ngadverts,etc. And because of this same belief, plenitude of bloggers are not been able to make even the smallest income online and some even go to the extent of quitting blogging after been rejected by these advertising programs time without numbers.

Without any doubt, placing ads on websites/blogs has always been the easiest way to make money from your blogs but not actually the only way as many newbies do believe. for some times now i have been writing some bits about "how to make money online from blogging" but specifically by placing ads but on this post am going to show you how you can make money from your blogs/websites without placing ads.

As a role model and a case study, i must confess that 80% of my income generated online since i started blogging is never from placing ads on my blogs but from other sources I.e i do make money from my blog even without single ads.

My blog readers always urge me to place ads on my site that i have a great site so i should try place ads to be making money from it, but i just smile at many because they never knew that money can be made even without ads.

Pestering me on placing ads by my site readers is one of the crucial reason why i wrote this post to create more awareness on the mind of the beginners.

I never said it's a bad idea to place ads on your websites/blogs ,rather am only wanting to show you other means through which money can be made without ads. perhaps you can make them your favourites as well in order to increase your income sources and your online earning.

Some bloggers e.g Kennedy Prosper personally believe that "placing ads on websites can disengage users experience" especially when you do it in the other way round (Placing the ads to roughing your site ) and that was why i wrote about """how to place ads to generate more income without distracting your readers."""in one of my previous posts.

If you are among the categories of bloggers who hate placing ads on your blogs/websites then you will find this post very helpful.Bellow are ways through which you can make money online from your websites without placing advertisements.


Write An EBook! What did you know how to do better, that people don't really know about? did you know that in the online world such ideas are worth millions. In one of my quotes i stated that "Your ideas are needed by others and they are worth money"

Writing ebooks is one of the best method to make money from online and your websites is the best way to facilitating your ebook sales. If you can generate ideas that people need most then you can make alot of money especially when the ideas are incorruptible (last longer) that will make you stand a chance of earning for a very long time.

And the sweetest aspect is that the eBook creating is only done ones and for all after which it can be sold till infinity.. One other Ebook income earning means is by acting as a third party or selling as copyright materials. In that case you will have to buy best selling ebooks and as soon as the ownership is transfered to you, you can no start selling to others even at a cheaper rate and you can aid your sales via your websites and social medias. as the sharp guy you can make money from other peoples ideas using this means.

Become a freelancer: Freelancing simply means paid writing or paid online services. You can create a single page on your website with charming titles like " Hire Me" A writer" Paid Writing" Writing Job " etc and when people click through, they will be directed to your page where they can hire you at a fixed or negotiable amount over a task you are specialised on.

You can be more successful with this when you are the type that write best posts and if your readers love your updates they may also want to have such articles in their own sites and as such they may want to hire you having seen your good work as a good and experienced writer,web/graphics designer,logo maker ,consultant, etc. So my advise to you is that " if you must include the "Hire Me" page on your blog ,make your readers love you and your articles by been real and disclosed online instead of hidding your identify and been a ghost blogger rather be transparent in your write ups and your online activities this may earn you more contracts from your audience.

In More detailed meaning of freelancing it is not only writing job it includes other online services such as graphics design, web design, logo making, SEO setups, and many more. Therefore in summary i will say that what ever service you are capable of rendering online is freelancing.

To make it more professional you can create a page where you will list out all your works and your areas of expertise and your experience in the areas of your expertise. and you can also create Facebook and twitter pages to get more targeted audience as a freelancer.

Premium Blogging: You may have visited certain blogs where you will be asked to pay some token in order to read complete post. that's a good example of premium blogging. Though the amount may not be mega but even as little it may be you can make alot of money if you have very large audience in your circle.

You can Also make money with premium blogging if you have many visitors who love your posts and are ready to pay to read them this could be a good income source.

Sponsored Reviews: You can make money by reviewing any product or any service. There are number of blogs publishing sponsors reviews.You can start reviewing any gadget like iPhone or any other and start making money.

You should also read some post from shoutmeloud about paid and free reviews Be the Pro blogger: If only you can prove yourself as a professional blogger then you will definitely earn more.

You can only prove yourself as a pro-blogger by been real. and doing things they way they aut to be and when people notice you and they will like you and they will begin to need your services having know about you and you can start charging wholesome amounts for rendering services online via your websites/blogs or even via social medias and this is the major reason your identity must not be hidden as a blogger.

Promote Affiliate Products: As a blogger, you can promote affiliate products on your websites to make money on every successful sales.

The type of products you should promote should always be niche related. If you blog on health go and promote health related products instead of promoting things like templates ,plugins etc such products are niches like that of "Kingsweb" etc. choose to promote products that fits your blogging niches this will earn you more income in the sense that your products can be fixed in the middle of your write ups to drive more sales.

Summarizing all of the above scrawling, you can make money online without advertisement by either promoting affiliate products or selling your services and products.

So far so long, i have discussed how you can make money online(MMO) from your websites even without placing adverts on your blogs. You can start practising either of the above to increase your income sources and increase your online revenue.

Final Words: Trust is the only open door to other online money making methods online which does not include placing ads but making sales therefore as you journey online to make money , come just like you are and try to be real,building trust is the first thing you should do online this may take some time but as soon as you are done with it you are good to go.

The reason why building trust is the open to earn online from sales of both digital or physical products is because people can only buy from those whom they trust and only the reliable ones so if you aren't known as one you may find it difficult to drive more sales even with the best product.

Social Media and blogging has always been the best way you can achieve trustworthiness.I rest my case.

In my next update i will be teaching you Four virgin Ideas that can generate more online income.till we meet again.......... Meet Me on Facebook | Like my personal Page

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