The process of deciding which is the best betting site in Nigeria out of a lot has to go through comparison. This comparison takes different factors into consideration.

How a betting company can influence your betting results, needs no emphasis. I have been frustrated a lot of times while trying to bet online because of poor site structure or odds.

Even when you win, getting your withdrawal from some companies can really be a pain in the neck. So I decided to change my betting company, not once did I change but several times until I got to the one I can honestly say, I am comfortable with everything I see and use.

Best betting site in nigeria
In comparing different betting companies we look at the factors below:
    1.  Odds
    1. Website interface
    1. The number of markets (options) available.
    1. Payout time



Considering all the factors above NAIRABET came out top among all the betting sites in Nigeria. They are the best betting company in Nigeria though there some very close competitors.
Let's see more:
  1. Odds: No matter how small the difference is, the bigger odds always give more. Don't settle for anything less when your money is at stake. 1.20 and 1.25, the difference is 0.05 and can make a great difference especially if you are playing accumulator. Nairabet has the biggest odds in the market and even competing well with foreign betting companies.
  2. Website interface: This is how the website appears on your browser. Nairabet website is easy to use, you can find all available sports by just landing on the homepage. You can also select your favourite leagues for easy access anytime. The website also loads faster when compared to the load-time of other betting companies.
  3. Number of Markets: This is what I found most commending about Nairabet, they have numerous markets for customers to bet on. When there are numerous options to bet on, customers can go for the one that's best for them and it can help in winning. These options come with the best odds
  4. Payout Time: In working days, Nairabet pays within 24 hrs starting from when you process the withdrawal with your Nairabet account. As you know some betting sites in the country can even take days to process payment.
  5. Bonus: Bonus can make the difference when it comes to accumulator bets. Nairabet gives huge bonuses when it comes accumulator bets which can mean you have the chance to win more.


  1. Nairabet still pay cut one in your ticket. Even though it's not everything but a percentage of your potential payout which is quite good. Just you know, no other betting company in the world does this.
  2. You can transfer funds from one Nairabet account to the other. You can share or sell your funds to a friend if he/she needs it.
  • What is the minimum withdrawal on Nairabet? Ans: #1,000.
  • What is the maximum money I can withdraw from my Nairabet account at a time? Ans: #500,000.
  • How can I register on Nairabet? Ans: It is very simple, click here >> Nairabet. Then click on register and fill in your personal details including your email address. Then click on "Submit". Nairabet will send you an email address, go to your email and open the mail. Click on "Confirm" to confirm that you used your email address to register. Go back to Nairabet and log in with your Username and Password.
  • Does Nairabet offer Cashout? Ans: Yes, you can cash out your bet when you want to.
  • How long is the pay-out time? Ans: Less than 24 hrs.
  • How can you transfer money to your Nairabet account? Ans: You can do it using your ATM card. Read below for full instruction on how to do that. Other methods of transferring money include: Using ATM, visiting any Nairabet shop.


It is very easy to fund your Nairabet account without leaving your home. If you have an ATM card of any bank in Nigeria then you are good to go.

Steps to fund your account:
  • Log in to your Nairabet account. If you don't have an account, CLICK HERE to open.
  • Click on "Deposit"
  • Go to "Web Pay" and click on it.
  • Put the amount you want to fund your account with.
  • It will take you to the payment gateway i.e where you will put your ATM card details (ATM card number, CVV and expiry date)
  • You will be sent OTP (One Time Password) to your message inbox.
  • Fill it in the provided space and click submit when you are done

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